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Edward's Twilight

 The world is on it's axis...and reversed? What if: Edward was the vulnerable human? Bella was the powerful vampire? La Tua Cantante was not a problem with strong Bella? What if...there were other problems? Hey, you, yeah, you with the eyes. Come click on this story. It's worth it. Lol. Chapter 10 is up fool!

OKAY! Well, I posted this before, but then I deleted it because I didn't like it anymore. BUT I just re-wrote it, so now I'm reposting it. Let's see how you guys like it now. Yes, the people are out of character, that's why you call it AU: alternate universe! hooray! anway... Disclaimer: It's pretty much all stephenie meyer's...except the idea. I don't own Eddie *hangs head in defeat*

7. Confused

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Edward’s POV:

I think that I was falling in love with Bella. She was perfect for me. Actually, she was just perfect. But I think she liked me too by the judge of that look in her beautiful golden eyes while I sang for her.

But hold your breathe
Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
Over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I won’t live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
You're impossible to find

I totally meant every word I sang for her, I swear. Tonight was the night that I was falling for her. I ended with a hopefully-cute smile and held her cold hand softly.

Touching her skin was like something out of a romance novel that Renee made me read (“It’ll help you realize what a girl wants.”) Her hand was cold and mine was so warm against hers, it felt so good.

The bubbly feeling in the pit of my stomach made me laugh, and she giggled back. I moved my other hand to push my hair back, but it swiped against a stray tree branch and cut my skin.

“Ooh, ouch,” I mumbled, seeing blood ooze from the small cut. I heard Bella gasp and moan slightly at the sight. She was staring at it intently, and as I watched, her eyes darkened significantly in the moonlight.

“Bella? Are you all right?” I asked. She ripped her hand out of mine and stumbled back a few steps. Yeah, she stumbled. I’d never think Bella would stumble; she was so graceful.

“Um, does blood freak you out?” I asked, holding my bleeding hand behind my back. She looked away and seemed to be holding her breath.

“Bella,” I whispered, stepping closer to her. She shook her head and closed her eyes tightly. “What’s wrong?”

Run,” she choked out. “Go, leave, get out of here!”

“Bella?” I was starting to freak out slightly for her. Was she sick of me already? Was I not manly enough? Or too sensitive? Or not graceful enough?

“Edward, go,” her voice shook, and she looked up at me, her eyes hooded under her lashes.

The look on her face shook me down to my core. It was actually… frightening.


“Bells!” A yell came out of nowhere when a huge, massive, bulky figure came running out of the trees and grabbing onto Bella from her behind.

“Hey! Who the hell are you? Leave her alone!” I shouted, trying to see who it was.

“Edward.” Another, smaller and more musical voice came. “Come here!”

I turned around and saw the girl that Bella was with in the cafeteria the day I met her. Was that today? No way…

“I’m Alice, Bella’s sister. Come with me!” She looked slightly panicked, and she pulled at my arm.

“No! What’s wrong with Bella?” I asked frantically, looking at the bulky figure that was holding her…away from me. I realized that the figure was one of Bella’s brothers also.

“Emmett, let go of me!” Bella practically screamed. “I’m ok, I swear, I won’t hurt him!”

“Not just yet, Bells, sorry,” Emmett said softly into her ear, as if trying to calm her down.

“Edward, come on!” Alice pulled at my arm with strength that a girl that small should not have.

“What’s wrong with her?” I asked Alice as she started to pull me along the path.

“Nothing, she’s just…” She trailed off, waving her hand dismissively. She took a small knapsack off of her back, pulling out a first aid kit. She crouched down, and it took me a second to figure that she was holding her breath also. She pulled out rubbing alcohol and a gauze strip.

“What are you doing? It’s just a little cut! Barely even an inch long,” I murmured, watching as she carefully rubbed the alcohol on the small wound.

“Ssssh,” she whispered, making it more obvious that she was holding in oxygen. Was this whole family this crazy about blood? It stung slightly but she blew on it with cold air and then wrapped the gauze around my hand.

“Sorry about that,” she said simply, as if that were enough to explain this completely extreme behavior from one cut.

“What in the name of---?” I started, and I was actually shaking.

“Can’t really explain it all, you know?” Alice interrupted me. “I should probably take you home so my dad can take a look at it. He’s a doctor.”

“I know, but I’m fine. It was a small graze, nothing to freak out over, seriously. I just want to know what----”

“Edward?” I heard Bella’s voice break out from the trees, interrupting me. Her brother was now just lightly holding her arm, but not in restraint now, more of comfort.

“Bella? What is going on?” I asked, my voice strained.

“It’s…um…I’m kind of freaked out by blood.” She tried to smile, but it was uneasy.

