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The Heart Never Lies

It has been two months since Edward's proposal to Bella and her acceptance. Wedding day has dawned but who are the uninvited guests, and where is Jacob? More importantly, will Edward and Bella finally become husband and wife amidst the chaos? Chapter 4 is finally finished!

I had been fantasising over Edward and Bella's marriage whilst impatiently waiting for the arrival of Breaking Dawn, and this is the result.

3. The Show Must Go On

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I must have passed out. The next thing I remember is waking up where I started off that morning, the ante-chamber. I was alone and felt dizzy, slightly nauseous. My head ached, my back was sore and I was cold. Sitting up slowly, I realised I had been lying on the wooden bench, no wonder everything hurt.

“Edward? Alice… ”.

My voice croaked to the empty room. From the skylight I could see the sun setting, I must have been out like a light for a couple of hours at least but I wasn’t in the least bit tired or exhausted.

“Oh, you are so beautiful, my Bella.”

That voice sent chills through me like bolts of lighting.


My voice was giving up on me. I wanted his reassurance and to be able to tell him everything would be okay. He didn’t reply, and my mind was beginning to panic even though I could see him perfectly in the shadows. That wasn’t right. My eye-sight was generally terrible; I must have hit my head.

“How are you feeling?”

His voice sounded strained, so different from the liquid honey that usually made my heart flutter.

“Very cold. I’m fine what’s happened? All I remember is seeing Jane and then I was back here”.

There was a slight pause, and in that short silence a burst of agonised wailing exploded in my head. I knew it wasn’t me, and it wasn’t Edward who still hadn’t comforted me. Unease filled me, something terrible had happened, why wasn’t he saying anything. The owner of the wail was undetectable, but they sounded close as if they were in the room with us.

“Don’t worry about it; everything has been…taken care of”.

Edward stepped from the dark and folded himself down beside me, one arm draped loosely around my shoulders.

“You gave me quite a scare, collapsing like that. Are you sure you are okay?”

The questions began to ring alarm bells, Edward rarely questioned me. He didn’t look me straight in the eye either, appearing to glance over my shoulder at someone behind me.

“Honestly, I’m alright. Now please tell me, did anyone get hurt?”

He contemplated the question, and finally turned his gaze towards mine.

His normally melting eyes were hard and tinged with red. The look in them frightened me, shocked me, and for the first time since meeting him, I was scared. Never had I felt so un-nerved around Edward, he always protected me. Now I wanted to run.

“Bella, you have to understand. I thought we were all properly…trained to deal with this sort of situation, the most dangerous kind for you especially being around a coven of vampires. Jane’s arrival was planned, but she was helped by someone I thought we could trust. Alice didn’t see this coming because…she couldn’t see the…people Jane was with”.

He stopped talking, looking away again, glaring at the far wall.

I didn’t understand, we knew the Volturi may arrive very quickly but not this soon. And why couldn’t Alice see the people? Then it dawned on me.

“He wouldn’t. He would never do this to me, to us. Edward, you must believe me, he could never…the others wouldn’t let him”.

I broke off, unable to continue. My voice was getting higher and I could feel a lump coming to my throat as I thought of the betrayal. I truly thought he was my friend, ally, and confidant. This was below the belt.

“Jacob Black is a traitor”.

Those five words stung me to the core. How on earth could Jacob do this to me? I knew he didn’t like Edward, heck he hated him, but I thought we were good friends.

“How on earth did he find out about the Volturi? And why would the pack ever agree to his helping the vampires?”

“It appears that Sam was in on it. He agreed on terms I do not wish to repeat to you, you are already upset enough as it is”.

Edward turned to me properly, his expression softened, and his smile warmed me through. It would be alright, I hoped.

I must have looked awful, his smile was full of pity, anger and the one thing I could always recognise; love. I could feel the tears washing away the makeup Alice had so eagerly applied hours earlier. There was nothing I could say to explain to him how I felt. There was a gaping hole where once Jacob had had a place in my heart and life.

Edward continued, “The rest of the pack doesn’t know what happened yet, Billy will tell them in his own time. As for Jacob and Sam well, they took off on Jane’s arrival; no doubt they will be back soon. We have agreed not to break the treaty; everything is as it was according to everyone except our coven, Billy, Jacob and Sam. It appears that everything was done in great secrecy, Sam and Jacob planned everything in human form so nothing could be passed on to the others”.

Edward sighed, “Those fools. I though Jacob really did care for you, it looks as if he was willing to sacrifice you in order to be happy that if he couldn’t have you, nor could I”. He shook his head and I saw a new wave of grief wash over his marble face.

“I love you. You know that, nothing will ever change a thing”.

I looked straight into his eyes as I said it and new that he returned the feeling. We were bound so tightly by that one emotion, until I met Edward I had no idea that such a strong feeling existed. His grip moved to my waist, pulling me in closer.

“Sorry about the wedding my love. Everyone is safe; I sent them home after the interruption in case Jane had intentions of taking hostages or the like. Charlie is fine at home fuming a little but Alice is with him, she’ll calm him down. I decided to tell them you got cold feet and fainted”.

Edward looked at me closely but I glanced up at the skylight. Had he guessed that this was not what I really wanted? Once again I was grateful that he could not hear my thoughts.

“Don’t worry about the wedding; I’m just glad that everyone is alive. What did she want?”

“I’ll take you back with me in the car and I’ll tell you when we get home, I won’t be a moment”.

He stood slowly, as if any sudden movements might frighten me and slipped out the door. I heard a voice in the room and looked around quickly but I was alone, they must have been outside and yet I could hear every word.

“She’s awake now, more than a bit tired and confused. I’m taking her home and then I’ll explain what happened”, it was Edward.

“Just be very careful and mind what you say. You don’t want to frighten her into doing anything irrational”, Carlisle replied.

“Make sure she gets some sl…oh well I don’t suppose she will need it now. Keep her comfortable and we will meet you at the house once we’ve cleaned up a bit”, dear Esme being concerned. What did she mean by not needing sleep? And what could possibly need cleaning, Edward said that everyone was safe.

Edward said…he had given me the barest information to go on; of course anything grisly that had happened would not be re-told. He was only trying to protect me I knew but I had every right to know what was going on at my own wedding.

The door opened a fraction and Edward stepped in, I could see Esme’s worried gaze behind him and then she was blocked from view as the door shut.

“Is everything alright out there? Esme said something about me sleeping”. I kept my voice light as if it didn’t bother me but I watched his face carefully.

“They are fine now, come on I want to get you home”.

Without waiting for my reply he simply scooped me up, dress and all and carried me out. The church was still hung with decorations although the flowers were wilting in their vases. Everyone smiled but it looked false, they were covering something. I noted they had changed out of their suits and dresses. From where I stood, there was nothing that needed cleaning, what on earth was going on?

Edward ran to the car with me still in his arms, gently lowered me to the passenger seat and appeared next to me in a matter of seconds. He drove in silence, eyes glued to the road, as always we were travelling impossibly fast.