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Twisted Love

Everyone's love gets all mixed up. Takes place during Eclipse, before what happens in the clearing, but after BElla agrees to marry Edward.

Hey there everyone NG speaking! This is my first story so I hope you like it!

1. Prologue and Chapter 1

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Prologue: The Wedding Plan


“YOU WHAT?!?!?!?” I shrieked as Alice just finished telling me the amount of people that would be attending my wedding.

“Well you said I could plan the wedding and I had a vision that everyone in forks would be there!!! Aww Bella please!! I already sent out the invitations!” Alice begged, bouncing up and down. One look at the irresistible puppy dog face she made pulled me in.

“Alright, but no more surprises, ok?” I mumbled. Giddy with joy, she pranced around my room, landing gracefully on the neatly made bed without making a crease.

“Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bella!” Alice sang “Now we need to talk about your dress.” Ugh, the last thing I wanted right now.

But on command, just like he read my mind, (ha kind of ironic) Edward had me in his arms. You would think a person would get used to someone popping out of thin air constantly, but it still made me jump. He laughed in that musical voice that made my heart stop, then whispered in my ear,

“You don’t have to let her do this, you know.” Alice glared at him.

“Edward Anthony Mason Cullen your wedding is in two weeks! Do you want Bella going down the aisle in jeans and a T-Shirt??”

“Actually, that’s what we had in mind first.” said Edward, smiling. “Now if you don’t mind, we’re going to walk away on the count of three. One ... Three!”

Edward pulled me out the door and in a flash we were deep inside the forest outside my house.

“Thank you for saving me from the evil wedding pixie.” I said. A dazzling smile flashed across his perfect white face.

“I would never let any little vampire annoy the hell out of you, Bells.” He said.

Carefully, Edward put me down in the soft, dewy grass and settled down by my side. I closed my eyes as he wrapped his cold, stone arms around me. He pressed me close and said,

“Bella, I love you more than anything else in the world and nothing could change that.”

I smiled and snuggled up as close as I could to him and eventually drifted off into an undisturbed sleep.


Chapter One: Love All Over Again


For the past few hours, Rosalie and I have watched Esme and Alice dashing around with vampire speed making the last few preparations for the wedding. My dress was already on, hair already up, and makeup already done, so I didn’t really have anything to do until I walked down the aisle. Plus, I was feeling very Edward deprived at the moment so, I tried to make myself feel better.

First, I pretended he was right next to me, but that didn’t really work because, well, he just wasn’t there. Then I tried talking to my hand like it was Edward. Rosalie looked at me like I was mental. So I sat there, wallowing in my Edward-less depression

Finally, Alice franticly rushed to my side.

“Bella! The ceremony is starting! You have to hurry!!!” We rushed to the front of the church and I inhaled deeply. After this moment, I will never be Bella Swan again. After this moment, I will be Edward’s forever. Most importantly, after this moment, Edward will have to turn me into vampire.

Charlie walked up to me and said,

“You ready for this, Bells?” I looked into his face and found myself crying in his arms. Good thing Alice could see into the future or I wouldn’t be wearing waterproof mascara.

“Its okay hon. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” He said as I squeezed him tighter. If only he understood that I would never see him again.

“No Dad. I’m ready.”

We linked arms and again I took a deep breath as the big doors to the chapel opened. As the music started playing, we made our way down the aisle and I looked around at the people there. Angela was crying and waving up at the front with Ben. Jessica and Mike were right next to Angela. Billy was closer to the back, and to my utter surprise, Jacob was standing right next to him. When we made eye contact a big grin spread across his face and I stumbled on my dress. I could hear him laugh even though I was now at the front of the church.

Edward turned to look at me and my heart froze. He was in a black tux and a crooked grin was plastered on his beautiful face. He looked perfect in every way. Charlie let me go and I went to stand next the love of my life.

When the priest walked up to us, Edward’s eyes widened and he tensed up. I looked at him franticly and mouthed “What’s wrong???” He stayed as still as stone, eyes glued to the man in front of us. I turned my head to see what was bothering him and uttered a gasp, concealed by the still playing music.

In front of me stood a vampire with wild red hair and ruby red eyes.

Victoria smiled and my heart leaped while I stared into her eyes. Edward tried to shake me away from her gaze. The whispers of the crowds grew more frantic by the second. The sounds of the room started to fade away and I grew faint. The last thing I heard was Edward shouting my name.