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Paper Cuts and Glass Shards

Breaking glass, a crashing sound, never existed, gone, gone, gone.
If there's one sound that scares Bella more than any in the world, it's the sound of breaking glass. Set during New Moon.

Written for my twilightprompts prompt 01 Broken Glass over at LJ. Thanks to cinnamon_kisses for the read-through :)

1. Paper Cuts and Glass Shards

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The sound of breaking glass scares Bella more than anything else in the world.

More than the snarling she hears in her dreams, more than red hair and pale skin and sharp, white teeth. More than vampires with crimson eyes in the darkness.

Because broken glass is what sent him away. Broken glass and a paper cut.


Charlie is staring at her again.

She’s facing away from him, at the chicken sizzling in the frying pan on the stove, but she can feel his eyes on her back all the same.

He tries to make small talk, asking how her day was, but her answers are as monochromatic as her world has become – single words, single syllables, a nod where she can manage. She’d gotten better at faking than this, but today is just one of those days.

Charlie sighs, Bella, and stands just as she turns, two plates of food in hand.

His elbow knocks his glass to the floor, and the patterned glass shatters across the green tile. The sound echoes in Bella’s ears, and she feels her entire body seize up in response. The plates clatter to the ground. Charlie rushes to her side, but she can only stare at the pieces of glass scattered across the floor.

That night, she huddles under her covers shuddering. She dreams of paper cuts and glass shards.


Jacob’s arm is warm around her shoulders in the cool night air and Bella unconsciously leans into his side.

Charlie told me, he says quietly into her hair, about last night.

Bella freezes, her entire body going numb. Breaking glass, a crashing sound, never existed, gone, gone, gone. Images flash through her head at lightning speed and her breath catches, heart hammering in her chest for all the wrong reasons – she finds she can’t answer him right away. She can’t answer him at all.

You don’t have to tell me, he says quietly, squeezing her shoulder, now tense with anxiety. I understand.

She nods, and buries her face in his shoulder. He only pulls her closer, holds her tighter – until then, she hadn’t even realized she was shaking.


Bella stares at the broken glass on the floor of the Cullens’ kitchen.

Edward has been back for two weeks, two blessed, wonderful weeks. In the back of her mind, the self-doubt still whispers, he’s going to walk away again. She stomps on the voice each time, remembering her epiphany.

Her first day back at the Cullens’ and already she’s causing trouble. Clumsy human fingers will do that when slippery with water and holding a glass.

She’d only lost her grip for a moment when… crash.

Screech. Halt.

Bella can’t decide if the sound of the glass breaking or her thundering heartbeat has brought Edward running, but suddenly, he is beside her, pulling her into his arms, perfect hands holding her face gently.

Bella, Bella, what’s wrong?

I broke the glass, she says mechanically, voice just barely above a whisper, eyes still rooted on the floor.

Edward’s eyes slowly shift from her face to the floor and back again, brow furrowed.

Maybe I should go home, she says, just as quietly as before.

Because you broke a glass? She can hear the confusion, the hidden pain, in his voice but can do nothing to ease it. She simply nods.

Understanding comes suddenly, and seems to knock all of the wind out of him. Edward inhales sharply and clutches Bella to him as tightly as he dares. She doesn’t protest as he lifts her into his arms and carries her from the room.

The last thing she sees before the door swings shut behind them are the glass shards glittering in a beam of sunlight streaming through the window, throwing rainbows about the room. Ironic, that.