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The Building Blocks of Life

What happens if all the Cullens went to Kindergarten? What if Bella went too? This is a story of the Cullen's, Bella's and the werewolf's kindergarten adventures... August 6: Ooooooh! Readings have hit 2,222! AMAZING! (which, in case you were wondering is 1 review to every 34.7 readings. I think thats good... XD THANKS EVERYBODY!) Chapter 6:“You’re an ALICE!”“NO!” I gasped. “NOW THAT IS GOING TOO FAR!”

Many thanks to chadley, who helped me make this story. Sorta, kinda. Even if she didn't, it was her idea. So...

3. Werewolf Involvement

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Back At Therapy…

I stared at my therapist, waiting for some sort of response from what I had just told him. Which was what had happened when the Cullen’s had first arrived in the Kindergarten playground.

He sighed, and put down the notes he was writing. “So.” he began tranquilly. “So, you have just told me what happen on the first day of school? In what year?”

“God! That’s pretty personal information!” I shrieked!

“A long time ago.” The therapist murmured as he wrote something new on his notes. He looked up, “So, from what you saw that day, Ms Swan came in, followed soon after by these five young children? The one with the bronze hair went coloring, the brawny one lingered around the playground blacktop, and the tall blond one,” he paused awkwardly, for no apparent reason, “cowered behind his older brother? You have no idea where any of the girls went?”

“Of course not!” I bellowed, “Do you think I have time to watch every single freaking annoying child?”

The therapist scratched his head, as his long eyebrows pulled together. “Are you… uh, still a kindergarten teacher?”

“Of course not.” I replied, surprised. “Do you think I could of after the Cullen Kindergarten Catastrophe?”

“You named it.” He sighed in an undertone, completely taken aback. "You named what happened to you and the Cullens." He shook his head in disapointment

“Ma’am, you didn’t even tell me, what did the Cullens actually do?”

“Everything…” I trailed off.


Jacob’s POV

I ran a russet hand through my long blackish hair, smoothing it into a tight ponytail, of which I tied at the nape of my neck. I turned, gazing quietly on the playground.

La Push didn’t have a kindergarten class, so I had been forced in the Forks Kindergarten. Ugh, stupid, overly green, rainy Forks. This place sucked, plus it smelled really awful, it was like, cloying, and sickeningly sweet.

Whatever, I thought shrugging, it’s probably just nothing.

I turned to my best friends, Paul, and Jared. Quil was one of my best friends too, but Quil’s mom didn’t want him to go the kindergarten in Forks. The lucky duck.

“I’m bored.” Jared yawned. “There’s nothing to do here!”

“True, true.” Paul agreed, stretching.

“Tomorrow, I’ll see if I can snitch some matches, and we can set fire to the woodchips.” He scuffed his shoe on the ground.

Jared and I gaped at him, and Paul took in our gaping expressions, and sniggered.

“Oh my God! That was HILARIOUS! Did you guys every honestly think I would do that? Oh MAN! You guys should of seen yourselves… Man…” Paul was doubled over, laughing at our stupidity.

“I hate you.” Jared said, and went over to slap him.

“Ouch!” Paul yelled, “What was that for?”

“For laughing at us.” I glared threateningly.

“Dude, I was a joke. Promise.” Paul reached his hands up in the air, with deer in the headlight eyes, wide and innocent.

Jared and I nodded, confirming a silent forgiveness. We all sat in a relaxing silence for a little bit.

“Yo!” Paul called. “Guys, THEY HAVE A SEE-SAW!”

“NO WAY!” Jared squealed. “Let’s go!” He took off full speed toward the squeaky red see-saw.

Paul and I ran as fast as we could, following Jared as he raced at full speed to the see-saw, his arms waving frantically and enthusiastically as he went. The grass ruffled softly as we dashed by…

“Yay!” Paul, Jared and I screamed, “We made it to the see-saw!

“I call this side!” Paul shouted, mounting the see-saw.



Slack jawed, Jared and I watched as the rusty hinges of the see-saw, creaked and snapped off, their tarnished bolts finally coming loose, and falling out of their sockets.

“Owwww…” Paul complained as he slid off and fell on the stiff woodchips. He stood up, brushing the wood pieces off his back awkwardly “Ow! Stupid see-saw!”

Suddenly, an elderly second grader came over, followed by a short kindergartener, with short blond hair and a plaid vest that reached up to his neck.

“Ha, ha!” the older boy continued, smacking his lips. “You’re so heavy, you broke the see-saw!”

Seeing Paul beginning to tremble in pure fury, I stepped up in his defense. “Dude, leave him alone! You lick your lips so much you look like a rotten frog!”

“This isn’t over, kid!” The older kid promised, flaming a fire red. He and his friend stalked away, glaring antagonistically.

I sighed, and went over to pull Paul to his feet. “Dude, it’s alright.” I assured him. “He won’t bother us anymore…”

Paul smiled back weakly, and nodded. Jared discreetly sauntered over to me, and whispered cautiously, “Um, man, I think Paul’s a little…uh…” He trailed off awkwardly.

I nodded, agreeing with him. “Hey, you’re closer to him. Why don’t you go talk to him, and I’ll catch up when he’s cool. ‘Kay?”

Jared nodded, obviously relieved. “Paul? Come on, let’s go.” Paul, with his head drooped down to his neck, in shame, followed his best friend. I looked around the playground for something to occupy my time.

My eyes caught the agile frame of a young boy, about my age, but maybe older. He had gleaming bronze hair, and what in the world was he doing?!

I took a small step forward, and strained to see what this boy was doing… Oh! He was coloring!

Yes! I thought, enthusiastically, I love coloring! It’s like, almost as good as the wolf books Daddy gets me!

Arriving at the coloring station, I reached for the chaotic multicolored mountain of Crayola crayons!

As my enormous russet hand reached for the unique colors, I read them out loud in my head.

Hm… Caribbean Green, Granny Smith Apple, Piggy Pink, Mango Tango…

I stood up to reach across the table, so I could grab a couple more colors, I liked Mango Tango the best so far, when it happened.

I stopped. The world slowed. I saw her. I saw Isabella.