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Nightmare at the Dance

Nightmare at the Dance by Awsomealice94 Awesome banner made by Marauder by Midnight Theres a home coming dance, but something goes dredfully wrong, and it's not just bella's danceing. then AFTER your done check out the sequel- "possiblities" GET GOING ON THIS SERIES like so many others! under construction

ok, i wrote this before any of my storys, and it is really long. it's going to have 11 chapters, and i am writeing as fast as i can. this will be turned into a series, as soon as i finish. disclaimer- i do not own any charicters settings ect. it's all stephenie meyer's.

10. Nightmare

Rating 5/5   Word Count 2193   Review this Chapter

Her face was wicked with hair that looked like fire blowing in the wind, it was Victoria.

I moved back with fear against Rosalie, who surprised me, and put her arms around me as if to hold me and protect me. Now she’s nice to me, right before my death.

“Victoria, why don’t we take this into a more… appropriate area?” Carlisle said. His voice surprised me; they must have just got here, Esme was right next to him.

Victoria laughed, she laughed like there was no tomorrow. It wasn’t a happy laugh, it was a scary and menacing laugh, and it sent chills from my neck down to my ankles.

“I suppose it’s the least I can do for you, considering what I am about to do. How about that lovely baseball field, it seems like the perfect spot.” She said.

I couldn’t understand her tone; something was to frightening about it, something was frightening about her in general. She turned to me, and I just stood there, frozen, looking into the eyes of the enemy.

Edward growled now, not being able to let it in. Esme shot a warning glance at him, looking meaningfully to the school. What if people heard him, it would just draw more attention to the horrific gathering that we had created.

Edward didn’t talk, nobody did. Even if I wanted to, I don’t think I could. I was frozen with fear; it disabled all of my senses and train of thought. The only thing I couldn’t stop saying to myself was ‘I’m going to die, I’m going to die’. What if anyone gets hurt? I love Edward to much to let anything happen to him, let alone the Cullen’s.

Edward swiftly pulled me onto his back, not caring about anything anymore, not caring that doing so had caused me out of breath, and not caring that my dress ripped; showing way to much then I wanted anyone to see accept maybe Edward. The only thing Edward cared about was getting me out of here, getting me away; it was evident in his eyes.

Edward started to run, anger driving him to go faster and faster. Wind whipped at my face, causing my eyes to tear up. I don’t think I can blame it all on the wind, though.

I had time to think, and suddenly that bizarre dream came into my head………..

I had the weirdest dream though, I was running through the gym doors of forks high school, there was thunder, or something that sounded like it. There was growling, maybe of a bear? There was also someone I didn’t know holding on to my arm, then there was fire. I shuddered, that defiantly wasn’t a dream I wanted to remember. Nor was it a dream that made sense.

It suddenly did make some sense. I was running through the gym doors, but there was Edward that was holding on to my arm, I knew him. And there was no thunder or growling of a bear. There was fire though, that was clear, the fires of victories eyes; filled with hate and revenge mixed with the fire of her hair blowing in the wind. There was so much fire, to much.

I could see the baseball field now, Edward would just have to go strait and-. Edward weaved to the right, my chest slamming on to his back; my arms almost came unlinked from his neck. This wasn’t the way to the baseball field. It occurred to me then that he was trying to escape; he never really did intend on going to the baseball field, he wanted me far away from her.

“Edward-.” I started.

“Bella, shush.” He commanded.

We were far away from the field now, but could we really get that clean of a get-away? Suddenly Edward abruptly stopped. I looked around; maybe it was safe to climb down. My arms and legs were aching from holding on to him for that long.

It wasn’t safe, I wasn’t sure if anything is safe anymore.

“Get out of my way.” Edward snarled.

There in front of him was Victoria and another vampire.

“I don’t think so. You see, I have been planning this a long time, and I don’t want a silly little boy to ruin my little plan now, would I?” she said as she smiled, but it wasn’t a smile, it was a show of all her glistening, white, and razor sharp teeth.

I now realized that I had held my breath as soon as I laid eyes on her. I quickly took another breath before I fainted.

“Once again, get-out-of-my-way.” Edward growled.

It was the single most menacing growl I have ever heard.

“I don’t think so.” She said matching his growl, if that was even possible. I just concentrated on breathing, inhale, and exhale.

“Get the girl.” She instructed one of the vampires, for one more had just come to the scene.

I franticly looked around. Where were the Cullen’s? Edward growled so loud that I was sure everyone in the state of Washington could hear. Victoria sprung on Edward and I, she was strong and was beginning to pull Edward and I down. He moved me out of the way, so I wouldn’t get crushed. I landed on my back by a tree. I felt cold hands grabbing my arms violently from behind me. I screamed.

“Let me go!” I yelled for the vampire had completely disabled me from moving my arms. I kicked and screamed and thrashed, but I knew nothing would work. He was as hard as a diamond. He was strong and I was weak.

He held me so I could stare at the horror that was in front of me. Edward and Victoria were fighting. That was enough to kill me. The fight wasn’t going well between them. Edward kicked Victoria off of him, and she landed with her head hitting a tree. Edward was already up on his feet, but what he did drove Victoria to fight even more. She came at him and with a huge ear splattering crash, Edward flew against a tree, the tree I was just by, and ended knocking it over.

