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The Heart Never Lies

It has been two months since Edward's proposal to Bella and her acceptance. Wedding day has dawned but who are the uninvited guests, and where is Jacob? More importantly, will Edward and Bella finally become husband and wife amidst the chaos? Chapter 4 is finally finished!

I had been fantasising over Edward and Bella's marriage whilst impatiently waiting for the arrival of Breaking Dawn, and this is the result.

2. Dressed To Kill

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“And where exactly have you been, miss? About time you got here, I need to get started”.

Alice didn’t give me a chance to draw breath let alone reply. She took me gently by the wrist and led me to the chair that stood ready to seat me for the next couple of hours. It was placed squarely in front of Alice’s huge looking glass and vanity table which was creaking with the weight of jars of goodness knows what.

She flexed her fingers and began, first drying off my hair properly and styling it. Alice fixed it up into a coif, with slight ringlets framing my face. We had decided that a veil would be secured by a small tiara.

Next was the makeup, she stuck to my request and kept it as minimal as possible. The mirror was directly in front of me so it was hard to avoid glancing up at my reflection which I was sure resembled a Barbie doll but the finished creation looked pretty. Of course I didn’t look half as glamorous or beautiful as Alice, but I was pleased with her handy work.


There I stood, adorned in all my glory in front of the floor to ceiling mirror. The vision before me was as human as I was ever going to be, and completely white.

My dress, hand-picked by Alice, was actually quite beautiful. The ivory pallor matched my skin, although I would never look as pale as Edward while in my human state. Beautiful silver brocade wound round the bodice, into an intricate design and formed a shimmering silver butterfly on the train of the dress.

A small sigh escaped my lips, this is what it was taking for me to be with my beloved for eternity, and there was no way I was about to back out now. Of course, marriage wouldn’t have been my first option, probably one of the last, but Edward wanted this more than anything. After this, he made a promise. One that I intended to make sure he could keep.

And suddenly, the morning was gone, washed away in a light mist of rain. The day stretched into early afternoon; the sun appeared like a dim beacon on the horizon. Luckily for Edward and his family, Forks was still as rainy as ever and the heavy silver-lined clouds screened the feeble light. I had been allowed a sneaky peek at the interior of the church before everyone arrived. The one church was tiny, but would be full to capacity with my school friends, the Cullen family, Renee, Phil and of course Charlie. He would walk me down the aisle to Edward.

There was one person though who had received an invitation but as yet failed to call me after my repeated attempts to talk to him. Jacob was being insanely difficult and making things awkward between us. Billy explained calmly that Jake just needed time to adjust to the idea, and that he would call…eventually. I wanted more than anything to be happy, after all I had put him through enough but he wasn’t co-operating. I wanted my Jake back, the guy who laughed with me, messed around in the garage, pulled apart old cars. He was replaced by someone I didn’t know; this Jacob was cold and uncaring.

Back stage, I was a quivering bag of nerves with only Edward’s promise playing through my mind like a stuck record and the thought that Jacob would never want to see or talk to me again. My hands clutched the bouquet of white lilies as if my life depended on it, and in a sick sort of way they did. I saw irony in those flowers when they were chosen because they signify death. A suitable end for me, to my human end anyway. And then I could be with my perfect angel forever. The only downside that I could see was that from that day forward, I would never be able to talk to Jake again, not without breaking the treaty anyway.

I sat in the ante-chamber to the church, bouquet wilting in my lap, and yet my hands still wrapped around the stems. Desperate. I kept glancing around the tiny room, the wooden bench I sat on was hard and uncomfortable, and so I stood still, silent, contemplative. Outside my family awaited, a low hum resonated behind the door. My eyes could not find a place to rest, but they fell upon the old flagstone floor and I couldn’t help but wonder how many people had stood here in this position. I noticed a pool of light around me and upon looking up; I saw a tiny sky-light set in the roof. Way above two doves circled lazily, their wings gliding through the air, the pair spiralled and rose on the breeze and I couldn’t help but think of them as myself and Edward.

My thoughts were broken by the single bell tolling its high sweet knell. It was time, and then the music began. I left the sanctuary of the chamber and stepped out into the hallway, Charlie had been waiting along with Rosalie and Alice, my bridesmaids. I smiled faintly and he grinned back, although I couldn’t help but notice a hint of a tear in his eye.

“Alright Bells? You sure you still want to go through with this?”

“Dad, I don’t want to have this conversation, not now. You know how close I am to Edward; this is the right thing to do.”

He raised his eyebrows slightly but gave me a smile, offered me his arm and we began the slow walk up the aisle. The music faded into the background as I searched amongst the small congregation for Angela. She was there, Ben standing next to her looking nervous but happy. At Edward’s insistence I had even invited Jessica, the first person to become my friend in Forks, and although we had drifted apart she was still ecstatic when she heard the news.

I picked out Renee and Phil, some more people from school and at the very front of the church stood Edward. He looked stunning as always and took my breath away. A small, shy smile etched itself to my lips and it stayed there throughout the short walk. Emmett and Jasper stood on the other side of Edward, they were his Best Men, and I could swear Emmett nudged Jasper and something changed hands. Betting on my clumsiness ruining everything, no doubt. I had been informed earlier that Carlisle and Esme were securing the perimeter just in case any unwanted visitors arrived, although I doubted any would I was reassured it was just a precaution. To everyone else present, they were hiking for the weekend.

The moment I felt the train of my dress get heaver I knew something was wrong. Alice and Rosalie were a few steps behind me so they had no problem keeping up, but as I glanced behind me, I realised Alice was seeing a vision. Charlie and I had stopped walking altogether, both of us completely still. Glancing round I could see my friends looking bemusedly at my bridesmaid who looked like she was day dreaming. Rosalie was tapping Alice’s arm gently, whispering in a low voice, every so often Alice would reply. And the moment was over, we all smiled at Alice’s dreaming, and the procession continued but from the look Alice shot at me I could see everything was not as it seemed.

I had finally reached my destination. Charlie slipped my arm from his and patted my hand before joining Renee. I flicked a glance at Edward whose face was indecipherable; surely Alice must have transferred the news by now? Edward took my right hand gently, and just as he squeezed it to reassure my anxious face, a small, high-pitched voice pierced the air between us.

“Hello Edward, congratulations you must be very happy.”

The whole congregation turned to stare at tiny form standing at the entrance to the church. She was swathed in a black cloak, the hood thrown back to reveal the face of a child but there was something startlingly repulsive about the girl. Her eyes were blood red.