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The Building Blocks of Life

What happens if all the Cullens went to Kindergarten? What if Bella went too? This is a story of the Cullen's, Bella's and the werewolf's kindergarten adventures... August 6: Ooooooh! Readings have hit 2,222! AMAZING! (which, in case you were wondering is 1 review to every 34.7 readings. I think thats good... XD THANKS EVERYBODY!) Chapter 6:“You’re an ALICE!”“NO!” I gasped. “NOW THAT IS GOING TOO FAR!”

Many thanks to chadley, who helped me make this story. Sorta, kinda. Even if she didn't, it was her idea. So...

7. Nocho Wars: The Accomplices

Rating 4/5   Word Count 2011   Review this Chapter

Alice’s POV

Ashley and I stared at Jasper for a long moment, eyebrows raised. His eyes were the size of the baseball that Emmett broke my window with last year. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but nothing exactly came out except a small startled gasp. I frowned. This wasn’t going how I had expected it too. I knew -just knew- that neither of us looked bad. I mean, nobody dressed by me looked would ever looked bad! In fact, I was positive that we both were looking our absolute best!

I glanced sideways to check over at my new found friend’s runway worthy outfit: baby blue jeans- faded at the knees -that were frayed and cuffed at the bottom, a pallid muted crimson -pink shirt that fell softly and swished just a few inches above her knees with a square cut collar. She had on a two button auburn half jacket over her shirt with a hoary polar bear pendant worn on a thin ribbon as a choker. Her hair was half up and pinned in place by glimmering pins with beautiful vibrant glass flowers on the tips. She looked amazing, and yes of course though everybody I got my hands on looked amazing! Still it was nice if I had some prettiness to work with. I giggled and did a quick rundown of my outfit. Silky snowy white skirt that fluttered gracefully and just brushed against my knees, a pale sun-kissed babydoll top and a wild clinking assortment of bangles. I’d been growing out my short inky erratically spiked hair a little bit longer and now wore it at a stylish spiky chin length and pulled back in a thick adorable headband. And of course- because where would I be without them? – my amazing favorite bright white Hannah Montana sneakers.

Satisfied, I glanced at Jasper again. He hadn’t moved and I frowned, beginning to get anxious. “Jazz?” I asked quietly, gently. I stepped forward and reached out and put a smooth hard cold hand on his shoulder. The second my cool hand made contact with his shoulder he eased up, and turned his wide eyes to look in mine. I felt lightning burn through me, making my fingers tingle and my heart pound and swell. I smiled warmly, and then slowly began to open my mouth to tell him something. Then out of the blue, a peculiar soggy splatter came from the lunchroom. There was a beat of silence that was followed by three more wet splatters. Silence, the stillness before a hurricane. Then it all broke loose – a teacher’s worst nightmare, worse than a hurricane – it all broke into kindergarten chaos.


Edward’s POV ~ several long minutes beforehand! ~

This is for Isabella.I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to steady myself- not that I actually needed it. I was as calm and focused as I was ever gonna get. Slowly, I opened my eyes. My night-kissed golden tinted bottle green eyes blazed with fierce naïve determination and, flickering steadily but muffled was an unforeseen bewildering puerile affection.

Then slowly, but without hesitation I jammed my hand into a steel pot, about as tall as Alice but as wide as Emmett, but filled to the brim with a smooth glutinous nacho cheese. I grinned, flashing my moon white teeth and I stirred the warm syrupy yellow goop. I paused, and pulled out my hand, covered and dripping with a thick corn yellow glove. I glanced through the small dim kitchen window. It was no good, I was too far away. I glared at the hefty pot, willing it to get smaller. There was no way I could move this thing. Maybe if I was a superhuman boy I could but, forget it. I felt my eyes burning as if I was going to burst into tears. But I wouldn’t. I rubbed my face roughly with my hands and leaned heavily against the cheese pot and the low black table it was sitting on.

