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Twisted Love

Everyone's love gets all mixed up. Takes place during Eclipse, before what happens in the clearing, but after BElla agrees to marry Edward.

Hey there everyone NG speaking! This is my first story so I hope you like it!

2. Author's Note

Rating 5/5   Word Count 141   Review this Chapter

Hey there this is NG! Im sorry about this but im discontinuing Twisted Love. I found out that writing fanfics just isn't for me! But please read more of Blondies work cause it is great!!!!!!!

Peace out!!!


NOTE FROM BLONDIE: I will continue this fanfic... after I finish writing two that Fish and I have already started. This one is third on my to-do list and I have plans for another after I finish it. It WILL be updated again... eventually.

Until then,


Note From Fish: NG you lazy butt! How can you disappoint all of your loving fans? Okay, if you must stop, Blondie and I are going to steal your ideas and continue the story! But I personally thought it was a really good story so far!

NOTE FROM NG: Geeez ppl stop noting on what used to be my fanfic!!!!