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Edward's Twilight

 The world is on it's axis...and reversed? What if: Edward was the vulnerable human? Bella was the powerful vampire? La Tua Cantante was not a problem with strong Bella? What if...there were other problems? Hey, you, yeah, you with the eyes. Come click on this story. It's worth it. Lol. Chapter 10 is up fool!

OKAY! Well, I posted this before, but then I deleted it because I didn't like it anymore. BUT I just re-wrote it, so now I'm reposting it. Let's see how you guys like it now. Yes, the people are out of character, that's why you call it AU: alternate universe! hooray! anway... Disclaimer: It's pretty much all stephenie meyer's...except the idea. I don't own Eddie *hangs head in defeat*

1. Starting out new

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Edward’s POV:

“Mom, please, would you just chill for a sec?” I said exasperatedly to Renee, who was currently crying on my shoulder.

We were at the Phoenix airport and I had my carry-on parka in my right hand and my crazy, beautiful mother on the left. Today was the day I was leaving for Forks, Washington, to live with my dad and Renee was going hysterical.

“I--I’m go--going to mi--miss you so much!” She sobbed and wailed over and over again. I stroked her hair and held her face in my hands. I was about a foot taller than her and I looked down into her brown eyes that I would miss so much.

“Mom, you know I love you, and you know I will miss you. Send Phil my love, k? I’ll call you the second I get there, and I seriously need you to chill, like, now!” I said, kissing her on the cheek and giving her a huge hug before finally letting go and walking over to the terminal.

“Bye, Eddie! I love you! Tell Charlie, I said ‘hi’!” She said, smiling through her tears. I grinned and waved at her before turning around and walking down the hall and looking for my seat on the plane. When I got to 13A, I put my crap under my chair and plopped down on the seat.

Finally, I let my inner attitude show. I had been faking cheeriness and excitement to go to Forks, but seriously, I just wanted to sit there and sulk. I can’t believe I love my mom this much! I was giving up my whole freaking life, heck, I was giving up my sun! My beautiful sun, and the sprawling Phoenix city, and the entire laid-back life I lived with my eccentric mother, just to go to…Forks.

I hated Forks, the constant small-town references, the feeling of everyone knowing each other’s secrets, and the whole idea of how everyone was going to treat me when I got there. I was going to be like a showcase at the museum…I could almost hear the whispers of rumors go around right now.

Oh, look, it’s the chief’s son, Edward, finally coming back from living with that flighty Renee who fled the town…Charlie never forgave himself for letting Renee take Edward…I can’t believe he’s grown so much!

I closed my eyes and plugged my headphones into my ears, letting the drowning sound of hard rock wash over my horrible journey to Forks. Actually, the journey wasn’t too bad. It was only four hours to Seattle, another hour to Port Angeles, then I got to meet Charlie at the airport. Oh joy, this was going to be exciting.

“Edward! How was the flight?” Charlie said to me, giving me a pat on the shoulder. He hadn’t changed at all since the last time I saw him, which was about two months ago, for Thanksgiving. He had flown down for the two weeks that we had agreed upon since I had decided to not come back to Forks again…and look where I am now?

“It was great, Dad, thanks.” I said. I wasn’t allowed to call him Charlie to his face. I could tell he was still confused about why I had moved back to Forks, but he was willing enough.

“That’s good. Is that all the luggage you have?” He asked as we pulled the other suitcase and the cardboard box from the luggage train.

“Yep, this is it.” I said. It wasn’t much, because I hadn’t had much of the winter clothing needed to survive in forks, so mom and I had bought a couple of things.

“Right, let’s go then.” We both walked out to the Police cruiser in the parking lot. I resisted the grimace that was on my face and got in the front seat. I could not wait to get my own car. I refused to let my dad drive me around in the cruiser. No way was that going to happen.

“Renee says hi.” I said, as we started the hour long drive from Port Angeles to Forks.

