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Different Types

ok, this is my first twilight fanfic so bear with me!!!! so there is this girl named Teresa, or Tes. and she comes from a long line of mythical creatures that had come to earth a long time ago. when she turns 16 though she finds out and her life is turned upside down. but what happens when her small town home is attacked by a pack of blood deprived vampires? what happens when she gets bitten???? PLEASE R & R!!!!!!!!!


2. Chapter 2

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We walked for about fifteen minutes on the local trail through thin white curtains of fluffy flakes. We talked and joked until we saw up ahead of us “Jeri’s Market”. There were people out and walking in the first snow of the day, couples holding hands, children playing in the snow and having snow ball fights, preteens just hanging out and talking. It was magical, like every first snow.

I had just laughed at one of his always funny jokes when I saw them.

They were just standing there in a little group, all huddled like penguins in Antarctica during the winter, except, they didn’t look cold, just, hungry. There heads were down and they all wore long black trench coats.

All of the people in the little pack had skin as white as snow from what I could tell from their faces. Then, one of them as if he could tell I was staring at them, looked up suddenly. Snapping his head up, and looking at me. I gave a little gasp, and froze. His face was the most beautiful face that I had ever seen. It was beautiful, amazing, no matter of words could explain how, enticing it was. He made me want to run over there and just have him hold me, but his eyes, even more stunning and shocking, because they were red. Red like dried up blood on your skin after you get a cut and it bleeds.

Colin must have heard me because I could faintly hear a familiar voice in the background. He was shaking me and his voice had slightly risen when I surfaced from my shock.

“Tess! Tess! What’s wrong?”

“Huh? Oh, Colin. Did you see them? Those people over there with the black coats? Did you see them?” I wanted to know that I hadn’t just imagined those people.

“What are you talking about? Do you want to go home, because we can if you’re not feeling okay?”

“Um, yea I’m fine, just a little cold,” I smiled since he knew I always felt a little cold, “Come on, let’s just get the oranges and go.” I started for the market again when I felt a hand rest on my shoulder.

“Are you sure, you’re okay?” he had concern in his voice and something else…….

“Yea come on, it looks like the snows going to start coming down harder soon.” So for the next twenty minutes we bought oranges and walked home together in the snow talking and laughing until we parted for our own houses, knowing that we’d both see each other in about the next half-hour or so to meet for dinner.


“Tess, get the door. The Harrison’s are probably here.” My mom yelled from the dining room where she was setting up the two tables for dinner.

“Okay mom!” I ran to the door to open it, and my mom was right, it was the Harrison’s.

“Hey, Teresa, hmm something smells good.” Mrs. Harrison said with a smile. She was a middle-aged lady with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a pleasant lady and an amazing cook! Her only problem was that she was kind of a neat-freak for lack of a better word. Everything had to be in its place at all times. And if you had one tiny speck of dust on a table or nightstand she would go crazy.

“Hi Mr. and Mrs. Harrison, Collin, Sarah, come on in. It’s freezing out.” I said with a slight shiver and stepping back a little so they could come in.

“You can say that again.” answered Sarah and Mr. Harrison at the same time. Sarah and Mr. Harrison were very much alike with their easy way with people and ability to make people smile and help them see the good in themselves. Sara was only thirteen and in seventh grade. She had a lovely smile and a pretty heart shaped face and long wavy brown hair with a little red in it. Just like Mr. Harrison, except his had a tinge of gray instead of red.

So for the next hour-and-a-half we all ate and laughed, having a grand old time when I started to feel very hot. At first it was just random flashes of heat up and down my back. But then it became consistent.

I excused myself from the table to suck on some ice from the freezer. I was just starting my second ice-cube when I heard foot steps behind me. I turned with sweat rolling down my forehead and the back of my neck, my eyes were closing slightly and I was becoming dizzy. My mother had walked in and my appearance seemed to worry her, so she walked back to the dining room. I could hear her clearly ask the Harrison’s to leave because I wasn’t feeling well, then the screech of chairs backing up on the hard-wood floor, then the voices of concerned friends, asking if they could help in any way, or if we needed anything. My mother kindly declined, and they stepped outside to walk the short distance home.

My mother quickly walked back to me in the kitchen. I was now leaning against the cabinets sitting on the wood floor. My whole body ached for the cold wind beating against the windows. My throat was parched and lips dry, waiting until I could drink ice cold water.

“Mom, water, I need water.” I silently whispered through lips as dry as the Sahara Desert.

“I know honey I know. But first we have to get you to your bed.” So she helped me walk the short hallway to my bedroom, where hers was across from mine. I fell upon my bed like a sack of potatoes. My shirt was covered in disgusting sweat spots, and for the rest of the night my head was cloudy and all I knew was a heat wave going through my body. Sometime during the night though, I was fortunate enough to pass out.

In the morning I felt normal though, except for being a little stiff. My mother was slumped over in a chair snoring slightly and holding a bag of water which I guessed used to actually be a bag of ice.

I tried to sit up but it hurt too much, so I lay back down with a groan and wished once more for some water. My groan had woken up my mom, so she leaned towards me with a look in her eye like she had something to tell me but she didn’t want to. I got myself mentally ready for what she had to say.

“Tess, I need to tell you something, something about your father.” Now this was shocking. She never wanted to talk about my dad.

“Well, your father and myself,” gesturing with her hands randomly, which she usually does when she’s nervous, “aren’t from here. We’re from somewhere else. And I mean like another world, somewhere else.” O.K. now this was weird. I knew my mom had a wild imagination sometimes but this was just too weird.

“Mom, are you O.K.?”

“I’m fine, and I’m not lying. Well, your father and I fell in love where our two different species practically hated each other. But we loved each other so much that we decided to come here and leave everything behind and start a family.” my mom’s face became long and sad as she began her next part of the story, “Well, our past followed us. Our families came to pull us apart. So we decided to split up, making it harder to track us down. Those first few months of being apart were, horrible. Then we met up again, for only one day though until both of our families found us. He went to stop the fight, but it got out of control and he, didn’t come back.” My mom looked out the window and one lonely tear fell down her cheek.

In my whole life I have pictured my mom as a super hero, and never once have I seen her cry. So seeing her even let one silent tear fall down her face made me think of how much she must have loved him.

“Mom, what kind of place did you and dad come from?”

She turned to me and smiled. “Oh, it was magical, definitely magical”

“Why did your two families hate each other?”

“It’s, well, it’s because of what we are. You see, your dad and I were different in many ways, but one in particular. Umm, well, you see I’m. . . “

“Mom, what are you?”

“Tess,”, and she took my hand, “I-I’m a wizard.”

“Huh? Wizards aren’t real,” I laughed nervously thinking she was crazy.

“Yes, they are.” And with that she flicked her hand and a floating glass of water came from my open door and into her hand. Woh, I guess she wasn’t kidding. All I could do was stare and think, my mom is a wizard!!! What was my dad?

“What was dad then?”

“Your father was a dragon, Tess, like you are now.” Then she reached over for my hand mirror and gave it to me. In the reflection I no longer saw my round brown eyes, but slightly orange cat shaped eyes. Oh my gosh, this could not be happening. I was turning into a fire breathing, giant lizard.