“Edward!” I screamed. What if he got hurt? Oh my god, this was the worst night of my life. He got up a little slower but came at her with full force. I couldn’t watch anymore. Just then I heard more growls. I opened one eye, there was the Cullen’s.

I felt relief wash over me. They would get me out-they would save Edward. I remembered the dream once more; there was thunder, or something that sounded like it. There was growling, maybe of a bear? There was also some one I didn’t know holding on to my arm

Now everything made complete sense. There was someone I didn’t know holding onto my arm. But the growling wasn’t of a bear; it was from the vampires around me. And it wasn’t thunder; it was each vampire hitting one another. Did I somehow know this was going to happen? And if so, if I just told them about it, would this whole thing be avoided? Was it my entire fault?

I heard a crash right behind me. I whirled around, my arms were free. There was Emmett, fighting with the vampire who held on to me.

“Bella, run.” He instructed. I looked around, everyone was fighting, except for me. There was still Edward and Victoria fighting, but Alice joined in.

“Emmett I-.” I started shaking my head, blinking to fight the tears.

“Bella, go. Just go. We will find you, I promise.” He said as he was fighting. Was he crazy? Well, maybe not. I looked around once more. I had eye contact with Edward, who heard what Emmett had said. He nodded before Victoria came at him again.

I quickly turned my back to the nightmare and ran through the forest. I would do what Edward thought was right, for I had no idea of what else to do. It was raining hard now, my makeup washed over my face, the tears and the mascara stinging my eyes.

What was going to happen now? I ran away far enough to only hear faint echoes of the fight. I collapsed right in the forest, shaking from tears and from being cold. Sobs were ripping through my chest, I couldn’t stop them. I held my head in my hands, “what just happened?” I asked out loud.

I remembered the visions Alice had. Was the third vision going to happen? My dress was ripped badly now, from all the trees tugging at it as I ran. I didn’t care though; I only cared about Edward and the Cullen’s and what was going to happen to them. I felt scared and frightened. I laid my head on the wet forest ground and let the tears come out.

After what seemed to be ages, I got up. The echoes of the fight stopped; there was no more growling or crashing. Did that mean it was over? I got on my feet quietly, listening with all my might. I didn’t care if it was over or not, I needed to go see what was happening.

It was hard making my way back, but everything was burned in my memory, it would hunt me in my head; whether I’m sleeping or awake. I kept on walking, ignoring the little tugs of the branches next to me, getting caught on my dress. I kept on walking, not knowing what i was going to come back to. Finally, I ran up to the clearing.

My eyes skimmed what was left after the fight. Trees were destroyed, and there lay ashes on the ground, the ashes of dead vampires, purple smoke was above me, riseing to the sky. What I saw next made me freeze. There was the Cullen’s, all crowded around something, or someone. I ran to them.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Carlisle.

Everyone looked up at me; each face was the same-concerned.

“Where’s Edward?” I asked trying to control my voice to stop shaking.

“Where’s Alice?” I asked again. The shakes were evident. There faces looked pained now; there was something wrong with them.

Everyone moved out of the way so I could see what they were circling around. I caught my breath when I saw them.

Alice and Edward laid there, eyes closed. Each of them had cuts and scrapes. There was some type of liquid that came out of the cuts, it wasn’t blood. I soon realized that it was venom.

“There not-not.” I couldn’t finish the sentence.

Jasper looked like he would be crying at the moment, they all did. I rushed over to Edward, everyone made room for me. I picked up his limp hand, and then looked at Edward’s face; cut and dirty. My vision was blurry form tears, but my hearing was fine.

“No, no. they aren’t dead!” Jasper and I shot our heads up, and a small feeling of ease came over me. I took a deep breath.

“Then what’s wrong with them?” Jasper demanded to Carlisle.

“They took quite a beating from Victoria, who is dead by the way.” He said for me to here. I nodded no more Victoria, no more fire.

“But, they are unconscious, which is actually possible for a vampire to do; they were close though, very close.” His voice dropped down to a whisper.

“So they will get better?” I asked, hoping that they would.

“Yes, it could take around 2 weeks to heal; vampires take less time to heal then human’s do. But they are going to need a lot of extra feeding to speed up the process.” Carlisle said as I nodded.

“Come on Bella, sweet heart. We need to get back to the house.” Esme said as she held out her arms to carry me back.

I simply nodded, letting go of Edwards’s hand. Emmett and jasper helped to carry Edward and Alice. I walked forward and let Esme carry me home.


When we reached the house Emmett and Jasper went strait upstairs to go put Alice and Edward in their rooms and to lay them on their couches. All of us were dirty, so everyone went to go get cleaned up. Esme said I could use Alice’s bathroom to go take a shower and said that she will put clean and warm cloths in the bathroom for me. I thanked her and went up stairs.

After I was done, I went up a flight of stairs to Edward’s room. Esme was just leaving.

“You are such a brave girl. We are so lucky to have found you.” She said as she hugged me.

“Thank you Esme.” She smiled and walked out of the room, closing the door to give me some privacy with Edward.

Little tears escaped my eyes as I kneeled down next to him. I took his hand in mine, holding it. I studied his face. He had fought with the worst vampire ever, because he wanted to protect me and because he loved me. He opened his eyes.

“Edward, your awake!” I exclaimed.

He nodded, he must have been weak.

“I love you, my angel.” He found the strength to say.

“I love you too.” And we stared into each others eyes, knowing that everything would be okay for now.