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The Building Blocks of Life

What happens if all the Cullens went to Kindergarten? What if Bella went too? This is a story of the Cullen's, Bella's and the werewolf's kindergarten adventures... August 6: Ooooooh! Readings have hit 2,222! AMAZING! (which, in case you were wondering is 1 review to every 34.7 readings. I think thats good... XD THANKS EVERYBODY!) Chapter 6:“You’re an ALICE!”“NO!” I gasped. “NOW THAT IS GOING TOO FAR!”

Many thanks to chadley, who helped me make this story. Sorta, kinda. Even if she didn't, it was her idea. So...

4. Complications? and Crayons

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Edward’s POV

Oh, my God. Came the awed thought of somebody near by. I furrowed by eyebrows, concentrating. Oh, man. She’s gorgeous. What’s her name? Um… Bella! Bella…

I felt the fury bubble up inside me. That was Bella he was talking about! The beautiful, gorgeous, perfect BELLA! I saw her first, I loved her first! It wasn’t fair! I pouted, and scanned the source of the thought. At my right, only a few inches away a thought ricocheted off of a young boy of about my age’s mind, over and over again, I love her. I love her. I love her.

I whipped my head around and faced a russet colored boy, with coal black hair pulled back to the nape of his neck. He turned to face me, startled at my reaction. Suddenly, his nose wrinkled up in disgust.

“What?!” His hissed venomously at me. “What do you want?”

“Well,” I snarled, “I saw her first.”

“What?!” the boy asked, surprised, “Did I say that out loud?”

I cursed myself quietly. Of course he didn’t say anything, and I could tell him that I “heard” what he thought. My teeth chattered in fear of being discovered, and I clenched my jaw together, hard.

“Uh…” I stalled, “um…yes! You said that you, um… love her!”

The russet boy’s mouth went slack, just for a second. Then, his eyes blazing, and I tensed myself for a fight. I would fight for this girl, and I bet he was too!

“That’s where you’re wrong, mistar!” He cried, pronouncing mister in a strange way. “We will fight for her! What will it be? Hopscotch? Blocks? Jump rope? You name it!”

Just then, a group of giggle came from behind us. We both turned, and realized the competition had just gotten bigger. Edging their way toward Bella was the entire class of kindergarten boys.


Emmett’s POV

I stood back to admire my work. It was pretty good, if I could say so myself! I grinned, visualizing to look on their faces when they saw this. Oh, man! It would be awesome! I shook my head.

No, I couldn’t stay to watch the reactions. As funny as they would be, I couldn’t stay. Little Alice would kick my butt from here to next week. I trembled as I thought of that itsy bitsy girl with a heck of a lot of capability!

With one last glance, I looked on my wonderful mural. It was little Jasper, dressed in a frilly pink tutu. His hair was still blond, but longer, curlier, and it had teeny little bows in it. I snickered, and added the perfect finishing touch. At the bottom, I signed the name: Edward Cullen.


Rosalie’s POV

“Wow.” I whispered. “I never thought that I would live to see the day…”

Alice glanced at me sideways, her new short black haircut dangling in her eyes, “Bejeezes, Rose! You’ve only been alive like six years. Seriously.” She giggled.

“Ugh.” I stamped my foot. “This is just like my Barbie doll collection!”

“WHAT?” Alice asked, startled.

“Well, they’re all cute! ‘Cept, the guy on the far left has cooties.” I said with authority.

I turned my attention back to the scenes unfolding below us. Emmett had some embarrassing drawing of somebody, with blond curly hair, and a ballerina dress. Edward was ogling at this normal girl, AND she was surrounded by, like, the entire kindergarten class. I sniffed, it wasn’t fair! I was prettier than her. It was like, chaos down there. I leaned in further, to get a better view of the fight breaking out. There were two extraordinarily cute russet colored boys, throwing punches at this funny looking second graders.

“Oh, no…” Alice whispered in an undertone. “Jasper…”

I glanced at the shy little blonde, and he was cowering under the slides, sucking his thumb. “Eww…” I squealed.

Alice glared.

“Sorry! It’s just, didn’t the Bunkie Fairy visit him already?” I asked.

“You mean the Binkie Fairy, the Tooth Fairy’s brother? Who comes and takes away the pacifier when you get too old for it?”

I nodded furiously. “Yep.”

“I’ve gotta go.” Alice sighed, shaking her head.

“Aw, come on!” I pleaded. “It’s like a circus down there! It’s, like, hilarious! Come on, stay?”

“Sorry! I’ve really gotta go!” Alice squeaked.

“Alice,” I advised, “Jasper isn’t worth it!”

“No!” she yelped. “I’ve gotta go pee!!” And she scampered toward the bathroom, producing a tornado of dust after her.

“Bye…” I waved.


Emmett’s POV

I giggled as I frantically scrambled away from my mural. I turned back for one last peek to see if anyone discovered it yet.

Nope, nobody’s there. Bummer. I giggle in glee as I thought of dramatic drop Edward’s reputation would take. Of course, it’ll all be fixed later, but you never should pull revenge on Emmett Cullen. I giggled again, when I suddenly slammed into a short plastic chair. I flipped over, and landed face first in the grass, stuffing my mouth with dirt.

“EWW!” I moaned, “Dirt! I ate dirt!”

I stood up and brushed myself off. Hmm… I was at a…at a…. Oh my, God. I was at a COLORING TABLE! I WAS AT HEAVEN!

To me, the only thing better than embarrassing Edward, were colors. I picked up about a crayon, and read off its color.


Huh, that’s a strange name. I thought as I drew a quick dash on the blank white sheet of paper with it. I put it down next to me. Next color!

”Jazzberry jam...” I read carefully aloud, confused. “Isn’t that Jaspers name? Jazzy?” I swiped the crayon across the paper, before slipping it into my pocket to show Jasper.

And so it went on with…

Mango tango, Wild blue yonder, Blizzard blue, Magic mint, Mulberry, Teal blue, Almond, Canary, Fern, Pink Flamingo, Vivid Violet, Piggy Pink, Eggplant, Pink Sherbet…


Jasper's POV

I peeked my blond head out of the ivy green bushes that bordered the playground. My hair flopped in my eyes, as I tried to scan the surrounding area.

The coast was clear. I carefully stretched my leg out of the bushes, and onto the woodchips.

Careful, Jasper... I soothed myself. Just think of this like one of your war books. Yeah, General Jasper makes his way through dangerous enemy territory, putting his life on the brink for his country! I sighed, happily. There were three things that really calmed me down. And being as I am a very frantic person, this would be quite an accomplishment. The first (and usually the most effective) was Alice. Then, in really scary places, like kindergarten, pretending I was in a war worked really well. And... I gulped. No...no...NO! OH MY GOSH! Emmett stole my favorite action figure from me this morning!

I stuck my thumb in my mouth for comfort. Oh, man.... that toy was...he's like... he's means a lot to me. Just like Mr Wuzzle means a lot to Emmett!

You don't need that stupid toy! I tried to convince myself. Be strong. Be strong for Alice.

Alice. Her sweet tiny pixie-like face swam before my eyes. I would be strong for Alice.

I whimpered. After I found my toy...


Edward’s POV

I stared in horror at the boys surrounding Bella. I felt a pang hit my heart like a bolt of lightning. I would win Bella’s heart. I would win it, if it was the last thing I did…