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Nightmare at the Dance

Nightmare at the Dance by Awsomealice94 Awesome banner made by Marauder by Midnight Theres a home coming dance, but something goes dredfully wrong, and it's not just bella's danceing. then AFTER your done check out the sequel- "possiblities" GET GOING ON THIS SERIES like so many others! under construction

ok, i wrote this before any of my storys, and it is really long. it's going to have 11 chapters, and i am writeing as fast as i can. this will be turned into a series, as soon as i finish. disclaimer- i do not own any charicters settings ect. it's all stephenie meyer's.

11. epilouge- a question

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I awoke to Edward’s cold touch, his arms around me, and his melodic voice singing my lullaby while I was in my bed.

If only that night, last night, was only a dream. No, it would have to be a nightmare. I don’t want to think it actually happened, but I will not be one to deny the obvious.

It had been a month since that nightmare, and although I try, it will never escape my memory. Edward has gotten better, but he can’t run as fast as he normally would like to, Carlisle said for him to take it easy for another week. Alice has been better too. I talked to her regularly when she was still recovering, because I insisted that I go over to the Cullen’s house. I had been over there so much that when I was leaving Charlie would always ask if I was going to my “other” house.

Ultimately, nobody thinks it was my fault, I disagree with them. I told Alice about the dream I had, she said that we would have probably just ignored it anyways.

We had to tell the school that Alice and Edward got in a car accident together, and would have to miss school for two weeks; if I didn’t know better I would have believed it myself.

“Sleeping beauty, I have a proposition for you.” He whispered in my ear, the coolness of his breath in my ear made me shiver.

“And that would be?” I asked turning to look at him.

“Get dressed and eat something for breakfast. I will be right back, I have to go get something from the house. Then you can come with me to our meadow.” It wasn’t really a proposition, more like a direction. But I would always spend time with him.

“Alright.” I said sitting up.

“I’ll see you soon.” He leaned over and kissed me. Then he was gone.

I sighed and rolled out of bed. If we were going to the meadow I would probably want to wear my old t-shirt, jeans, and my rain coat. I got dressed and went down stairs to get a granola bar. I ate it silently thinking about what Edward was getting from his house. I guess I was just going to have to wait and find out. Gah, I hate surprises.

I felt cool arms around me. “Hi Edward.” I smiled and looked up so I could see his angelic face.

“Are you ready to go?” he asked me.

I nodded. “I’m ready for anything.” I joked as he led the way out of my house.

“Good.” He muttered silently, or at least, I think he said that. I looked questionably up at him.

“Nothing.” He said as he shook his head. He took my hand and lifted me on to his back, although he was supposed to take it easy, he didn’t care.

“Edward, maybe we should take a car.” I started. “No, Bella I’m fine. I honestly don’t need another week to heal, I just won’t run as fast.” He said. Edward was so stubborn sometimes.

I sighed and buried my head against his shoulder. I loved the exhilarating speed, the wind blowing in my face, and the sweet scent of Edward blowing into me. I inhaled deeply, the nightmare was over, and I could relax.

All of a sudden we stopped. I looked up from Edward’s shoulder to find that we were already in the meadow. He helped me down gently, and with a thump, my feet hit the ground. The meadow was especially beautiful this morning, although there was no sun, it was warmer the usual. It was still cold because it was fall. But the leaves that were on the trees, surrounding the meadow were in beautiful shades of orange and red.

“I love this time of year.” I smiled and looked into his eyes.

“Yes, it is nice; with all the leaves turning from green to orange.” He agreed. It looked like something was bothering him, he walked slower then usual, but finally sat himself in the middle of the clearing and laid back to look at the sky, a picture of ease.

I quickly walked over and laid down next to him. I rested my head against his cold stone chest, and closed my eyes, listening to him breath.

“Bella?” he asked me

“Yes, Edward?” I said.

“You know I love you with all my heart, right?” he asked me. Where was this coming from?

“Yes Edward I know. And I as well love you with all my heart.” I smiled. I will never get tired of hearing him say those three words. Especially because i know he means them.

He sat me up so that he could look in my eyes. “Isabella Marie Swan, you are everything in the world to me. You are my sunshine and blue sky; your eyes chase away the storm. I live and breath for you, and I would do anything in the world for you.” He said, looking into my eyes. His face was serious. Oh my god, how could I be so blind, ‘please don’t say what I think you will say’ I kept saying over and over again in my mind. I tried not to show any panicking, so far I was doing well.

“Oh Edward…” I whispered, trying not to show shaking in my voice.

“Bella, will you marry me?” he asked.

He pulled out a tiny black velvet box out f his pocket and opened it up. There inside was the most beautiful ring. It had diamonds all the way around it and in the middle was a beautiful topaz gem. I gasped. Why did I choose to wear an old t-shirt and jeans?

I could only stare at it. It was like time was frozen, nobody moved. I looked away from the ring and to Edward. He looked unsure. I know that he would get sad and I would ruin his ego if I said no, but how could I say yes? It would just be nine more months still I graduated from high school; couldn’t I just get married then? But how would I explain this to Renée and Charlie, Renée would go ballistic. I know how much she disapproves of young marriages.

I was stuck, I really didn’t want to say no but I didn’t want to say yes either. There were pros and cons to both answers to his question. But this was the man that I loved, he is my life. And I want to spend eternity with him, and if I get married there is a little package deal that comes with it; Edward will change me. That’s what I wanted and what I still want.

While I sat there frozen Edward began to speak. “Bella, maybe I shouldn’t have done this, after what I did last year-maybe you-please” he whispered to me. His eyes looked pained.

I made up my mind, and it was a hard decision to make; especially with that ring, I told him I didn’t want one.

I leapt from the ground and into his arms, knocking him on to the ground. I then realized it was really a no-brainer. I held him close, as he did to me. Tears came streaming down my face, I pulled back.

“yes.” I said nodding.

His eyes looked so happy; his face spread into a wide grin before kissing me. I kissed him back until I almost ran out of breath.

He took my hand and slipped the ring onto my left hand. I glared at it.

“Are you upset?” he asked me.

“No, no. it’s gorgeous, you really shouldn’t have. I told you if this ever happened I didn’t want this extravagant of a ring.” I said smiling, all the happy tears gone.

“Yes, I should have. You deserved it, that and Alice went with me and forced me to pick this one for you; it’s my favorite you know.” He said chuckling.

“Ah, so Alice was in this too, I should have known.” I said.

He nodded. “I love you, Bella.” He said.

“I love you too.” And with that he held me in his arms, right there, in the middle of the meadow until sundown. And then we looked at the stars, knowing that each one brings hope to our lives, our lives that we would soon start together……………

To be continued in the sequel – Possibilities