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I Want To Be His

a nice little poem about bella and edward

this is right after bella meets with edward again in new moon

1. Hoping

Rating 4/5   Word Count 135   Review this Chapter

I couldn't see that you loved me too

It was just impossible

I already knew

I love you

But you couldn't love me

It was just pretty simple, and clear to see

You are an angel

You are a god

Well, a vampire to be precise

How could a human possibly suffice?

I shouldn't have expected anything less

My hoping has just made me a mess

I cannot hope

It will tear me apart

It will shatter what's left of my broken heart

But here you are

Telling me a lie

It just started to sink and I'm starting to cry

I'm in your arms

That feel so safe

And through my blurred tears

I can see your face

I can smell your sweet skin

And hear your velvet voice

You keep repeating that I have a choice

You and I know what that already is

Of any other life

I want to be his