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a series of short one shots from different points in Embry's life.

I tried to create a background for one of the least talked about Pack members except for maybe Paul.

2. During Eclipse

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The fire crackled and the flames swayed in the night’s cool breeze, scattering ambers across the bed of sand. We were all there, the entire Pack, plus some of the others who knew our secret. I sat on a log next to Paul. We were the only ones who hadn’t come with any one else. Sam had Emily, Leah had her brother, Jared had Kim, and Jake had Bella. Me, I had a hot dog. I sat there eating about my tenth hot dog that I had stuck on the end of the wire hanger. I had always eating a lot as a kid, but as a werewolf my appetite seems to have tripled. I was amazed my mother hadn’t gone bankrupt heading me.

I inwardly sighed though. I loved being a werewolf even more now that Jake and Quill had joined our ranks. I really loved having my best friends back, but it wasn’t the same. Quill had imprinted on a little kid, and that means that most of the stupid things we used to do together were out of the question because he was to busy playing dress up or pretty pretty princess. Jake was little better, he hadn’t imprinted yet though he was deeply in love with Bella. I could understand that though the rest of the pack was critical of his feelings. I had known Jake since we were ten. He tended to want to work with lost hopes. Jake always wanted to help people who needed someone. Bella always had that appeal of a lost puppy that was too trusting of everyone. Her wide brown eyes had long ago captured Jake’s heart.

I didn’t even bother looking at girls. I knew that I always was at risk for imprinting and I didn’t want to get involved with a girl when there was a risk I would break her heart. Leah was a constant reminder of the pain that imprinting causes. Her mind was still angry at Sam and at the same time still deeply in love with him. She tended to try and control her bitter attitude but she usually ended up lashing out at those in the pack.

Lately I had become her victim of choice. Leah consistently reminded me that my heritage was the same as some one else in the pack. That someone’s father had been unfaithful. That my mother had slept with a married man. That one of my pack brothers really was my half brother. She continually brought up the raw pain and guilt that the pack felt when ever the idea of unfaithful fathers and brother’s came up.

Lightening had cracked across the sky. I sat on the cliff looking over the turbulent waves that grew in size each time they cracked against the cliffs. The blood suckers were back. Bella had gone running back to Edward and I was the only one who had the guts to comfort Jake. I didn’t hate Bella for what she did, neither did Jake. I understood that Bella need true love, not a replacement, and Jake was not taking it well that he was not the first choice. I had left him in the care of Billy, and escaped his depression out here in the open. I listened to the rain hit against the rocks as it soaked through my clothes and cooled my feverish skin.

I had never been one for cliff diving but now that I was stronger; I had come to enjoy the thoughts of free falling into the embrace of the cold sea. I removed my shirt, feeling the cool wind rip across my chest. I ignored the black sky and impassive clouds. My toes clung to the edge of the rock where the dirt was loose. I raised my arms high and breathed in deeply the smell of salt and rain. I let my eyes slide close and let my self jump out away from the safety of land. I felt the wind pass me by as I felt myself going down faster and faster. I waited for the power of the water to push against me as I plunged deeper under the surface. I kicked upper wards, breaking the surface and sending ripples out endlessly amid the swelling waters. I urged my self towards the shore, letting my worries be pulled away by the current. I had a feeling that everything would work out for the best.

I hated death, I hated blood and killing. Yet here I was sitting with my head against my forepaws, watching the blonde bloodsucker teach us how to kill other leaches. I controlled the retching feeling in the deep pits of my stomach. I grew wary when he went to attack the smallest of the Cullen’s. Shock washed over me when the little pixie dodged every move he made with the least amount of effort. She seemed to giggle as she appeared perched on his back and she pressed her lips to his neck.

If it weren’t for the bare instincts I felt to kill these burningly sweet creatures, I would have been utterly useless in the up coming war. I hated the taste of the vampires when you bit into their skin, ripping their bodies to pieces. I didn’t want to hear the keening metal sound as they broke apart. I was glad when Sam finally led us back into the woods; I ran ahead of the pack and threw up as soon as I turned human again. I had no stomach for war and unlike Jake; I had no vendetta against these creatures.

I wearily walked home. I would help my pack, protect my people, and back up Jake, but I would never learn to enjoy the bitter smoke smell that I now associated to death. I crashed at Sam and Emily’s place on their couch like usual. Sam didn’t understand why I was not excited for the war, but I expected that Emily understood, she always understood.