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A Poetic New Moon

This is my take on New Moon in poetic form, I didn't add anything about Victoria or Laurent.


1. New Moon

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New Moon

Everything was great,

my life was perfect.

Until a party,

then it was


He left,

taking my heart

and soul

with him.

Creating a hole,

right where my


used to be.

Time passed,

I was numb,

utterly numb.

A endless night,

until a light appeared.

That light healed the


plugging it up.

I was in my own personal

Dark Ages,

but the light

led me through,

healing me,

or so I thought.

Until he created his own


I was riddled through

like Swiss cheese.

I became that despised zombie again,

frightening those who still

loved me.

The light came back,


Life was better,

not like before,

but better.

I had a visitor,

my old best friend,

she helped me.

The light then shattered my

hold on reality.

I had to become a savior,

to save the person who

owned my heart and


I was the savior that he needed.


pulsed through me

when he was with


I tried to squash it,

but my love helped it


convincing me to


I learned the


He loved me.

An epiphany told me that.

I wanted to be like


he didn't.

A vote

would decide that one decision.

It said I would be like him.

The fairy tale back on,

prince returned,

but what to do with

the extra character.

The light tried to sever ties,

but not completely.

Now I have to choose


Life or Death,

Love or Friendship,

but which is which?