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Nightmare at the Dance

Nightmare at the Dance by Awsomealice94 Awesome banner made by Marauder by Midnight Theres a home coming dance, but something goes dredfully wrong, and it's not just bella's danceing. then AFTER your done check out the sequel- "possiblities" GET GOING ON THIS SERIES like so many others! under construction

ok, i wrote this before any of my storys, and it is really long. it's going to have 11 chapters, and i am writeing as fast as i can. this will be turned into a series, as soon as i finish. disclaimer- i do not own any charicters settings ect. it's all stephenie meyer's.

6. Edward's Youth

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I awoke to the soft pitter patter of the rain on the car’s hood. It seemed like I slept only ten minutes, a deep slumber.

I really hope I didn’t talk in my sleep, that would be too embarrassing; especially with Carlisle, jasper, Alice and Edward present, although I was getting used to Edward listening and being with me, after all, I wanted him to be with me forever.

I had the weirdest dream though, I was running through the gym doors of forks high school, there was thunder, or something that sounded like it. There was growling, maybe of a bear? There was also some one I didn’t know holding on to my arm, then there was fire.

I shuddered, that defiantly wasn’t a dream I wanted to remember. Nor was it a dream that made sense.

My body was stiff from being in the same position all night. My eyes were dry as I opened them to look at what time it was; seven o’clock.

Carlisle was still driving, and I could here Edward’s low musical voice and Alice’s chime like soprano voice talking to one another softly. I think they were wondering where to stay. Suddenly it occurred to me; I had no idea where we were.

I could tell they all knew I was awake, so I voiced my thoughts.

“Where are we?’ I asked him.

My throat was raspy as I asked. I quickly cleared my voice, but Alice pulled out a bottle of water for me. I took it unwillingly, knowing that she would make a fuss, and smiled at her, she smiled back.

“We are in Chicago, Bella.” Edward answered.

Wow, we made a two or three day drive over night. But before I could reply, thunder hit. I jumped, and my heart speed up.

I didn’t like loud thunder, it sounded like two sadistic vampires crashing in to each other. I had a feeling, the kind that you get when you’re walking up stairs, and you feel like someone was behind you, chasing you. I was glad it’s only my imagination, I think.

“It’s alright Bella.” Edward insisted.

Jasper turned to look at me. “It’s been like this for hours, you were just asleep. You said something about Edward and there was one scream. We thought we should wake you up, but then you mumbled something again about Edward, so Edward didn’t want us too, I supposed he wanted to listen to it.” He said laughing.

Edward made a snorting sound, but when jasper laughed even harder, there was an irritated growl.

“Knock it off.” Carlisle warned. Alice rolled her eyes and Edward looked back at me.

Oh no, I did talk in my sleep. My cheeks flamed red, with embarrassment.

The car slowed down, and Edward sat me up right. I looked through the window, only to find that we pulled into a drive way of an old Victorian looking house.

Carlisle turned of the engine and everyone was already opening their doors to get out. Edward picked me up carefully and gave me to Alice; who was already on our side of the car with the door opened, and arms waiting to take me.

Alice held me carefully while Edward quickly got out. Then she simply handed me back to him and, without a word, started towards the front door, which was opened by Jasper. I hope they knew that I could walk, because from the looks of it, they showed no sign that they knew.

“Edward, whose house is this?” I asked him as he headed to the door.

The house was beautiful and old. It was the kind that should be in an old movie; there was a wrap around porch, white shutters, flower beds, a huge green lawn, and a very pretty door. It was huge, elegant and graceful; it almost reminded me of Edward’s house in forks.

I started panicking; what if there were people inside? I was in no shape to see people other then the Cullen’s; my cloths were wrinkled, shadows under my eyes, and my hair was left tangled along my back.

Jasper still stood there with the door open, but as soon as we stepped in, he quickly shut it, and with a click, it locked.

“Bella, this was my parent’s house. Now I suppose, it’s mine.” He said.

His eyes looked as if they were someplace far away. I looked around, and Edward set me down carefully. The others set off in different directions, all exploring. Alice’s eyes lit up as she looked around, she probably had never been here.

It looked like we were standing in the living room. There were elegant couches, formal, not the kind you want to eat pizza and watch movies on. It looked like nobody had moved anything sense 1918. There was no dust or dirt, though.

“It’s beautiful Edward. Who cleaned up?’ I asked him. There would be so much dirt if nobody had been here for over a hundred years, and how do you explain the flowers outside.

“I have some old acquaintances come here every month-there vampires actually- and I’m glad you like it. You know, I have never been her sense 1918.” He said, quite amused at my reaction.

“Why?’ I was so human to ask. He shrugged, “never felt the need. I remember very little. I do remember some things about my chilled hood, though.” he answered.

He took my hand and we walked through a hall way into what looked like the kitchen.

everything was modern inside, but just the appliances. The house still had the same foundation, but the walls looked like they were restored.

There was a huge and solid oak table in the middle.

“I remember my mother making meals in this kitchen. She would always let me sneak things before it was dinner time. And this table.” He said as he gestured to it, “is where we used to eat.”

I was trying to grasp the time he was remembering, but it was a little hard.

“I remember mostly little things, vague things,” I nodded, this must be hard for him to remember, but I wanted to hear more.

He led me up the stairs, which had a beautiful hand carved railing, I was almost afraid to touch it. On the second floor there were six doors. He headed to the first one on the right.

“This was my parent’s room. Alice and jasper?” he asked. They were both by him in a flash.

“You can have this room.” He said. Jasper nodded and Alice patted him on the shoulder before going in to examine.

“The bathroom.” He gestured to the next door.

“The gust bedroom, which Carlisle can have.” He said. I felt like this was a hotel, and he was the concierge assigning every ones room.

“And this.” He said as he opened the last door in the hall way, “was my room.”

It looked like Edward’s room. Each room was so big that in his, he had a piano. There was some type of old music player in the corner as well. There was a queen sized, four poster bed facing the door, and a desk with 4 book shelves completely filled with books and music.

I imminently went over to look at the desk. There were pictures on it. Edward fallowed me. There was one of a young couple, standing in front of the house. They must be his parents. Of course, everything was in black and white.

There was a happy looking family sitting on one of the couches down stairs. The couple and a small boy were in it. I suddenly realized that it was Edward and his parents in that one. Then, the picture I was looking for. It was one of a boy who looked to be 17 years old, standing in front of a school. He was handsome, and was smiling my favorite smile, it was the human Edward- I gasped.

“I knew you were going to find that one.” He said from behind.