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Nightmare at the Dance

Nightmare at the Dance by Awsomealice94 Awesome banner made by Marauder by Midnight Theres a home coming dance, but something goes dredfully wrong, and it's not just bella's danceing. then AFTER your done check out the sequel- "possiblities" GET GOING ON THIS SERIES like so many others! under construction

ok, i wrote this before any of my storys, and it is really long. it's going to have 11 chapters, and i am writeing as fast as i can. this will be turned into a series, as soon as i finish. disclaimer- i do not own any charicters settings ect. it's all stephenie meyer's.

3. plans

Rating 3.5/5   Word Count 1519   Review this Chapter

I walked into the house with Edward and Alice practically glued to my side.

We all sat down on the white couches before anyone spoke, but Edward broke the short silence.

“Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, and Jasper, can you come in here please? Quickly, we don’t have a lot of time.” Edward called towards the stairs.

Esme looked a little confused, and quite frankly, so was I. as I turned towards the opening to the stairs, and there they were, all lined up next to each other.

“What’s up?” Emmett asked.

I turned to look at Alice, her face was a smooth as marble, but as she opened her eyes they were worried and scared. Edward stiffened up, and soon was as still as a statue.

“What’s wrong, Alice?” Jasper asked with concern.

He quickly moved to her side and took her hand in his.

“Plans have changed. Victoria is asking them to –kill- Bella.” Alice’s voice dropped down to a whisper so low that I strained to listen. I could tell it was hard for her to choke out the last three words.

Edward surprisingly moved out of his statue posture, apparently he was in shock. He jumped from the couch; it made me jump with fright.

“NO. NO THEY CAN’T DO THAT!” Edward roared.

I completely ignored him. “Alice is it.” I took a deep breath. “Going to happen?” everyone turned to look at her, completely ignoring the cursing Edward who stalked off out of the room.

Alice closed her eyes once more. She opened them and started to talk.

“I keep on getting three different flicks. One of then is her staying exactly how she is, another one is her becoming one of us.” she said.

I didn’t see what was so bad about them both; I kind of liked the idea of the second one.

“What’s the third one Alice?” Rosalie asked.

“One of her dead.” She choked out. God, so quickly my own death can be predicted.

Tears started pooling into my eyes. I knew that this might not happen, but I couldn’t picture myself without Edward.

Suddenly Edward stalked back into the room and scooped me up into his arms so quickly that it left me breathless. He started walking out of the room, but then Carlisle grabbed his arm with a firm grip.

“Where do you think you are going?” he said with a fatherly tone of voice.

“Away, far away.” He whispered. Maybe he was feeling exactly how I was at the moment.

“No, you need to stay here for the moment. We need to have a plan, then we will go.” He explained.

Edward stood there for a second, deliberating, then pivoted sharply with me back into the room where everyone was waiting. He put me back on the couch gently.

“We need a plan.” Esme said. Carlisle nodded.

“I have an idea. Alice will go with Bella to her house. There will have to be one of us with her at all times. Alice will ask Charlie if Bella can spend the fall break with us, but tell him that all the boys except for me will be on a camping trip. I think he will be more understanding that way.” Alice nodded in agreement.

“Then come back here and we will figure it out from there.” Carlisle said. I was starting to get comfortable despite the situation. I turned to look at Jasper and raised one eyebrow.

“Sorry, you caught me.” He admitted.

“Alright, we have no time to waist, so with that, Alice and Bella leave. As for The rest of you, fallow me.” Carlisle instructed.

They all turned to fallow him up the stairs, except for Edward.

“I will see you later, my love. Don’t worry, I promise I won’t let anything-or anyone- hurt you. I love you.” He smiled but it didn’t touch his eyes, they looked deadly.

“I love you too, see you later.” It pained me to say that, I didn’t want to leave him. He quickly kissed me on the cheek and then departed up the stairs to join the rest of his family.

Alice grabbed my arm and dragged me to Edward’s Volvo. We were at my house in a blur. My stomach was in knots, and I suddenly wished Jasper was here. I unlocked the door and stepped on my front lawn. Alice fallowed me, always glancing around.

As we stepped inside Alice grabbed my hand.

“Why don’t we go pack your things?” Alice suggested.

“alright.” I said as we walked up the stairs.

“How much should I pack?” I asked.

“About 2 week’s worth.” She said nodding her head. I was a little shocked.

“Am I really going to be away for so long, not that I have a problem with it, it’s just the break is only a week, and I don’t think Charlie will like it.” I tired to explain.

“I know, but at the moment, I’m not sure if it will be 1 day or one week. But it’s better to be safe then sorry.” She clarified.

I through myself on the floor, searching for my duffle bag through all the clutter under my bed. I had an amazing wave of da^ja^vu come over me.

As I found my bag and un zippered it, Alice started grabbing handfuls of things in my closet and handing them to me, muttering things like ‘I can’t believe you still have this’ or ‘god we need to take you shopping.’ There was even some bewildered looks to things she had never seen before, sense I never wore them, and there was a perfectly good explanation on why I didn’t. That just increased the head shaking back in forth even more.

Finally my bag was too stuffed to fit anymore of my cloths in there.

“Oh, I have to get my tooth brush.” I remembered.

“ok.” Alice said.

She was right next to me the whole entire time, and I was wandering if Edward had given her any instructions. I grabbed my tooth brush and headed back down the hall to my room. I sighed and reached down to pick my bag up, but Alice snatched it before I could blink.

“Let me carry it, we don’t need a broken back.” She teased as I rolled my eyes.

“Charlie’s around the corner.” She added.

Sure enough I heard the curser pull up.

“Let’s go talk to him.” I was starting to go towards my door, but Alice dropped my bag with a thump.

I felt something cold jerking me to the wall. I landed with my back against it, and Alice protecting me, like she was a shield. But what I didn’t get is what she was protecting me from. My heart started racing. Alice growled a warning under her breath. There was only a couple times where I have seen her look like a real vampire.

“Alice?” I whispered. She loosened her posture and stepped to the side of me.

“Sorry, false alarm.” She muttered.

Suddenly I heard my dad walk through the door.

“Bella?” he called.

“Hang on dad.” I yelled back down to him.

“Come on.” Alice said as she took my hand in one hand and held my bag in the other.

“Dad, dinner is in the fridge.” I said to him as we walked towards the kitchen.

“Thanks bells. Alice, what are you doing here?” he asked. His face suddenly lit up, to my extreme embarrassment.

“Well, I was hoping Bella could maybe spend the break with me, if you don’t mind.” She answered him as I fought to try and smile.

His face looked undecided so Alice quickly added, “don’t worry, all the boys except Carlisle are going on a camping trip”

“Well, that seems better, Bella, you can go, don’t worry about me.” He said.

I went over and hugged him. Who knew how long it would be till I saw him again? I tried not to think about that, the last thing I wanted to do was cry.

“bye.” I said.

“Bye bells. Alice, you take care.” He said. Alice smiled warmly and nodded. We were walking quickly to the car. Alice started the engine and we were already on the road, speeding away from Charlie’s sight before she talked.

“Bella don’t worry. We will get through this. I won’t let anybody hurt you, I promise.”

"I hope so. I have faith in you Alice, thank you,” I replied.

It really occurred to me then how much the Cullen’s have done for me, and how much they are about to do.

“Your welcome Bella, you know we all think of you as our family.” We were already parked in front of her house. Alice had my bag and we walked in.

Even though that was over, there was still a lot more to come. I suddenly learned the real meaning of courage. I had to admit to myself that I really was scared, but I had to keep fighting anyway, I knew I needed to because of Edward, the only thing that was worth fighting to stay alive.