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The Building Blocks of Life

What happens if all the Cullens went to Kindergarten? What if Bella went too? This is a story of the Cullen's, Bella's and the werewolf's kindergarten adventures... August 6: Ooooooh! Readings have hit 2,222! AMAZING! (which, in case you were wondering is 1 review to every 34.7 readings. I think thats good... XD THANKS EVERYBODY!) Chapter 6:“You’re an ALICE!”“NO!” I gasped. “NOW THAT IS GOING TOO FAR!”

Many thanks to chadley, who helped me make this story. Sorta, kinda. Even if she didn't, it was her idea. So...

5. Puppy Love

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Alice’s POV

I huffed, frustrated. My shortness kept me from seeing who I was looking for. I fell on my knees, “CURSE YOU SHORTNESS!” I sobbed.


Jacob’s POV

Ugh. That…thing…sitting next to me wanted MY Bells. Life sucked. Still, I pouted, those boys over there stood a bigger problem. For now.

“Listen.” The kids voice smoothly asked. Ugh. That guy really ticked me off… hm… tick. I grinned that would get on his nerves nicely. I hesitated, trying to figure out if there was a better name I could label this guy with… Parasite. Leech. Insulting? Embarrassing? Somehow fits? Perfect.

“Okay, you leech.” I spat.

Edward cringed. “Look.” He said, in a perfectly reasonable voice, which just infuriated me more. “You must hate me, just as much as I hate you.”

I grinned maliciously and nodded. “You bet.”

“But I’m also betting that you love Bella as well.” Edward sighed reluctantly.

My eyes widened a fraction in surprise. I had been expected trouble. A fight. Sharp word. Temper tantrum. ANYTHING but this… my kindergarten brain was fried with confusion.

“Cuz… I wanna know if you can help me get Bella.” Edward inquired hopefully.

I shrugged my sticky fingers. “Sure, sure.” I agreed resentfully.

“But,” Edward warned, “between us, anything goes.”

I bared my teeth, “You’re on!”


Third Person Point Of View

Brrrrrrrrrring! The school bell struck like a fire alarm, and nine teachers hustled out of the building. The one on the far left clapped her hands twice quickly. “Okay students.” She called out loudly, so everybody could hear. “There are kindergarteners, first graders, and second graders out in this playground right now. Can everybody please separate by grade, now?”

Hurriedly, the students sidestepped off to the side. The second and first graders clumped with their friends, and started whispering and chattering excitedly. The kindergarteners, on the other hand, stood awkwardly as they waited for further instruction.

Once everybody was in organized groups, six of the nine teachers stepped forward, and herded the second and first graders into the building. Remaining, were three teachers and roughly forty-five kindergarteners. The teacher who was talking before stepped up again. “Hello everybody! I am Ms. Elena.”

The children glanced shyly at their new teacher. She had a smooth low black ponytail, with worn jeans and a cute green top. She was obviously young, as she smiled warmly at then; black Coach sunglasses perched on top of her head. “This is my second year teaching!” She exclaimed, elated, and explaining her youth. She gestured to the young lady on her left. “This is Ms. Zoe,” she continued. “She graduated college the same year I did. And finally this,” she gestured to her right, “is Mrs. Gratchala. She has been a teacher here for…actually, I don’t know how long she’s been a teacher here, but it has been a long, long time. And now, Ms. Zoe will explain to you how you will be separated. Ms. Zoe?”

Ms. Elena stepped back, and allowed Ms. Zoe to take her place in front of the students. “Okay, now everybody!” She chirped loudly and amiably. “You will be separated into three classrooms, and it is entirely by random!

After several minutes, the kindergarteners were divided into three classes of roughly fifteen students each. Bella, Jacob, Paul, and Rosalie were in Ms. Elena’s class. Jasper, Alice, and Jared were in Ms. Zoe’s class. Finally, Emmett and Edward were part of Mrs. Gratchala’s class.


Edward’s POV

Thumping down on the stiff red plastic chair, I laid my forehead on my arms, and groaned. “Whatza matter brother?” Came a booming voice, accompanied by a loud smacking noise on my back. I squealed in pain, flipping over the chair and landing painfully (and embarrassed) on my back. I struggled to a sitting position, to find a burly boy squatting beside me. “Shut up, Emmett!”

