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a series of short one shots from different points in Embry's life.

I tried to create a background for one of the least talked about Pack members except for maybe Paul.

3. Post Eclipse

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The treaty had been broken. The words were echoing throughout our collective minds. I didn’t care if the treaty was broken, though I would never think that while a wolf, the others wouldn’t understand. I didn’t think that this was worth starting a war. As much as I hated the bloodsuckers, I knew that this was something that didn’t concern us, though the others didn’t see it that way. I became bored quickly and decided to piss off Jared. I began to picture Kim in my mind and certain crude thoughts to accompany the images. Jared turned at me, glaring, I just smirked. He knew I didn’t look at Kim, but I really just wanted to goof around with his head. He heard this thought and gave a playful growl, charging at me, we wrestled until Sam told us enough. The treaty was broken he said, but we would do nothing about it.

It had been years since the slightest whiff of a vampire had been within miles of la push. Sam and Emily had two kids, Jared and Kim were married, Quill was the best big brother to Quill, and Jake had moved on, he was dating actually dating Leah, which still made me gag, though neither of them had imprinted. I was working at a pool this summer, between going to College nearby and running patrols as a giant wolf, I really didn’t have time for a good job. Actually I wasn’t even a life guard at the pool. I ran the snack stand. I was now 20 and serving hot dogs to little kids wrapped in beach towels. I wasn’t seeing any one, I was still afraid of imprinting and hurting someone. I didn’t care that I might not imprint from another 20 years or ever like Sam told me, just the possibility kept me from ever dating, though plenty of the female life guards continually hit on me.

The dirt rose up at the next student slide into home plate. The entire group had a few good athletes, the rest were average. I took off my hat and surveyed the field around me. I had taken a position teaching Biology in a town a little bit closer to Port Angeles. I could still go home on weekends to see the pack, but I enjoyed having my own place to escape too. I was coaching the boy’s baseball team in my free time, and was considered one of the cooler teachers at the school. I liked the schools mascot, it was one of the reasons that I had decided to teach here rather then at the Forks high school. Here we were the Eldon werewolves.

I held my own darling daughter within my giant hands. She was barely an hour old and already I loved her more then life itself. I handed her to my wife who lay in the hospital bed, her hair plastered to her forehead with sweat. I sat down next to the bed, kissing my wife and the cheek and watching our little girl open her eyes and yawn. I had met my wife, Sarah, when she started teaching at the Eldon High school as an art teacher, she was two years my younger but the fire in her soul made her seem so much older then I was. I had imprinted on her the first time I saw her. Emily had literally cried for joy when I told her about Sarah. Now I had my own family, we bought a large house on the edge of one of the Peninsulas numerous lakes. I had decorated the new bedroom next to ours with light yellow walls and Sarah had made the entire ceiling look like a sunset. I knew our own daughter would love the room, and I knew that she would grow up to look just like her mother. I knew what I would name her too. Sarah and I had decided to name her Emma. I had wanted to name her Emily after the woman who understood me when most people didn’t, but Emily had vehemently refused having the girl named directly after her, though she had no objection to Emma.