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The Heart Never Lies

It has been two months since Edward's proposal to Bella and her acceptance. Wedding day has dawned but who are the uninvited guests, and where is Jacob? More importantly, will Edward and Bella finally become husband and wife amidst the chaos? Chapter 4 is finally finished!

I had been fantasising over Edward and Bella's marriage whilst impatiently waiting for the arrival of Breaking Dawn, and this is the result.

4. Its All Down Hill From Here

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And all too soon the car ride was over. Edward was out the door and bundling me into the house before I could blink.

“Edward, you can put me down now you know”.

He had lifted me from the car and still held me in his arms standing in the kitchen.

“Oh, of course. I don’t think anyone unwelcome is here Alice has been keeping an eye on Charlie from a safe distance. He is on his way down I should leave you two to talk, he’s angry with me”.

On cue Charlie stomped down the stairs, his face told me everything and Edward slipped away without so much as a kiss goodbye leaving me to face my dad alone. It turned out Charlie was furious with both of us, but naturally he ignored Edward coldly.

“Bella, what on earth has been going on? You have no idea how worried I’ve been about you, and I really don’t know how you can let that, that monster hurt you again –”. He broke off half way through his rant to lay a palm on my forehead “Bella you don’t look too good, and you’re cold, think you should have an early night”. That meant no Edward. “And honey, you really should get changed” he indicated the dress as if I had been wearing it out of compulsion not obedience to Edward’s wish of marriage.

I was surprised Charlie had managed this small speech, he was usually reduced to one or two syllables, not entire sentences. I decided to keep it short.

“We felt it wasn’t the right time, and I didn’t want to disappoint you by rushing into things and I’m fine just tired”. I looked down meekly, hoping he would soften quickly. He did.

“‘Oh Bells, I’m sorry it always seems to come back to me but this time it doesn’t. I’m not the only one who thinks you shouldn’t be with Ed…with him”.

“What do you mean? Who else, mum was fine about it”.

I was confused now until he nodded behind me and that voice I had been longing to hear for so long cut through the silence.

“Hi Bella”.

I span round, still clad in dress and those dreaded heals. If Jacob hadn’t been there to catch me I would have fallen flat on my face.

“Why are you here?” I managed to stammer through my shock.

I couldn’t bare to say any more than that. I was flushed and Jacob stood awkwardly, one huge hand on my shoulder to stop me from toppling over, the other running through his unkempt hair.

“I came to apologise and to tell you that you’re doing the right thing”.

Charlie said no more only giving Jake an encouraging smile before leaving the house quickly as if realising Jacob needed to talk to me without backup. After all, I barely reached Jake’s shoulders I certainly wouldn’t be able to kick him out of the house any time soon.

“How dare you tell me what I am doing right or wrong? Do you know what you did to my wedding day? You put my friends and family in severe danger!”.

I tried to keep my voice lowered but it rose as I grew angrier. Jake stood still and silent, pain etched his face suddenly and then it was gone replaced with his wolfish grin that he knew I couldn’t resist.

“Sure, sure, but it’s you I care about the most”.

I gave him my most serious glare and finally he caught on, the grin was replaced with a sulky frown.

“You know I would never put you in deliberate harm let alone friends and family, I made a deal with the…her”.

I wanted to hit him, hard, but knew I would only bust my hand again. Instead I settled for more glaring, while furious thoughts of pain I could inflict on him ran through my mind unchecked.

“And what about Edward? When I came round there were things I never thought I would hear, someone got hurt, hurt because of you Jake!”, I paused for breath, my anger was released in a long whoosh but there was plenty to go around, “Please answer me since when did you make “deals” with vampires? You hate them!”.

I was visibly shaking now and tears threatened to erupt but I kept myself upright trying not to totter in the heels and weighty dress.

“Bella, I only wanted to protect you,” his voice was small, “She kept her promise and didn’t hurt you or your relatives”. As if that would satisfy my anxiety about what was really going on.

Amidst the chaos of my mind, and seeing Jacob again there was something else braking through my senses; an overpowering smell of dog. Pushing that aside I focused on the more immediate problem of making Jake miserable as he had done to me. It didn’t work, he looked truly sorry and I wanted to forgive him instantly.

“Why would you do this to me? You broke my heart when I found out what you did, I thought you really cared about me? If you cared then give me space, I need time to think about what’s been going on”.

He stepped forward, arms like bands of muscle caught me up in a wolf hug. As usual his above average temperature surprised me, especially seeing as I was feeling exceptionally cold all of a sudden.

“Bella, you’re freezing, do you feel ok? And no offence but you smell way too much like those leeches”.

I couldn’t help but smile, the amount of times he had told me that, but there was still an intense smell of canine.

“No, Jake I’m fine bit tired is all. Look, you’d best go before – ”.

Some how I knew Edward was behind me before I heard his growl, although it seemed more like a roar exploding from behind me. I jumped in Jacob’s arms but he grasped me tighter turning slowly on the spot. Edward stood tall and upright, gazing straight at Jacob no emotion on his face.

“It’s okay Edward, he’s…”

“No it isn’t Bella, he nearly got you killed’, Edward spoke to Jake his lips curled slightly at the edges obviously my wolf was getting his own back once again, ‘Jacob, release her…now”.

Surprisingly enough Jacob complied, slowly letting me go and stepped backwards I became the barrier between my two, now snarling, friends and enemies.

