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The Building Blocks of Life

What happens if all the Cullens went to Kindergarten? What if Bella went too? This is a story of the Cullen's, Bella's and the werewolf's kindergarten adventures... August 6: Ooooooh! Readings have hit 2,222! AMAZING! (which, in case you were wondering is 1 review to every 34.7 readings. I think thats good... XD THANKS EVERYBODY!) Chapter 6:“You’re an ALICE!”“NO!” I gasped. “NOW THAT IS GOING TOO FAR!”

Many thanks to chadley, who helped me make this story. Sorta, kinda. Even if she didn't, it was her idea. So...

6. Nocho Wars: The Plan

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Alice’s POV

“Come on, Ashley!” I pouted, sticking out my lower lip until I looked like a lost puppy dog. Perfect. “Hurry up.” I turned around slowly so she could get the full effect of my begging.

“No.” Ashley said firmly, crossing her arms.

I flashed my large warm eyes at her and blinked.

“No!” She repeated, almost panicking.

“Fine.” I huffed, and turned away, preparing my trump card. I felt the crystal tears water up in my eyes. Perfect. Flipping around I began to bawl. Or rather, pretend to bawl. Then, slowly peeking over my fingers with one eye, I saw Ashley, still a firm ‘no.’ I straightened, huffing. “Why not?” I asked.

“Cause…” She said shyly, staring at her shoes, “I’m kinda nervous.”

My eyes widened. “That’s all?” I asked, excitement mounting. Cautiously, she nodded. I smirked, and with one hand dragged her - once again - flying behind me.


Emmett’s POV

A crackle emitted from the chunky radio in my hand before a crackling voice asked, “Got it?”

I pressed the big black button to reply. “Yeah, Edward. I got it. …But why are we using this walkie-talkies?” I wondered aloud. “We’re in the stalls right next to each other.”

“So?” Edward protested. “I wanna be Edward Bond!”

“Right ‘ward. And I’m gonna be a fairy princess.”

A crackle echoed from out of my walkie-talkie, and a youthful girls voice came out squealing. “I WANNA BE A FAIRY PRINCESS!”

With caution, I glanced around. Slowly I pressed the soft rubber button. “Me too…” I whispered.


Jasper’s POV

Alice… I thought, overjoyed simply by the sound of her name. I couldn’t believe it, maybe my luck has changed! I was in the same class as my Alice. I would tell her this year. I WOULD! Somehow, with my action figure supporting me all the way, I would tell her. Of course, I would have to find my action figure first. I would start at lunch. Yeah, with Emmett! Slowly, I nodded to myself. Yeah. That would be a good place to start…


Jacob’s POV

Hah! I laughed to myself. Lets see that leech try to steal my Isabella now! He’s not even in the same class as her! And to begin, he’s not half as amazing as me. I wanted to jump up in the air, to shout, to punch Paul – nicely – on the arm, to hug Bella. But noooooooo! I was in school! School! Who cares really? I mean, when are you ever gonna use ‘2+2’ or C-A-T in your life? Honestly!


Emmett’s POV

“Got it?” Edward whispered, crackling through the walkie-talkie.

“Yeah…” I muttered back, “but…just one question…”

“What?” Snapped Edward irritably. “We went through the plan like a bazillion times! What question could you POSSIBLY have to ask? Possibly?!?”

“Well… it’s just… Why are we using walkie-talkies? The stalls are right next to each other!” I questioned.

“Cause its more dramatic. And it’s way cooler.” Edward assured without skipping a beat. “Now, you understand what your supposed to do?”

“Duh. Its not that hard I just…”

“NO! SHH! NOT HERE!” Edward interrupted frantically.

“Dude. We just discussed the entire plan in here fifty times. What’s the big deal?”

“It’s a secret now.”

“You’re stupid.”



“You’re an ALICE!”


And then, we fell to the ground in a fit of giggles. “Really though *hiccup*, I get the plan perf- *hiccup* -ectly.” I giggled.

“Great! *hiccup*” Edward sniggered. “See you at *hiccup* lunch?”


The metallic blare from the school bell signaling lunch echoed endlessly through the barren hallways. The shouts and hollers of the boys and girls rang cheerfully through the school as the kindergarten through second grade gathered for lunch, and third through fifth grade gathered for recess.

Slipping out of the door in a way that would of made James Bond proud (he fell only twice!) Edward went out the door. “You know what to do.” He nodded.


Jaspers POV

General Jasper reporting for duty! I thought as I slunk down the hallway. I was invisible. I was behind enemy lines! I was the best there ever was!

“Um…do you…act the that?” inquired a gentle voice behind me that tinkled as melodiously as crystals.

“NOPE!” Hollered Emmett as he raced frantically toward the cafeteria. Pausing only to quickly rag on his favorite victim. “HE’S USUALLY SO MUCH WEIRDER!”

“Shut up…” I groaned lackadaisically, turning around to face the voice. My heart stuttered. No WAY! But standing in front of me must have been two fallen angels. They were both gorgeous but my eyes were only on the one who – uncharacteristically – had yet to say anything.

Finally, at last, she sighed. “God, Jasper. Its not that weird!”


Rosalie’s POV

I strutted in the metal cafeteria doors, to a screaming mob. “Wow.” I said, flipping my blonde hair over my shoulder.

“What’s a matter?” Came a sneering voice from behind. “Afraid you’re gonna sit alone?”

“No.” I lashed back. “YOU afraid of a taste in clothes?”

“You wish.” She hissed. “Messing around in my school, you wanna be Barbie? Where’s your Ken, honey?” She giggled menacingly.

I sighed. I mean really. As if kindergarten wasn’t hard enough without a wanna-be mean girl. Honestly.

“Hey Barbie, what’s a matter? Your little plastic head can’t come up with a comeback?”

“I know she’s pretty enough to be a Barbie, but you’re clearly smart enough to be one.” Shot back a deep-ish laughing voice from behind.

The girl took a step back in surprise, while shock - and a little fear - contorted her facial expressions. She opened her mouth as if to insert a weak and pathetic comeback, but all that escaped was a startled gasp.

I grinned venomously. "Meet my Ken."


Jacob’s POV

“Ah, lunch! The best time of day!” Paul sighed, stalking into the cafeteria.

“Mm.” I grunted.

“Aw, buck up buddy!” Paul punched my shoulder. “They’re serving nachos today! That should be enough to get your mind off of your…” He paused and glanced around overdramatically before stage whispering, “your girrrrrrlfriend!”

“She. Is. Not. My. Girlfriend.” I growled.

“But you wish she was.” Jared pointed out.

I opened my mouth, but couldn’t find anything to say.

“Hah! Got you there!” Paul snorted.

“Maybe you should buy her a box of chocolates.” Jared suggested.

“Or,” Paul grinned, “you could buy us some chocolates.”

“Shut up.”


~Edward’s thoughts moments before~

This is for Isabella.