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Soon, my love

So guys this is my very first Twilight fanfiction! YAY! *hastily hands out the booze* It's set straight after the extra that Stephenie Meyer wrote for New Moon on her official site. The extra was titled 'Rosalie's News' and this is my short, one-shot follow on. ENJOY!


1. Edward's POV

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It took me even longer this time to realise that I had snapped the phone shut for a second time. I didn’t move for what felt like a century as different emotions ripped themselves through me. First there was shock; so much shock that I lay frozen and stared unblinkingly into the distance. I couldn’t move, even if I had been bothered to attempt to, and my mind subconsciously blocked out all the surrounding sounds of life. Next there was anger. My body began to violently shake with the force of my rage that I tried my very best to keep concealed. I didn’t want – or even need – to make a scene right now. I just wanted to be left alone. And finally an overwhelming sense of pain tore my body apart that I had to bite down hard onto my clenched fist to stop myself from crying out loud.

This wasn’t happening. This couldn’t be happening. Bella wasn’t dead. She couldn’t be. After all, she had promised that she wouldn’t do anything stupid and risking her life was very high on my list of all the stupid things she could do.

I soon realised that my body was no longer shaking with my rage but with silent sobs instead. If I had been human my cheeks would have been strewn with tears and, at my first attempt of moving, I lifted my free hand to brush away the imaginary water. I groaned softly at the pain and turned to bury my head against my crossed arms, however, the simple action immediately reminded me of Bella.

I shut my eyes tightly against the memories and shook my head as if I could rid my mind of her softness, her warmth and her smell. But to no avail. I could still feel her body crushed up against mine while her arms tightened themselves around me. My skin tingled from her warmth and above all my senses were filled with her scent. The monster inside me winced in pain at the very memory of her alluring smell yet it wasn’t long before I realised that the pained sound was coming from my mouth. I clamped my teeth tighter over my fist and tried to ignore the rush of memories that were threatening to burst forth.

But it seemed that my control did not last long before flashes of last summer stole my consciousness. For a brief moment I allowed myself to enjoy the sweet reminisces of her smile, her touch, her taste. The very feel of her soft lips as they moved against mine was too powerful. Another jolt of pain shot itself through me and in reflex I let my fist go and cried out against it. Silence followed before the Spanish voices below me began to grow louder as they questioned the source of such a noise. Not caring what happened to me anymore, I stood up and rammed my phone into my back pocket. Determination suddenly dominated my feelings and I felt my face harden – portraying no emotion what so ever. And I knew that if I could see my reflection I would see a frightening image shine back at me.

The Spanish sounds grew even more loudly as their curiosity took the better of them and it was then when I decided what I had to do. I clenched my fists and attempted to block the picture of Bella’s birthday from my mind. Although it seemed that no matter how hard I tried to take control I still couldn’t forget the irresistible way her body felt next to mine as we watched Romeo and Juliet together. It had been one of my sweet angel’s favourites and the mere thought of this caused my already dead heart to smash into a thousand pieces. I had naturally decided to watch it with her despite my certain reservations against the lead male. Never again, in my short space of time left on this earth, would I ever criticise Romeo. Right now I knew exactly how he felt and it killed me.

She would no longer experience the life that I had lost and somewhere deep inside me knew that she was now in a place that I was forever banished from. No longer would I be able to stroke my fingers through her soft hair or brush my lips against her warm blushed cheeks. She was … dead and now my life was meaningless. I had no life without her. I had to try anything to be with her again, if that was at all possible.

In a sudden blur I smashed myself through the wall of the ghetto and took off into the night leaving all trace of caution behind me. I’ll see you soon Bella, was all I thought despite my previous defiant feelings against Carlisle’s theories, I’ll see you soon, my love.