“Oh, that’s good…I’m glad she’s doing well.” He said. I could tell he wanted to say something else, because I could just…tell.

I was like that, you know. Renee called it my ‘superpower’. I can read people like open books, like they’re thoughts are laid out for me to hear.

“Edward, I know you wanted to look into getting your own car…” He started, staring out of the window.

“Yeah.” I said, noncommittally, also staring out the window. Not that there was much to stare at. Green. And that was about it. Everything was green; like a freaking alien planet. I loved the rain, and the weather wasn’t too much of a problem, but I just…wasn’t used to it.

“I found you a truck. I mean, it’s kind of old, but it runs really good.”

“Oh really? A truck?” I asked, surprised.

“Yeah, it’s Chevy, I thought it would be good for you…Remember Billy Black?”

“Uh no, not really.”

“He used to go fishing with me?”

I stayed quiet, waiting for him to get to the point. I always hated it when Charlie took me fishing, so I pretty much blocked it from my memory.

“Well, he’s in a wheelchair now so he doesn’t really use his truck anymore and he’s selling it to me real cheap.”

“When did he buy it?”

“Um, 1984, I think.”

“Did he buy it new?”

“Well, no. I think it was made in the early sixties, or late fifties…”

“Dad, I seriously don’t have the kind of money to fix it up whenever it breaks down, you know?” I said, mentally calculating the chances of this truck. Truck, repairs, gas…money doesn’t grow on trees, you know.

I didn’t even like trucks…I liked to drive fast, so I really doubted an ancient truck could do much for me.

“No, the thing runs great. Billy and his son Jacob have done a lot of work on the engine. And, well actually, I kind of already…bought it for you. As a sort of homecoming present.” He admitted sheepishly, blushing at the emotion he was apparently showing.

“Wow…thanks dad, you didn’t have to that, I was going to buy my own car.” I said, ducking my head and playing with the zipper on my jacket. Dang, a free car? That’s pretty cool…it makes living here like one fraction better.

“No problem, Ed. I just want you to be happy here.” He said.

“I really appreciate it, Dad.” I said. No reason to tell him that being happy here was almost an impossibility; Charlie shouldn’t have to suffer along with me.

We were pretty much silent the rest of the way there and in no time, the cruiser had pulled up to the small, two-bedroom house that Charlie and Renee had bought in the early days of their marriage---not that there were many other days. Mom and taken me when I was only a few months old and practically ran out of Forks.

On the drive way stood my new--well, new to me---truck. Urgh. Well, it was better than going in the cruiser to school. Actually, the truck it self wasn’t too bad, but I couldn’t really see myself in it.

It only took us one trip to get my stuff up the stairs and to the bedroom that I had owned since birth. Charlie left me to unpack and the first thing I had to do was pull out my box of CDs and books and make sure the idiots that threw the luggage on the plane didn’t wreck anything. They didn’t. I sighed and sat down on my bed and looked around the room.

It was painted a light blue and still looked the exact same as it had 17 years ago, except that the crib had been replaced with a bed and a table with a second-hand computer now sat against the wall. My old rocking chair was still in the corner.

I unpacked all my things and put them away. As I hung up my last shirt, I frowned at my closet. It looked so empty. I’d have to stock up soon.

I put on a slow jazz CD and got two notebooks out, (one empty one, and one that I had half-filled already) putting them into a black, side-strap, backpack for school tomorrow. I shuddered. Forks High School.

It had a frightening amount of about three hundred fifty seven--now fifty eight---kids. That was like the entire junior class back in Phoenix. I rolled my eyes at the thought of how kids would react to ‘the new kid’ tomorrow. It would be like dangling a new toy in front of a baby’s eyes.

That’s all I would be noticed as: the new kid, the Police Chief’s son.

Maybe, if I looked like someone from Phoenix, I could use this stuff to my advantage. If I had dirty blonde hair instead of this weird bronze-colored hair. If I had bright blue eyes instead of my plain green ones, or maybe if I was tan and handsome instead of unnervingly pale and mousy. It’s like I grew up all wrong.

