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Different Types

ok, this is my first twilight fanfic so bear with me!!!! so there is this girl named Teresa, or Tes. and she comes from a long line of mythical creatures that had come to earth a long time ago. when she turns 16 though she finds out and her life is turned upside down. but what happens when her small town home is attacked by a pack of blood deprived vampires? what happens when she gets bitten???? PLEASE R & R!!!!!!!!!


1. Chapter 1

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Hi, my name is Teresa. I don’t have a last name, a family, a home, friends, or parents. I used to though; I used to have all of those things. But that was once upon a time ago, far away in the past. Now, now I’m a freak of nature that travels across the country trying to stay alive. But knowing how most people won’t understand what I’m saying, I think I should start from the beginning, to when my life was destroyed, to how I got to where I am now.

“Hey Mom, I’m going to the market to go and see if Jeri’s shipment of oranges came in yet. I was thinking of making a dessert with them tonight, so can I go?” my voice traveled fairly easily through the halls of my small house to my mom, who was probably in her office.

“Sure honey, just make sure you take someone with you. Oh! And be back by 9 o’ clock, the neighbors are coming over for fun tonight.” My mom was always inviting our neighbors over since I’ve been friends with their kids since we moved here and that Mr. and Mrs. Harrison were really nice.

“Okay, bye!” I yelled out the door as I grabbed my coat and wallet since it was the end of fall and the beginning of winter. I ran over quickly to the Harrison’s to see if Colin wanted to come with. I rang the doorbell once and soon I saw the olive skinned, skinny boy with slightly curly, blonde hair.

Colin Harrison has been my best friend since we met in first grade and both had Miss. Gild as a teacher. He is like a brother to me, and we’re the same age. Our birthdays are actually only a couple weeks apart. Colin is about 5 foot 5 inches and plays soccer. He’s a semi-popular kid at our high school and I just sort of walk in his wake. We are both interested in the same type of music, movies, and books. BUT WE’RE NOT DATING!!!! Some people at school always ask us that and it always ticks us off. We’re just friends and he’s even dated a little. I haven’t because no one has every asked me out before. Well, that’s not the complete truth because I did get asked out once but it was because of a bet. I wasn’t really happy after that. We’re both sophomores and 15. So, let’s get on with the story!!!

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Well, I was heading to the market to see if Jeri got his orange shipment. You guys are coming over for dinner tonight so I wanted to make a dessert.”

“That’s nice of you. Sure I’ll come, let me just tell my mom.” While Colin went to go tell his mom, I took a step inside so I could defrost my hands.

His house was about the same size as mine but with a little more color. In my house most of the walls were some shade of green. In his house there were oranges, blues, reds, yellows. The Harrison’s house was like a rainbow on the inside. Just about after my hands had finished defrosting Colin came back with his coat, gloves, and hat on.

“Come on, let’s go before dinner. If we’re late my mom will have a fit.”

“Darn, your mom’s fits are just so much fun to watch though!” We both started to laugh as we walked out the door together on our way to the market, maybe even for our last time.