It just wasn’t fair f--- I fell backwards. “Mmmppff.” I huffed as I hit the hard ground, my expression bewildered. I picked myself up and glanced around confused. I just fell? I just fell? I just fell?!? I took a slight quick step back to lean on the cheese table again only… it wasn’t there. “Darn it.” I whispered to myself. I got sadder at little bit. But then I turned around and I saw the bestest thing- the cheese table! I zoomed right over there right away. “Don’t you ever leave me again.” I scolded, like mommy does when I go off by myself to stick my head it the freezy places at the grocery store. I nudged it affectionately and it moved again. I scratched my hair, rumpling my hair.

“Stay.” I commanded as I plopped right down on the floor to thing. But then the bestest thing happened! The cheese table had little itty - bitty roundish wheels that made the black cheese table move! I was smiling my happiest smile as I wheeled that thing right out of that place! After waddling through the tiny steel kitchen door lugging the cheese cart. I ended up by the in the corner of the cafeteria, a few feet away from the cafeteria entrances, but still close enough to succeed in, “The Plan.”

“Emmmmettttttt!” I whispered vigorously. “Emmett, where are you!”

“Here.” Came low grunt.“Where?” I hissed. “I can’t see you! Come out!”

“Um…” A cough came from behind me. “I’d rather not…”

“Well, we need to do “The Plan” and it kinda won’t work if I can’t see you.” I hissed, throwing all my frustration into the last part of the sentence.

A foot stomp could be heard from Emmett’s general direction, and my eyes widened like they do in the candy store. “Did you just stomp your foot?” I gasped in disbelief.

“Wha …NO!” Emmett frantically cried, “NO! I would never ever do that! I am a MAN!”

“Emmett.” I said evenly, “If you’re gonna lie to somebody who can read your mind, you should at least put some effort into it.”

Emmett paused, his mosterous ego wounded. “Rose doesn’t mind.” He huffed eventually defensively.

I grunted, and stepped into the shadows to yank him out. He blinked as the light hit his face. He shuffled his feet nervously as I glared at him. “What?” I asked blankly. He looked self – conscious again.

All of a sudden, I snorted and snickered, I could barely breathe. “Rose-” I gasped, guffawing, “Made you carry-” I gasped for breath “Mr. Wuzzle!”

I laughed again as Emmett awkwardly wiped Rose’s lip gloss kiss off his cheek and shifted Mr. Wuzzle – holding, may I add, a picture of Rose in his fuzzy little arms – to his other hand.

Aw…that’s so sweet! A thought twanged amiably. That he cares that much about her...

“SHHH!” I hissed at the voice in my head.

“Shut up!”

“…No…” I corrected myself. “Mommy says shut up is a bad word!”

“Pfft…Who really cares? I mean, I’m at possibly the most important moment in my life-”

“-besides my birth!-”

“-ever!” I continued. “I need all my concentration! So SHUT UP!”

“Nuh - uh!” I snapped, “Nobody tells me to shut up!”

“Well, maybe if you stopped talking to yourself nobody would!”

“She sounded nice though.” I observed randomly.

“Maybe.” I grunted reluctantly. “But not as nice as my Isabella.”


Emmett’s POV

I stood, mortified, as Edward just giggled uncontrollably. My face burned, and I almost - almost, not quite – wished I had said no to my Rose. But, I could never say no to her, ever, and now I would have to just take this. But I could take this, I would, for her! All of a sudden Edward stopped laughing, and his face twisted up in annoyance.

“SHH!” He hissed, not to anyone in particular. “Shut up!”

“…No…” Edward said, benevolently, after a pause. “Mommy says shut up is a bad word!” He nodded his head peacefully after a moment.

“Pfft.” He snapped harshly, baring his teeth. “Who really cares? I mean, I’m at possibly the most important moment in my life-”

“-besides my birth!” Edward chimed in grinning lightheartedly, lighting his face up.

“-ever!” He hissed continuing, his face darkening again. “I need all my concentration! So SHUT UP”

Edward’s jaw dropped open. “Nuh - uh!” He snapped, “Nobody tells me to shut up!”