Dinner that night was a silent affair, which I was absolutely fine with. Charlie had ordered a pizza and gruffly admitted that the only thing he really knew how to cook was eggs and bacon. I guess I was alright with that…I’d just go to the grocery store and stock up with those cool microwavable dinners.

Living with Charlie was pretty easy. I kind wondered why the poor guy wouldn’t get himself another girl. I mean, I know he’s pretty busy at work and all, but he could at least date a few times…maybe I’d look into getting the old man a few chicks.

As I was lying in bed, listening to the thunder, I thought about how much I missed Renee already. I had called her and she kept me on the phone for like half-an-hour, telling me to call her the second I wanted to come home…completely forgetting that she would be leaving with Phil tomorrow.

I tossed and turned in my sleep that night, trying to shake off this feeling…something bad was going to happen---I could tell. When my alarm rang for 6 o’clock, I was already awake, and so I got up and got into the hot shower.

Charlie wished me good luck for school and drove off to the police station that he loved so much. While chewing on my toast, I looked around the kitchen that was still painted the same bright yellow that mom had used in attempts to brighten up the house.

When I was done, I grabbed my keys and backpack, and went outside. The rain that had started again, so I opened the door and jumped into the cab. When I turned on the ignition, a grumbling loud roar came from the engine and I wasn’t too surprised…I could bet my life on the fact that the monster wouldn’t be able to go past 60 miles an hour. I turned on the heat and noticed that the radio was working. It was a plus that I didn’t expect.

I drove towards the school that was right off the highway. It looked like a bunch of small buildings clustered together. I parked in front of the admin building, sighing and turning the car off. No use trying to find parking and end up driving around in circles. Ducking out into the rain, I ran into the building and opened the door.

The office was warm and little, with only one office assistant, who was sitting at one of the three counters near the door. I smiled at her and she looked up and smiled kindly.

“May I help you?”

“Hi, I’m Edward Swan; I’m new today.” I watched as her eyes lit up with recognition and she started shuffling through papers and pulled out three of them.

“Of course! I’ve got your schedule and a map of the school here for you. Just get this slip signed from all your teachers and bring it to me at the end of the day, alright?” She asked, fixing her wild red hair and pushing her glasses further up her nose.

“Yeah, thanks, I’ll see you after school then.” I said politely.

“Your welcome, have a good day!” I opened the door and saw that more old cars had parked already. The only car that looked new was the shiny silver Volvo, and it stood out. I parked and hopped out of the cab, pulling out my schedule and reading it quickly.

I walked into the 3rd building where my first period English class was with Mr. Mason. He was old and weird-looking, and when I hung up my coat like everyone else was doing, I took the slip up to him. He gawked at me while signing the slip and sent me to a chair in the back with a reading list.

I sat down and tried as hard I possibly could to ignore the stares that were coming from the other students. I swear, this one girl was going to get whiplash the way she was looking from me in the back to the teacher in the front. I kept my eyes down, reading the list. Damn, it looked boring. I mean, why do they always make you read the classics? Bronte, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Faulkner…who cares?

After the bell rang, a gangly boy with oily black hair and skin problems walked up to me and attracted even more stares.

“Hey, you must be Edward Swan.” He said, smiling at me. We shook hands and I nodded.

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“Nothin much. I’m Eric Yorkie, where’s your next class?” He asked, trying to be cool enough to the new kid, I bet. I pulled out my schedule again and browsed it.

“ Uh, Government with Jefferson, building six.”

“I’m building four, I’ll show you the way.”

“Thanks.” I said. Like I couldn’t find it on my own? I thought sarcastically. But I thought it would be good to make some buddies in this low-key lifestyle that I was determined to live in Forks. I was going to keep it short and sweet.