“Yeah, I kind of caught that…” I laughed slightly. “Are you ok?”

I’m fine, are you sure you’re all right?” She asked, coming closer, trying to shrug off her brother’s hand.

“Bella,” the man growled slightly at her. I was shocked, but I tried to ignore it.

“Bella,” I rolled my eyes. “It was an itty bitty scrape. Look, it’s not even bleeding anymore. Wait a second, where did you two come from?” I asked, turning to Alice and the huge brother.

“Oh, we were just---” Alice started, but then was interrupted by the man.

“We were following Bella’s usual path. We saw her run here, and she looked kind of upset, so we followed her,” he said, his eyes glinting a scary-looking darkness.

“Oh… well, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Edward Swan.” I tried to be friendly, raising my unharmed hand. He stared at it for a few moments before meeting it with a surprisingly gentle handshake. I thought it would’ve been much stronger since you know… his muscles.

“Emmett Cullen. Pleasure,” he cracked a grin. I was personally hoping he wouldn’t try to hurt me since I was with his sister. I heard of guys being all defensive of their sisters, but I wouldn’t know, since I didn’t have one. But if I did, I probably would be too.

“And I’m Alice Cullen,” the small sister said, smiling politely.

“Hi, Alice…” I smiled back at her, feeling extremely tall as I stood next to her petite frame.

“All right guys, you can leave now. He’s safe, I’m fine…bye!” Bella waved at them, seeming to warn them with her eyes, that were still dark against the moon’s light. I wondered if I were to shine a light in them, they would turn back to their golden hue.

“Bella, I thought you had…light brown eyes?” I asked her, watching as Alice and Emmett stood there, staring at us.

“No, I have dark brown eyes… sometimes in the light, they look golden. Nice, huh?” She laughed it off, but I could tell she was lying.

“Very nice. You have beautiful eyes,” I grinned at her, letting her know that I knew she was lying.

“Right… so, um…” she said, distracted now, staring at Emmett and Alice.

“We’re not leaving,” Emmett smiled at her.

Go,” Bella said.

“No,” he said back.



“Leave, right now!” Her words were tight, arguing.

“I’m going to go tell Esme!” Emmett stomped his foot. I laughed at them, trying to downplay my fear.

“Would you two stop bickering?” Alice rolled her eyes. “Emmett, let’s go. I’ll know if anything else happens.”

“Bella… are you sure?” Emmett asked. “We can take him back to our house.”

“Not yet. Now go,” she said simply. “I’ll be home in a bit. Promise.”

“So you want to tell me what is going on?” I asked her, watching as they left.

“What were we talking about again?” She said, ignoring my question.

“Music,” I said simply. “What about Motion City Soundtrack?”

“Ooh, awesome band. Amazing lyrics,” she exclaimed.

I noticed that she seemed so much more at ease when talking about things like music, and books. We talked like there was no interruption a few minutes ago. Like absolutely nothing was wrong with the fact that she apparently wanted to attack me or something when she saw my blood... Oh, shit.

“Do you like sports?” I asked, trying to distract myself from the gnawing feeling in my gut now.

“I like baseball sometimes, but not much else…” she confessed. “You?”

“Sports are fun, but I don’t get all into them like some guys. I love playing basketball and I tried football a bit. Baseball, huh?” I laughed slightly.

“What’s so funny?” She asked, looking sideways at me.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about this time when I was at a baseball game with my mother… it was when she met Phil, actually. From then on, she made me sit down and explain to her what in the world the sport was all about. Once, she actually fell asleep when she was watching one of his games, she was bored,” I laughed again.

“Your mother seems fun,” Bella smiled. “What is she like?”

“She’s like… different. Not like a normal mother. Sometimes, I’d have to be the parent in the house… she’s irresponsible, and forgetting. But, I guess it taught me how to be responsible and remembering, so fair game. Although, sometimes, I think it makes me seem… girlier,” I grimaced.

It was her turn to laugh. I was mesmerized as I watched her put her hand to her mouth and giggle like music through her parted lips. She had seemed so… clenched earlier. Like she was stiff, but now she relaxed.

“What’s so funny now?” I asked her.

“Nothing… just imagining you being girly,” she smiled.

“You are so infuriatingly confusing Bella Cullen,” I shook my head.

“Edward, I’m sorry I can’t explain things to you. It’s just how I live my life.”

I took the chance and touched my hand to hers, watching her stiffen slightly before relaxing again. She hesitantly brushed her fingers across mine, and I took it as an invite. Pulling my fingers through hers, I felt as if they belonged there, and it surprised me when she moved closer to me, her cold arm resting against my own.

“Bella…” I murmured. “You’re---”

“Sssh.” She squeezed my hand slightly. “Don’t ruin the moment.”