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Different Types

ok, this is my first twilight fanfic so bear with me!!!! so there is this girl named Teresa, or Tes. and she comes from a long line of mythical creatures that had come to earth a long time ago. when she turns 16 though she finds out and her life is turned upside down. but what happens when her small town home is attacked by a pack of blood deprived vampires? what happens when she gets bitten???? PLEASE R & R!!!!!!!!!


3. Chapter 3

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Holding the mirror and inch from my nose, I could see my hot, rapid breath fogging up the bottom of the mirror, but I didn’t care. I was staring at my eyes, the proof of what I was becoming, the proof that my mother, my sweet, heroic mother, was not a liar.

I was at a loss for words; nothing could explain how I felt. My brain was still trying desperately to find a way to see this as a trick, a practical joke, but I could think of nothing. My eyes burned with a fire I had no idea I had inside of me, deep in my soul where I had never been able to see it until now.

Maybe I’m having a dream, maybe this didn’t happen, and maybe I’m still normal. All I have to do is close my eyes count to ten and then it will all go away. As if it were a strange dream that just seams really, really, real.

I closed my eyes and counted ten Mississippi’s, opened my eyes, and saw flames staring at me.

This isn’t a dream. I thought to myself looking down and laying the mirror upside down on the dresser next to my twin bed.

Pulling back my hair behind my ear I looked at my mother. Her eyes said she was sorry, and her mouth mimicked the two pools of earthy green and brown. I half smiled at her to show that it was O.K. and that I could deal. Her shoulders fell slightly in relief.

Then I took in my surroundings. My room was still the same, even though it felt like my room didn’t belong here anymore in our tiny house, or was it I didn’t belong here in my room, in this house?

Although my room still looked the same, there was one strange thing in here besides me: A sweating glass of ice water, hovering six inches away from my mom.

And I don’t know why, but I found the sight of it extremely funny for some reason. So I did what all people do when they find something funny, I laughed.

I laughed so hard my stomach hurt and I had to take a sip of water to ease my parched throat since it started to hurt from the laughing, but I was laughing so hard that dribbles of water came out of my mouth.

It seemed though that my laughing was contagious since my mom started to laugh hysterically along with me. So we laughed together for a good fifteen or twenty minutes before we heard the doorbell ring.

Our mouths slowly closed, and I looked at my mother, waiting to see what she would do.

“Tess, I’m going to go get the door. You pretend to sleep incase it’s one of the Harrison’s that want to see you. They can’t see your eyes! No one can know, not even Collin. Now go, lay down while I get the door. Remember; don’t let them see your eyes!”

Then she left my room.

“Mom, wait!” I yelled as discreetly as I could.

“What is it Tess?” she said, worry in her voice.

“You forgot about the floating cup.”

“Oh, yes, I should definitely get rid of that. Don’t want anyone to see that.” She snapped her fingers and the glass floated to the kitchen. Then she left again to go get the door.

Now I had to lie down and pretend to be asleep, pretend that I was just sick and not turning into a giant, fire breathing, mythical creature that wasn’t supposed to exist. No, this wouldn’t be hard at all.

Putting my head back against the pillow with my cheek resting on it, and closing my eyelids, I let my breathing get nice, slow, and deep as if I were asleep. I could hear the low moan of our old door open so my mom could greet whoever was there.

All the way in my room, I could hear my mom’s voice but not what she said. Then I heard an answering voice, young and deep, it was probably Collin. He was always considerate like that. Whenever I was sick or hurt he would come over and talk with me, and keep me company. Just the way a best friend should always do.

The voices grew steadily louder as they walked down the short hallway all the way to my open door at the end of it.

Now I could understand them. It was Collin like I had guessed, and he was talking to my mom with concern in his voice. I smiled slightly; I always liked it when I heard other people sound like they felt for me and cared for me, besides my mother. It made me feel like I was needed.

“Can I talk to her? Or is she not awake yet?” I could hear the crinkle of cellophane and the slight rustle of something.

“Sorry but she hasn’t woken yet. But don’t worry her fever has gone down a bit, but I don’t think she’ll be able to go to school tomorrow. She should be able to go on Tuesday though. So she’ll only miss one day, no big deal. Collin, its O.K. she’s going to be fine. It’s not serious, probably just a little cold that’ll go away soon. Don’t worry, if you want to see her you can go in but just be really quiet. Here I’ll go and put these in a vase, now go.”

I heard more crinkling cellophane and two people walking in different directions. The sound of the wood in the chair of my bed settling meant that Collin must have sat there. His even breaths fell across my face slightly, warming my cheek.

Then something happened that I hadn’t expected at all. Collin reached out his hand and he lightly brushed a bit of my hair away from my face and tucked it behind my ear, then he kept his hand on my cheek and softly said to me with care gushing out, “Get better Tess, I hope you get better soon.” And then his hand lingered there for a few seconds longer.

Finally his hand reluctantly, but smoothly, left my cheek, leaving it hot and tingly.

Hearing the creaking of the chair where Collin was, told me that he was leaving. In the background of my thoughts I heard Collin say goodbye to my mom, but I paid no attention to there parting conversation. All I could think of was his soft yet firm hand resting upon my cheek, and what it could possibly mean.