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Along Came You: a song for Emily

Sam tells Emily how he feels and apologizes for what he's done to hurt her. A one-shot song-fic, based on the song of the same name by Gloria Estefan. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us banner by the lovely iris!

I saw this song while renaming files in a database at work (it's a news show), and felt compelled to write this. It's called a song for Emily, so of course my Twilight-obsessed mind went straight to Sam and Emily. Please review!!!

1. a song for Emily

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I thought that I knew all there was to know

I knew all about love

I lived the highs and made it through the lows

I knew all about love

I thought I loved her—truly I did, Emily. I swear, I never meant to lie to her. I never meant to break her heart. I thought I loved her as truly as someone can love, a love to last forever. Leah and I were happy, you know that. I had never lied to her, and never would have.

But now I must admit I'm surprised

And feel I've only scratched the surface

'Cause baby when I look in your eyes

I understand my one true purpose

Not that I’m trying to blame you—I could never do that! I have one goal in this world, and that is to make you happy. I want—I need—for you to be safe and happy. Everything else comes second or not at all. You are the only nessecity in my life, Emily. You cannot possibly understand how much I have loved you, from the moment I looked in your eyes.

You were sent to me

By angels up above, I'm certain

I thought I'd show you what love can be

But what did I know

That instant, I knew you were meant to be mine—that I was meant to be yours. I knew you needed me, and the first second I saw you, you had me. The thing I didn’t know was how much I needed you.

Until along came you

To teach me about love

Oh yes, along came you

To teach me about love

Because I didn’t know what love was. It was a game of feelings, like children playing dress-up. This is the real thing. This is love, Emily, and you’re the one who showed me what it is.

And as this feeling grows with every day

You awaken my heart

A heart so full I fear that it may break

If we're ever apart

I thought it was impossible, when I woke up the morning after breaking Leah’s heart, that I could still love you. I didn’t understand in the instants of groggy delusion that you were not a dream. And then I realized, as soon as consciousness struck, that, if anything, I loved you more. Everyday, I realize that my heart isn’t yet full to bursting, because it still expands. Amazing how it’s possible, because I love you so much.

And though one day you'll be on your own

You know I always will be near you

As near as on the day you were born

Call on me, you know I'll hear you

Simple enough, but it’s true. I will always love you. I will always be there for you. There will never pass a time that I am not there to help you. Anything, anytime, anywhere, Emily. I am yours.

You were sent to me

For one reason, I can tell you

You're here to show me what love can be

'Cause what did I know

I am sorry. I am sorry that I had to break Leah’s heart. Do you know why, sweet Emily? Because it hurt you. I know that must sound callous, but you surpass anything before you. I knew nothing until I had you to guide me, until I had you to love.

Until along came you

To teach me about love

Oh yes, along came you

To teach me about love

So, Emily, if you want me to leave, if you can’t forgive me, I’ll go away. Because it will make you happy. That is my only goal in life now—to make you happy. Tell me what you need, and I shall get it for you.


Because I love you.