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Sunset of Hearts

As the sun sets, it is the ending of a life. Sure, lives end every day, and new ones begin. But on this twilight, the sun was setting on the most important life in my world. But, it was also dawning on a new life as well. The only catch was, those two lives were both the same. What if Bella had come to Forks, and Edward and his family were human? What if they were like every other family? But, what if they were unfortunately pulled into a dark situation, that was to transform them into the thing of their nightmares, and inconsequentially, something darker than they had ever dreamed of? And what if Bella was the one to keep Edward going through all of this? Basically, what if Edward and his family were human in Forks? (Were being the key word.)

Okay, I know that, if you read my previously completed story, Daylight, I promised an entirely different story. But, I felt a different inspiration to write this one. So, here it is.


Rating 2/5   Word Count 252   Review this Chapter

First of all, I'm getting like a BUHJILLION people saying "Edward's eyes are GOLD not GREEN!" "Edward is COLD" "Edward CAN'T go to the beach!". And if you'd have actually READ the summary thing that shows up when I post, you would undeniably know that EDWARD IS HUMAN IN THIS STORY. Meaning NOT A VAMPIRE. Yet.

I would really appreciate it if you read the WHOLE thing before reviewing and talking about what I did wrong. I know this might be a stretch for you all, but in THIS STORY, Edward is HUMAN. H-U-M-A-N.

And, I'm not going to say names, but I had someone review saying that Edward's hair isn't red, it's "dark blonde". First of all, WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? Seriously. Everyone knows that it is stated in Twilight SEVERAL BILLION times that Edward's hair is Bronze. Not "dark blonde" or whatever. Bronze means, RED with a little BROWN in it. Redish-brown. Does anyone remember that?

In conclusion, if anyone reviews talking about how Edward has Golden eys, or how he CAN'T go to the beach, or how he's cold, and can't blush or WHATEVER, I will yell at them and call up Stephanie right now. Yeah, you bet. I'm IN with the S-dawg. Well...not really. BUT the point is, this is FANFICTION. Meaning the fans can make up WHATEVER THEY WANT. And I did specifically say SEVERAL times that Edward is human in my story.