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This is a colection of poems im starting that sgow you how some of the characters will handle bellas death. {If she dies} I am No More is the introduction use your imagination to show what happened until i update again. I need reviews people or i cant tell you what happened. I've had 58 readers and only 1 review!!!


1. I am NO more.

Rating 3.5/5   Word Count 97   Review this Chapter

On a lonely high way stuck in the rain, he sits

Waiting to hear my name

He listens and listens, he never has to hear it

For I am gone, long gone

A year ago today I sat there with him

In the torrential down pour

Laughing like there was no tomorrow

Only for me that was true

Today is my birthday

A lonely sad day for him This is the day that he promised to change me the day I waited for

But………… I am no more!

“Bonne Nuit Mon angel Jusqu’a` nous Coriser d`autre part!!!” {~ French for good night my angel, until we meet again.}