“Sorry,” He giggled, “You just look so… stupid…”

I heard a short little girl with extremely wavy brown-blond hair gasp. “STUPID IS A BAD WORD!” She announced.

The tall girl beside her, with dirty blonde hair, punched the first girl’s arm. “Shut up, Lauren. Like you haven’t said anything worse!”The first girl rolled her eyes dramatically, “Of course!” She shuffled her stubby feet, trying to look proud, “Of course, Sarah! I’m a big girl” She smiled, and Sarah smacked her with a SpongeBob icepack. The two girls walked away giggling.

“…Right.” Emmett muttered. “Cuz everybody has a SpongeBob icepack…”
“What!” I wondered aloud.

“Huh?" Emmett questioned, confused. "Ohh…nothing. Just thinking you could need an icepack, ‘cause you lose something when you fell.”

“What? What did I lose?” I cried, patting my pockets frantically.

Emmett paused. He leaned in close to my ear, and glanced around before whispering, “Your dignity…”

With a cry, I sprung up onto my feet, and tried to pummel my brother, but only ended up back on the ground…


Alice’s POV

I sprung into the classroom, and ooh-ed and ahh-ed at the poster plastered walls, and the guinea pig in the corner of the room. A guinea pig! Squealing wildly, and flailing my hands in the air, I rushed toward the glass cage. With my nose and smudgy fingers pressed against the glass, I cooed the dark chocolate guinea pig. With a small white streak behind one ear, he was positively aaaaaaaaadorable! “I love you.” I said confidently.

After a moment, I was bored. Again. Rosalie wasn’t gonna be in this class with me, so time to make some brand new BFF’s! Browsing the room, I sprung over to a girl with straight light brown hair… but, I thought, there’s quite a bit of blonde in there too…Rosalie’s a blonde. MAYBE SHE’S MY NEW BFF!

“Heyyyyyy there!” I sang, bouncing up in front of her.

“Hey?” She said, confused.

“Waaaatcha dooooooing?” I asked, still singing.

“Drawing…” She said shyly, tucking a lock of hair behind her ears.I bent down to see a group of girls dressed in runway worthy clothes, giggling, and posing.

“Wow.” I whisper. It was awesome! ‘Specially ‘cause we only had the fat crayons here. “What’s your name?” I asked suddenly.

“Ashley.” She said, smiling for the first time.

“’Shleyyyy…” I said rolling the name around my mouth. I paused for a second, and then smiled. “Okay. You’re good!” Then grabbing her forearm, I yanked my new friend – not too gently- out of her seat and ran off, dragging her behind me.


~Just Before Lunch~


Emmett’s POV

I stared at the clock in intense concentration. Cheering silently at each movement of the…red hand… I tried to figure out how much time was left until lunch. “Edward…” I hissed, turning to the chair next to me, only to find my best friend slumped down on the table. Unsure of what to do, I poked him. “Edward?” I hissed again. A head of messy bronze hair slowed raised itself. “What.” Edward snapped, his eyes dark and a dancing. I smirked, “What’s the plan, little brother?” I asked.

Edward grinned, his moping masquerade vanished. “Can’t tell you here.” He whispered, leaning in. Innocently, he raised his hand. “Mrs. Gratchala? May I go to the bathroom?” After a distracted nodding of her head, Edward stood up next to me, and left.

I raised my hand, knocking over Edward’s former chair. “Me too?” I asked.

“No.” Mrs. Gratchala replied, curtly.

“What!” I yelled, standing up abruptly. The small round table that I had been sitting at rattled across the room. I watched it, fuming. Edward is gonna be furious… I was going to have to do the unthinkable. Or, since I thought of it, the almost unthinkable.

“MRS GRATCHALA! I’VE GOTTA GO PEE RIGHT NOW, AND I DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER I CAN HOLD IT IN!” My face burned as I boomed this, but it did the job. The teacher’s eyes widened slightly, and she raised an eyebrow and gestured for me to move.

Shuffling down the hallway, I found Edward waiting for me, impatient to tell me…whatever his plan was. “Okay, man. What’s up?” I asked, rubbing my hands together, and preparing for absolutely nothing short of total chaos real soon!