“Well, maybe if you stopped talking to yourself nobody would!”

“She sounded nice though.” He murmured randomly.

“Maybe.” Edward grunted darkly. “But not as nice as my Isabella.”


Edwards POV

I stood patiently still for a minute –a stillness reserved usually only for marble statues– to see if the voice in my head had anything else to add. The seconds dragged by. Nope, I was clear. I turned and I was all of a sudden face to face a wide – eyed, slack jawed Emmett.

“What?” I asked innocently, tilting my head ever – so – slightly.

“You,” chimed in the voice from my head, answering for Emmett, “are insane.”

I snorted. The voice in my head was telling me I was insane. Lovely. “Why do you keep talking to me?!” I cried in frustration. “Just leave me in peace!”

“Wow. Smart and insane.” Smirked a sarcastic voice, as two girls stepped out of the shadows. There was an awkward silence.

“Oh. Um, hey …there.” I fumbled ineptly. “Is this the …ah, first, um, time you guys have, um, talked to, ahh... me?”

My wide grin faltered under the defiant stare the second girl – the one whose voice I hadn’t heard.

“Yep.” She beamed brightly. “’Less of course, you’ve been stalking us!”

Emmett guffawed loudly. “I wouldn’t put it past him,” he snorted.

The first girl- the one’s whose thoughts I’d heard- turned to glance at Emmett with the gooey eyes of someone’s first crush.

“Hey…” She smiled. “I’m Hope.”

“Wow. You’re so short!” Emmett exclaimed bending down. “I’m happy. I’ve never met someone who told me their feelings before their name!” He paused thoughtfully for a moment. “Nope. Never.” He held out a giant hand. “I’m Emmett!”

“I’m Hope.” She repeated, holding out her hand as well.

Emmett rolled his eyes. “My name is Emmett. What’s your name?”

“Hope!” She repeated forcefully.

“I bet you are hopeful, but what’s your name?!”

“HOPE!” she shriek.

“NO!” Emmett boomed “YOUR NAME!”

“Squizzlesnort Incaboomboom Asneezeagoop.” Exclaimed the other girl in sarcastic frustration for Emmett’s obliviousness.

“Oh. Okay.” Emmett accepted easily, grinning again. “Nice to meet you.” He said, turning to the first girl. “May I call you Squiz?”

The second girl just stared in disbelief at Emmett. “How gullible are you?!” she cried eventually. “Her name is HOPE!”

Timidly I raised my hand. “May I say something?” I asked softly.

"NO SHUT UP!” Everyone snapped in unison.

“But,” Emmett said confused, turning to the second girl, “I thought you said her name was Squiz-”

“I was kidding!” She cried. “Bejeezers!”

“Oh.” Emmett turned to Hope sheepishly. “Hey, Hope.” He smiled.

“Hey.” Hope sighed dramatically, shaking his massive hand. Emmett turned to the second girl. “What’s your name?” He asked.


“No seriously. I’m not that gullible! We are not going through this again with favorite colors.”

She stared at Emmett incredulously, then walked over to the cold bleach white walls and rested her head against it. After a minute, she walked back to Emmett.

“My name,” she sighed in annoyance, “Is Melanie Blue.”

“Muull – laaaan – ehh.” Emmett repeated.

“Call me Blue.” She rolled her eyes.

“Blue.” Emmett nodded.

“Blue.” She repeated, blowing her bangs.

“Great.” I nodded, “now that we’re all nice and cozy with each other… get out.”

“Puh – leaze!” Blue smirked. “We know all about you’re little plan.”

“Nuh-uh.” Emmett shook his head defiantly. “That is not possible.”

Blue turned to Emmett, still smirking. “I wanna be a fairy princess.”

I raised my eyebrows confused, but Emmett’s eyes just widened dramatically and he shut up.

“And you,” Blue turned to me, her eyes softening. “we came to help. You’re plan won’t work the way you have it set up.”

“Really?” I asked, intrigued.

“Yeah. But now if you do this…” Blue explained.

And so, with much unexpected help, our plan was perfected.