“Please don’t do this, Edward, Jake, I don’t want anyone else to get hurt. Least of all over me”.

There was a note of pleading in my voice, edged in exhaustion and my throat was on fire. I had definitely been coming down with something.

Suddenly a blur of russet flew over my head, narrowly missing the kitchen ceiling.

“Jake no!” I all but screamed and my the burning in my throat intensified. “Edward please don’t”.

My Adonis was suddenly beneath me and I realised he had dumped me on the settee out of harms way. I was having none of that, and stubbornly kicked off the heels pinching my toes and sprinted back in time to see them both stand face to face; teeth bared low snarls ripping the air. And yet, neither attacked. I watched in stunned silence lest my pleas break the spell and unleash the assault.

Edward was the first to speak, “Bella, speak to Charlie outside now. I have business to attend to”.

I would have done anything to stop them from tearing each other apart, wanted to throw myself between them but something in Edward’s voice made me trust his decision, the look he gave me made my heart melt and I knew then just how much he loved me.

Charlie came in then and I hurried to block the scene behind me, but by the time Charlie asked where Jacob had got to, the pair were gone. All that remained was an abnormal smell of dog.

By the time I had assured Charlie that everything was fine between myself and Jacob I was ready to drop. I trudged upstairs, dress threatening to drag me back down. On the landing I felt the cool embrace of my one and only, he lifted me easily and carried me to my room which felt all of a sudden like a cage.

“Edward, where’s Jake? What did you do?” My voice was hoarse and cracked with just those few words.

“What I had to do. I want you to rest, you’ve had a very shall we say, interesting day”, he nearly chuckled but his face grew serious.

“Jacob said you heard noises when you woke up earlier, do you want to talk about it?”

I lay on my bed, dress acting like a huge white cloud and as I looked up at Edward leaning over me I realised I was flying, breath catching until I had to focus on breathing alone.

“Yes actually, I did want to talk about that. It sounded like someone was hurt, please tell me it wasn’t anyone…Alice, Jasper, Esme… I mean you’re all okay aren’t you?”

He reassured me instantly by placing a finger against my lips, begging me to be still. Leaning closer I felt his breath on my face, its intoxicating scent stronger than usual. I closed my eyes, a smile spread across my face and then I felt his smooth sensuous lips caressing mine and I pressed nearer pushing our boundaries. I half expected him to push me away but for once Edward allowed me to have my own way, I guessed it had something to do with our wrecked wedding day.

It was over in a matter of seconds, I was disappointed it normally felt much longer than that. It had been intense this time almost to the point of worrying me, but this time there was nothing in his beautiful eyes to frighten me.

“The noise you weren’t meant to hear was Emmett finishing off one of Jane’s guards. We are all perfectly fine, quite able to defend ourselves. Jane disappeared almost immediately but three guards attacked after you…fainted. Alice and Rosalie explained what was going on, naturally all your guests were fine and accepted that teenagers should not get married so young”.

I wanted to giggle, but stifled it quickly, his tone of voice set me at ease but there was something else…they attacked although Jacob said they would harm no-one.

“I’m glad our guests submitted to being ushered quickly away, but how long was I out for? I woke up not feeling too good and it was much darker”. I decided to keep that question for later and made a mental note to talk to Jacob further on the topic. What still confused me was why Jacob had decided to wreck my wedding, endanger my friends and family and all to stop me marrying Edward. That was the most painful part, that he was one of my closest friends and he very nearly got half the town killed because of one thing…it clicked then; jealousy.

The humour of several minutes ago vanished and was replaced by a dark cloud of pain. Edward’s presence lightened what otherwise would have been a gloomy evening. I had only ever felt this kind of tear when Edward left and to think of that day brings back a numb feeling of loss. I was not myself, Edward truly was my other half and without him I knew I would die.

That soft, loving voice broke gently through the shadowy clouds of my mind to answer my questions.

“A couple of hours I would say, not too long. I’m sorry, but you were not alone for long, we all took turns watching you as Emmett and Jasper…cleaned up. Now no more questions, you need to rest. I’ll leave you to get changed and I will be back in the morning, there’s a few things I need to sort out with Carlisle”. My anxiety must have told him that I wanted to ask more, “Nothing for you to worry about I promise, relax Bella”, he smiled my favourite crooked smile, my reaction was extreme, I found myself kissing Edward more passionately than even I could imagine and it took my breath away, and then I didn’t have to breath I didn’t care if I died in the arms of my angel at least then we could be together forever.

Again he broke away and my starved lungs instinctively gulped in air. I was breathing deeply shock etched across my face however Edward’s was full of longing, something I had never seen before.

“Rest Bella!” his voice was reproachful but his eyes told another story.

He gently kissed my forehead and was gone through my open bedroom window into the velvety darkness beyond, it remained open for him to come and go despite his worries about the Volturi. I decided to close it tonight, just in case he was right and they returned.

I changed quickly, eager to remove the feel of itchy lace. Unzipping my dress I had my back to the mirror, I turned to see the laces slide free of the bows which held me in the bodice. I lifted my loose hair away from the neck of my gown to see properly and it was then that I noticed the light cut on the side of my neck. My fingers trailed over it feeling the inflamed red edges and I suddenly felt sick. It was shaped like a letter ‘J’.