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The Heart Never Lies

It has been two months since Edward's proposal to Bella and her acceptance. Wedding day has dawned but who are the uninvited guests, and where is Jacob? More importantly, will Edward and Bella finally become husband and wife amidst the chaos? Chapter 4 is finally finished!

I had been fantasising over Edward and Bella's marriage whilst impatiently waiting for the arrival of Breaking Dawn, and this is the result.

1. Razzle Dazzle Her

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“You look beautiful”.

The words were like an angel whispering in my ear, although I was still inclined to think he may have been exaggerating. Here was I in my dressing gown after showering, with Adonis saying that I was beautiful, I must have been dreaming.

His sweet breath caressed my neck, his lips following until I could no longer suppress my feelings. As if acting of their own accord, my hands reached up, gently stroking through his hair and there they stayed.

“Isn’t it bad luck for the bride to see the groom before the wedding?” I smiled slowly, unsure of his answer. This factor did worry me though, as if I needed any more bad luck in my life, along with my magnet for danger.

“With me around nothing can happen to you. I won’t let it”. His smouldering eyes did the trick, as no doubt he knew by now.

He, along with his family had an air of mystery and danger surrounding them that most humans instinctively shied away from. Most humans that is, except for me.

It was two months ago to that very day that we announced the wedding to my father Charlie. To say he was a little upset was an understatement, he was furious and I wasn’t sure if he would speak to me in more than huffs.

Renee on the other hand was ecstatic, having for-warned me that “marriage is for life and a true commitment”; she launched herself straight into preparations along with a just as happy Alice. The day Edward’s family found out we had a mini celebration, which I did not enjoy especially being the center of attention, but everyone was happy.

The only person who didn’t know the exact date was Jacob. He and I had talked prior to arrangements, but after that there was no news from the pack, word was (from Billy, through Charlie, to me) that Jacob had planned a vacation with Sam and left in a hurry. Our chat had been the last time I spoke to him, and I certainly didn’t expect to hear or see from him again.

I pulled myself closer to his marble lips, searching for the most wonderful of kisses. His cold, marble lips moved against mine, I felt like I was kissing a perfect statue.

But as always it was over too quickly, my lips tingled from the chill, my pulse was racing and Edward’s eyes were full of amusement. He pulled away gently, lowering my hands and holding them in his own frozen ones.

“You’ll just have to be patient for a while longer”, he chuckled.

I could not help but pout as the words reached my ears; this habit only seemed to amuse him more. His icy fingers traced around the neckline of the dressing gown wrapped tightly about me, sending electrifying chills down my back. He sensed my shivers and instantly did the gentlemanly thing by pulling the collar up around my bare neck.

“I don’t want you catching cold, my love”.

“What would I do without you?” I mused.

His face was closer to mine than I realized so I decided to take the chance, push the boundaries. My lips locked onto his, my arms wrapped around his neck, I willed him to submit but I was no match for his strength. By the time I had finished we were both a little out of breath, me more than a bit dizzy and a small grin spreading across my face.

“I could never be without you”. My firm statement was meant to drive the meaning home that I was never going anywhere without him. I loved him too much to let him out of my sight, especially now the Volturi may appear at any time.

“You know I will never leave you again, Bella”. Again. That was all I needed, to be reminded of the ripping pain of his departure. I shuddered to think of what may have happened to me if Edward hadn’t returned. But I still needed to tell him that I always wanted him and only him. I loved him too much, and there was no telling how I would deal if he thought it best to leave again. My arms wrapped tightly about him, holding him to me but the cold of his body seeped through my pathetically thin dressing gown and he felt the slight shiver.

“You should go see Alice now, you know she’s desperate to talk to you this morning, not to mention apply your make-up, dress and all sorts of things that only Alice can come up with”. My favorite smile sparkled across his lips, it was meant to reassure me but talk of Alice only made me groan.

“I would do anything to go back to bed right now, I hardly slept last night”. Edward already knew this; no doubt my tossing and turning drove him insane.

“You fell asleep quickly enough when I played your lullaby”, he reminded me. That seemed to be the only thing that would send me off into a deep sleep, and it worked although it may have been more helpful if he had put it on when I went to bed.

“I’ve barely had four hours sleep, can’t I just postpone everything? Please?” I smiled sweetly up at my beloved and received a grin for my efforts.

“You can spend as much time as you want in bed after today that I can promise you!” From the look on his face I could see he meant it, but in what way?

“Um, well I assume that means err…” There was no way I could continue my train of thought.

“Yes?” He dazzled me with that innocent expression, his breath playing across my face.

“That is to say…you want to try?” I raised my eyebrows slightly as I questioned timidly I didn’t want to try my luck too far, but even so I realized I was holding my breath.

“You will just have to wait and see, won’t you?” Edward smiled gently and kissed me again, only this time it was definitely breaking his rules.

“Okay, I am officially awake now!” I laughed almost hysterically but stopped when his eyebrows drew together in a worried line. He was questioning my sanity.

“Bella! Please get your behind down these stairs, I need to talk to you!”. Alice’s dulcet tones carried up the stairs to Edward’s room.

“Oops, that’s my cue. I shall be seeing you later, don’t go anywhere”. I managed to plant one more kiss on those tantalizing lips before Edward gave me a gentle push in the direction of Alice’s voice.