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Let The Chaos Begin

The Cullen crew is on a journey...in a car...but now they're toddlers! EGAD!


1. Let the Chaos Begin

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I let my head fall backwards against the headrest, enjoying the temporary silence. The gentle hum of the engine along with the slight rock of the vehicle as we switched lanes had all but knocked at the six children in back. Each angelic face, framed by shining curlicues, was pressed against their car seat or seat belt, leaving fabric marks on their cheeks.

The clock on the dashboard read 12:46. It would be another hour or so before we’d come to our destination. One more hour before we had to let the wild animals out of their cage. Only sixty minutes before I’d have to keep a mental leash on each and every one of them. 3,600 seconds before I’d pull my hair out in agony, let my skin wrinkle from stress, and crack my teeth by grinding them in an attempt to control my anger.

Let the countdown begin.

I felt my body being pulled forward as Carlisle pressed down on the break. Red light. He turned to me, his hand reaching out, waiting for something. What? I fumbled with the stack of papers in the door-bin, handing him the directions freshly printed off the computer. He smiled at me, his eyes glittering with warmth, took the papers and then my hand.

I cocked my head to the side, staring down at our hands. He lifted them to his mouth and pressed a kiss to my hand. My face warmed with a blush. I’d known Carlisle for five years, but still he continued to surprise me with his romantic efforts. Having six toddlers with us at all times would seem to put a kink in our love life, but there was never a moment where I didn’t feel the love radiating off of him.

Green light. He eased the car forward, being sure not to make any jerky movements. There was no need to wake them and end our relishing silence.

But good things always come to an end.

1:13 One wakes, they all wake.

“Are we there yet?” Edward peers up through his sleep heavy eyes.

“Not yet, honey. Go back to sleep.”

“Buh I’m not tired no more!”

“Okay, then. Why don’t you look at your book? You have to stay quiet so your brothers and sisters can sleep. Okay?”

“Otay…” The little boy pulls out his “Give and Mouse a Cookie” book and flips through it, not yet able to read, but young enough to still be entertained by the pictures.


“MOOOOOOOOOOOM!” My eyes shot open. It’d been less than ten minutes and already they were all stirring. The high-pitched tones of the Alice pierced my ears. I felt the urge to touch them shoot through me; to check if they were bleeding. Instead, I turn to see the tiny Alice, poking her head above the middle row seat, trying to inch away from Emmett, who’s chubby cheeks were pulled up into a devilish grin.

“MOOOOOOOOOOOM!” she screamed again. “MOM! EMMETT’S GONNA POKE ME!!!!!”

“Calm down, Alice, and don’t even think about poking your sister, Emmett. You know she can see that before it happens!”

“Awwww…” His little golden eyes fell, downcast, and he stared at his hands. They were all awake now, squirming, watching out the window, pressing they’re sugar coated hands against the windows, making accidental handprints that I’d have to clean later.

I turned forward again, trying to silence the murmurs and squeaks crawling around the confined van.

1:32 Rosalie was crying.

“What’s wrong, Rosie-love?”

“J-jasper is t-trying to make me fart!!!” she sobbed. Her face was turning red with the effort and her three brothers were laughing together. I suddenly felt the little tingling feeling, trying to make me relax…Relax more than I really wanted to…

“Jasper, that’s a bad thing to do. You don’t use your powers like that.” I could feel a speech coming on, and I knew they did too because their eyes glazed over like donuts. “Oh never mind…I’m not in the mood for this…”

Carlisle caught my eye and winked.


“Mom…I’m hungry!” Rosy-cheeked Bella reached for me, her hands outstretched, flexing and retracting, waiting for me to hand her something. I always packed extra snacks for Bella, she was hungry more than anybody else. I opened the glove-compartment and pulled out a baggy of cereal. Handing them to her, I watched her close her hands over the food like a venus flytrap, before bringing the treat back to devour.

Of course, when you give one something, you have to give something to the rest…even if they’re not hungry.

“GIMME!! I WANT ONE TOO!! WHY DOES BELLA GET SOME!???” I fished out five more baggies and handed them back. They each stared distastefully at the dry fluid-less food, and eventually turned to sticking the little sugar balls up their noses and snorting them at each other or tossing them at each other or the window, then laughing when they bounced off and onto the floor.

Great. Another mess to clean up. Haha, I laughed to myself. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to tie them to the roof? Clean up with be so much faster, just accelerate a little bit and shooop! Mess gone!


“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Edward. His siblings stopped their cereal throwing to stare at him. “OH NO!!! MOMMY’S GOING TO TIE US TO THE ROOF!!!!!!”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” They all joined in, backing away from me, trying to pull out of their car seats.

“I’m not going to tie you to the roof.” I said, shaking my head and rolling my eyes. How pathetic…I even had to guard my thoughts.


“I would never do something like that!”


“WE’RE HERE!!” yelled Carlisle over their dramatic screams. The yelling stopped abruptly as they turned to look out their windows.

I too joined them, and once again wondered why we’d made this trip. More than an hour long car ride, out of our little town of Forks for this? I opened my door, and walked down the side of the van, pulling open the sliding door, Carlisle my mirror on the other side.

They’d each forgotten the whole ‘tying to the roof’ thing, and were now squirming in their seats, waiting to be released. I couldn’t help but snicker at their attention spans.

At last they were all out and standing in a group.

“Stay together! Do you want me to make you hold hands?” They excitedly hopped around in a clumped, pulling at Carlisle and my hands.

We entered through the automatic door and were greeted by a young girl.

“Hi, welcome to Chuck E. Cheese’s!”