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An Impasse

Edwards rather biased opinion on turning Bella comes into question. THIs is so much fun to write!

~*No copyright infringment intended. you just cant do Twilight FF without quoting the book*~

1. Chapter 1

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"No! I will not let you change Bella!"

"Edward, I promised her. You know what you mean to her, and I know what she means to you."

"That's my point! She means too much to me to just let her loose her humanity-"

"Over you." Carlisle interrupted. "Didn't I also say 'how much you mean to her?' Besides, as I already pointed out, I promised her, and I am not one to go back on my word." I stormed out, inwardly fuming at the lack of progress I had made. Bella could not be changed.


"Edward! It's been a week since graduation, and I believe that the deadline should be soon. Am I right?" So eager for eternal damnation, as always.

"Bella, please! How can you think I can let you become one of us? How do you think I would be able watch you suffer for three whole days? Do you think I would be able to know, if you were killed or something, that you were gone? Try to grasp that. There is no afterlife for us. There isn't no matter how hard we try to redeem ourselves." I stared at her, trying to convey what she would be damning herself to.

"How can you say that? After all you've done, after all Carlisle has done? You do not believe that an afterlife exists for your own father? After all the lives he saved, never once feeding on the human blood? How can you say that? It's practically an insult." Her chocolate eyes swam with tears. " 'How could there not be more for one such as Edward?' That's what your father thinks. He loves you, and so do I. You can willingly believe that is highly improbable and wonderful, my love for you, and yet you do not believe in a little thing like you having a soul. Why do you think that you've lost your soul?" She demanded, not asked, and I was powerless against her. I gathered her up close in my arms, holding her tightly.

"Why does Carlisle believe that we haven't? I believe what I believe because I do. And it seems much more likely that you would love me, than that we have souls." I was teasing her, and she knew it.

<>"Edward Anthony Mason Cullen." She whispered shakily," If you believe that I love you, then why wont you let us be together forever? Maybe you don't want me. Is that it?" I stared at her, not willing to believe my ears, that she thought I could ever not want her. She took my surprise at her idiocy as surprise that she had guessed right.

"Oh. Well, I'll be going now." She pushed herself free of my grasp. I was too shocked by her assumption to strengthen my grip. She climbed off the couch, walking across the gold carpet to the door. "Tell...tell Alice I said Hi...and...good-bye." She pulled open the door, and then she was gone. And she would be gone for a year. She was off to collage in the morning, and she was going to some school in the sunny south. I wouldn't be able to visit her, and she couldn't afford the plane tickets for Christmas brake. Even when she returned for the summer, she was not likely to welcome me back, not now. How had a simple argument over her humanity turned to a rejection?

"Maybe she doesn't want you," a nasty little voice in the back of my head said. I silenced it and went to tell Carlisle his services would not be needed.


Bella's POV

<> So I had hit the mark. He didn't want me. And he thought I was stupid enough not to guess. So much for my epiphany. So much for true love, so much for becoming a vampire. Sorry Aro! Guess your gonna have to kill me! So what? Edward didn't want me. I had no life left to take. I barked out a laugh as I climbed into the cab of my truck.


Alice's POV

"What?" More precisely; what was she thinking? Jasper grabbed my hand before I could fly out the door.

"You heard me. Bella thinks I don't want her. Must I spell it out for you dear sister?" He must be in a bad mood, never once in his life had he called anyone dear sister, least of all me.

"No. I can spell fairly well on my own thanks. I mean-"

"I know what you mean. Funny thing about knowing other people's thoughts, but you tend to know these things." A tortured glance in Jasper's direction told me he needed calming, and fast. I squeezed Jasper's hand, and a wave of calm and peace floated through the room.

" Um...Maybe it's none of my business," interrupted Emmett, sticking his head around the door," But wont the Volturi kill her if she isn't changed? Alice, check what they're doing." Oh God, he was right. I closed my eyes and sank into a vision.

Aro leads the group. He laughs and jokes about killing Bella with Felix. Jane walks steadily behind them, hand in hand with her brother, Alec. Demitri looks around, sniffs, and mutters to Aro. A bright smile graces the ancient face, the almost black eyes. He's thirsty, thirsty, thirsty......

I snap from my vision.

"Edward, go after Bella RIGHT THIS INSTANT! They're here, in the forest, and Aro's thirsty. Really thirsty. She wants you, and you can convince her of something. She's helpless against you. It has to be tonight. She'll just have disappeared like any other victim of the Volturi, but she can't fall into their hands. Aro might call it Wasteful, but he'll have her blood, no matter what." Oh dear God Bella, how could you be so stupid?