Eric walked me over to the building and talked about random stuff on the way. As we got to the building I can vaguely remember him wishing me good luck and hoping we had more classes together.

After my other two classes, Spanish and Trigonometry, I started to recognize a few faces that stared at me. I met a guy who sat next to me in both classes and he was overly energetic while talking to me. He had blue eyes and blond, spiked up hair.

“Hey Ed, you gonna sit with us at lunch today?” Mike asked me, when Trig was over. We were walking to the cafeteria and I shrugged.

“I guess. Don’t call me Ed, though.” I said. He nodded and we walked into the small cafeteria. Walking in the line, I grabbed a pizza, apple, and a bottle of water. Mike grabbed some food too, and we headed towards his table. There were already a couple of his friends sitting there.

Mike introduced me to everyone and I saw the girl named Lauren give me a playful smirk. She was alright-looking; blonde hair and cute eyes. I didn’t like the way she talked though. When she was introducing herself, she seemed so over-confident and kind of bitchy.

Taking a bite of my pizza, I nearly gagged. The food here was worse than back in phoenix! Grimacing, I swallowed and took a slug of water. Something brown caught my eye from across the cafeteria and I turned my head.

There, a group of kids sat, seeming completely engrossed with their thoughts. They were all staring off into space and I felt my eyes widen. They were all…perfect. Not even close to normal. It was like watching a movie with perfect-looking actors and actresses. They were all pale, with perfectly angular features, and a certain radiance of mystery coming from them.

There were three girls and two guys. One of the guys was huge, seriously muscled and I could sense that he knew how intimidating he might look. The other boy was blonde and tall, less muscled, but very serious. He looked like he was trying really hard to do something.

The girls were…indescribably gorgeous. One was tall and blonde, perfect in every way that a girl wants to be. She had the body, the face, and the hair. The other girl was really small, with spiky black hair and a pointed nose and perfect features.

The third girl’s face I couldn’t see. She was sitting with her back faced towards me, but she had really hot, long, brown hair. I smirked when I remembered that I preferred brunettes back in Phoenix. Anyway, the girl’s hair was so gorgeous, and I could see the way her back curved, literally making me want to jump out of my seat and make her turn around for me.

“Whatcha staring at, Edward?” Mike asked from next to me. I turned and finally took my eyes away from the perfect people.

“Nothin. Who are those kids?” I asked, jerking my thumb back, without turning my head again. I didn’t want to see their perfection again…it was almost too much.

“The Cullens and the Hales. The blonde ones are Rosalie and Jasper Hale. The other guy is Emmett and the short girl is Alice Cullen. The brown-haired angel is Isabella Cullen. She’s the only single one.” Mike said in super-speed, as if this were a familiar topic of discussion. Wait, did he just call her a brown-haired angel? What the heck?

“Ugh, Mike stop drooling over Isabella.” Lauren said, rolling her eyes. I could hint a bit of jealousy in her voice. Bella was clearly a very desired girl.

“I’m not drooling.” Mike said defensively.

“She’s made it clear she isn’t interested in anybody at this school. Apparently, she’s too good for any of us.” The boy named Tyler said. More sour grapes…who was this girl that enchanted these Fork’s boys?

The bell rang and I turned around, seeing the perfect people get up and throw their trash away.

Damn, I still couldn’t see her face. Her long brown hair was covering her face and she was talking to the pixie-like girl. Suddenly, the pixie turned around and looked straight at me. Her mouth fell into an ‘o’ shape, but then she just kept walking and they all left.

Not before I noticed how unbelievably graceful they all were. Even the big one! They all walked like they were trained models on the runway. Especially ms. Brown hair. She was like royalty, walking past the normal people.

“Let’s go, dude.” Mike said. We all got up and threw our trash away and I brought my water bottle with me to my next class. Biology. I always liked science, so I was kind of looking forward to getting to class.

When I walked in, I saw that there was only one open seat…next to the ‘brown-haired angel’.

This should be interesting.