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Wars of Men

The most fragile parts in each of the Cullens life were their human years. And human life is thrown away so easily in war. Jaspers life was so close to joining those others.

this is my first poem here :D its about the end of the beginning of Jasper Hale Cullen

1. War Of Men

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Wars of men

With canons and rifles

The haunted screams that weave through the air

Those who live, mourn the lost

But cannot bury the ruined bodies

For the lost out number those still clinging to life

It is in this ethereal place that an extraordinary angel is born

An angel of death or an angel of life?

Either way he is beyond the living

But unable to be lost

A Major

He was, so bold and brave

Strange, but smart

In every way.

His morals were bold, and his heart was pure

He would have been lost forever more

But for three ladies, silhouetting the night

Did they have any right, to steal his life?

But stole it they did, of the blond tall man

His mundane life, was forever lost

For his pulse slowed down

For his heart was ne’er to make another pound

A strong new body, of strength and bloodlust

Jasper Whitlock, is no longer human

No longer among us

His gentle auburn eyes turned a deep crimson red

His lean muscles defined, his human days gone, now instead

He fell with his bloodlust

Led by Maria, who stole his life in 1863

He was blessed with a talent, to help his ways

To influence emotions, in anyway

Yet, the price of living off of human life was taking its toll

The lives back to haunt his were strong and bold

His conscience flooded his living dreams

And brought depression, as deep as the sea

Maria almost took his life but replaced it instead

With a inhumanly beautiful

Impossibly strong

Wonderfully fast

Breathtakingly extraordinary

Was it worth it? Is it fair?