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Eternal Roses

Each humans life is like a flower. Fragile. Weak. And so easily broken. there are flowers that are stronger. almost indestructable. and beautiful beyond compare. These are the vampires. (I'm not sure about the banner...so its under editing :D


1. Eternal Roses

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life booms - a fragile flower

weak and fast to wilt

eight flowers - perfect flowers- never to wilt

each flower is colorful, varied and strange.

with only select few.

forever blooming, with silver leaves

golden petals in their glory

forever blooming angel roses

other flowers dim in the comparison

beauty is as beauty does, yet

some eternal roses are harsh

and cut the stems of flowers- the weak and quick to wilt

but these eight flowers- glorious and perfect

live off the rain and sun

the twilight bids the sun farewell

and the eight- angel eight- turn their precious petals

and reach them toward the moon.