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Nightmare at the Dance

Nightmare at the Dance by Awsomealice94 Awesome banner made by Marauder by Midnight Theres a home coming dance, but something goes dredfully wrong, and it's not just bella's danceing. then AFTER your done check out the sequel- "possiblities" GET GOING ON THIS SERIES like so many others! under construction

ok, i wrote this before any of my storys, and it is really long. it's going to have 11 chapters, and i am writeing as fast as i can. this will be turned into a series, as soon as i finish. disclaimer- i do not own any charicters settings ect. it's all stephenie meyer's.

1. vision

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 948   Review this Chapter

Edward picked me up for school as always, except he looked extra happy to see me. I walked over to him, my thoughts in astonishment. It’s still hard to believe that someone like me (normal and the exact opposite of graceful) could be with someone like him (pure beauty) and still be loved in return. Not even counting the obvious (I’m a human and he’s a vampire).

“Hello, why do you look so happy?” I wondered out loud, for his eyes were flaring with excitement.

I buckled myself in the front seat of the Volvo.

“Well, what else do you expect, I’m always happy to see you.” he said as he rolled his eyes, like it was so obvious. He pulled out of my driveway.

“Yes.” I agreed.

“But today, something’s different.” I replied observing him.

“Yes. I suppose something’s different.” He talked casually, looking into my eyes.

“So there is something you’re excited about!” I stated.

I knew I was near the mark. “naturally.” He smiled his perfect smile. Everything about him is perfect, it melts my heart away, as stupid as it sounds.

“Well, aren’t you going to tell me what it is?”

He looked like he was going to speak so I quickly added “please, Edward. I love you, and I thought we were way past keeping secrets.” My eyes were big and sincere; I showed my best puppy dog face.

All the practice at the book stores when I was a kid with Renée sure paid off, if it worked on her (I would usually get away with 5 books instead of 2) surely it would work on him.

Edward winced, but then shook his head. “No, I see what your tying too do, and it won’t work. Although you had me for a second. You will see when we get to school. Oh and Bella.” For I had turned away with disappointment, “no groaning or complaining, please.”

That depends on what it is” I said in a-matter-of-factly voice.

“I can only promise if you tell me what I can’t complain about.” I tried desperately, I was burning with curiosity.

“Nice try, but it’s not going to work, you will see when we get to school.” I now knew to give up, I could tell I wasn’t getting anywhere; I could have been trying to move a brick wall for all the progress I was making.

As we pulled into forks high school’s parking lot (within minutes, thanks too Edward’s maniac driving) everyone looked excited. There was even people (mostly girls) jumping up and down giggling. Uh oh, this can not be good.

I rushed out of the Volvo to see what was going on. I walked up to the nearest poster and read the first sentence. Of course, Edward was right next to me, even if I walked fast.

“A HOME COMING DANCE!” I yelled in fury.

He was not making me go to this, I can’t dance. “Yes, a home coming dance. And I was wondering if you would go to it with me.” He asked me.

I turned to look at him; he was looking at me and smiling. How could I say no to him? I glanced at him disapprovingly.

“I can’t dance!” I said complaining.

“It’s all in the leading. And Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett will be there too. Rose and Alice will help you get ready, like last time. Please?” he asked again with pleading eyes.

I couldn’t say no too those pair of eyes, so I quickly gave in. “alright, fine.” I sighed.

I remember the last time Rosalie and Alice helped me get ready. It was last spring, for the prom. Every time I would protest, she would say ‘I don’t remember being human, and I’m trying to have some vicarious fun here. Besides, it’s for your own good.’ And it was for my own good. I will never forget how I looked that night, but more so how Edward looked.

The morning went on as usual; all my nervousness about the dance melted away with one look in is eyes. And I had to keep reminding myself that the dance isn’t for a week.

At lunch Alice was ecstatic. “I can’t wait for the dance. Rose and I picked out the cutest dress for you; I can’t wait to see how you look in it!” she said with a smile.

Then all of a sudden her face went smooth, her eyes closed, as if she was someplace far away. Her eyes opened quickly, they looked panicked.

I heard Edward curse under his breath, he could already see what Alice just saw.

“What is it Alice?” I asked as Edward took a protective lean over me.

“We have to get out, NOW.” Edward’s voice whipped through the words.

“It’s Victoria.” She answered me as she hissed the name. I shuddered.

“She has a group of 4 coming. She told them about you, and they won’t believe it until they see it. They could possibly be an army; I’m not to sure at the moment. Their between California and Oregon.” She answered me quickly. Edward tensed.

“How much time does that leave us?” I asked.

I knew what we would have too do, we would have too leave. I knew this because of the safety of Charlie and forks, we couldn’t have possibly sadistic vampires around here, and I wouldn’t allow it either.

“It gives us about a day, but we are leaving before then. I don’t know the whole plan, we will need to go to my house, talk it over with Carlisle. But how are we going to get out of here?” Edward said in frustration.

“I have an idea.” Alice said with a grin.