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Shopping with Alice

Alice and Rosalie take bella shopping...haha, this was fun to write...


1. Shopping with Alice

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Alice turned the radio up and looked at me. “This is going to be so much fun!”

I grimaced. Alice, Rosalie and I were all in the car on the way to a huge outlet mall in the middle of nowhere. I was in desperate need of some new clothes, and Alice insisted upon taking me shopping—bringing Rosalie along to help. I inwardly groaned as we pulled up to a huge department store and got out.

“Come on!” Alice grabbed hold of my wrist and towed me into the store, ignoring my complaints. The fluorescent lights exposed racks of expensive clothing and piles of colorful shoes. Alice and Rosalie hurriedly looked me over.

“Do you think she is a summer, or a fall?” Alice asked, lifting my chin to get a better look at my eyes. I blushed and looked away sheepishly.

“Definitely a fall. Dark browns, and earth tones, deep reds and yellows.” Rosalie affirmed, twitching a loose piece of hair out of my face before setting to work. They took off down the aisles, pulling off expensive items of clothing made of satin and cashmere and tossing them into the ever-growing piles in my arms. They pushed me into the dressing room, insisting that I model each piece. I grumbled about it but finally succumbed into changing, taking care not to rip the clothing as I pulled them on over my clumsy feet.

I had to admit, the clothing was beautiful. Consisting of an array of fall colors, they were made of delicious fabric that hugged my form well. I pulled on a dark blue halter-top that cinched at the waist and then flowed down around my hips. Definitely to dressy. I walked out to where Rosalie and Alice sat and was met with a chorus of “ooohs” and “aaahhs”.

“Guys, this is way to dressy. When would I ever where it?” I pulled it over my head and tossed it into the pile of “don’ts”. The “do’s” pile was a lot bigger then the “don’ts” pile because whenever I turned my back Alice would surreptitiously take the item I had just discarded and toss it into the “do’s” pile, grinning mischievously at Rosalie. I frowned and pulled on my original clothing.

“I guess that’s all! Let’s go check out and then get out of here!” I was ecstatic with the possibility of leaving.

“Not so fast,” Rosalie rebuked, “we’ve still got and shoes and jewelry and accessories. Plus makeup and perfume and lingerie—we’re not even close to done…” She laughed at my gaping mouth.

“Oh no, I have spent three hours in here trying on stuff and I am leaving right now.” I marched toward the door.

“Oh no you don’t.” Alice and Rosalie grabbed me each by an arm and pulled me towards the back of the store where endless rows of shoes were stacked. And we began the process all over again.

Alice insisted on visiting the heels department first, picking out a pair of six-inch strappy gold stiletto heels and shoving them at me. Grumbling, I pulled them on and stood up.

“Wooaahh!” I exclaimed as I attempted to walk. I fell on my butt and blushed scarlet as Rosalie and Alice laughed hysterically.

“You’re going to have to teach her to walk in heels!” Rosalie said to Alice as they watched my pathetic attempts at walking. Ignoring my struggles, Alice continued to pull out several pairs of huge heels and shove them at me. Instead of attempting to walk, I simply pulled them on and waited for Alice to nod an ok before yanking them off. After my 7th pair of stilettos I marched over towards the flats, looking for a pair of practical shoes that I might actually wear. Reluctantly, Alice and Rosalie followed, stashing a couple pairs of huge heels in their bags before joining me.

After another hour, we moved onto jewelry and accessories and onto makeup and perfume, and then—even after many complaints from me—onto bras and pantyhose. When we finally checked out I was exhausted. We needed some help from the employee to get our bags to the car—all nine of them. I almost laughed at the idiocy of my even having nine bags of clothing…

When we finally got home, Edward was waiting for me on the front porch. I stumbled into his arms and groaned. “Save me Edward! I never want to see another rack of clothing again…” But Edward only laughed and winked at Alice.

“Oh, don’t worry Bella,” Alice said, grinning, “You don’t have nearly enough clothes yet. I’ve already scheduled another shopping trip for next week!!”