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Alice has a violent vision of Bella's future and the Cullens consider changing Bella ahead of schedule. Jacob cannot bear the thought and considers war. After their decison Alice has strange visions of a silver-haired vampire and her mate.


2. Rupture

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Jasper’s POV

We’ve reached an ultimatum,” I said quietly. Edward’s expression was gaunt and hopeless. He looked a mess. His very aura was frustrating me, I could taste his anguish. So much sexual frustration and worry is not good for a vampire, not good at all.

Edward was failing… miserably. He was losing his fight with temptation. My once strong, unshakeable, and unmovable brother was being toyed with by a 5’4 human girl. Let me add that she is a pixie, almost as tiny as Alice at 110 lbs. And only 19. Mind you, Edward was born in 1901. I would have laughed if the situation were not so grave. My lion of a brother was useless against this Bella creature.

“We have decided that Bella… should be changed sooner than the wedding,” I announced. I felt a surge of anger from Edward rush into me and fill me with bubbling fury. I ignored it. “It is the most reasonable thing to do. The most sensible, the most convenient.” More rage from Edward. No matter what Edward said, changing Bella now was much more strategic. Emmett looked somber, while Rosalie pretended none of us existed while coiling the ends of her hair around her finger. Alice shifted next to me. Her worry stabbed me in the sides like pins. I slid my hand up Alice’s back and gently eased and pushed away her strife.

“Edward, there’s no need to act rash,” Alice said firmly. I guessed that she had foreseen Edward doing something such as smashing the microwave or crumpling the refrigerator into a ball. “Bella will be safer if we change her sooner. A vision as sure as the one that I had should not be ignored.”

“But your visions are not always resolute,” Edward whined. “You’ve made mistakes before.” Alice rolled her eyes.

"That was when the visions were blurry or had multiple outcomes. This one was clear as day and had only two possible endings. The first was of you ripping Bella apart….” Alice’s pain at the idea washed over me, “and the other was of you leaving her bedroom and hiding the woods.” Edward looked ashamed, it was obvious that he was replaying the scenes from both his memories and Alice’s mind in his head. Then, Edward and Alice exchanged a quick glance. They were expressionless for a few short moments. A new, more secretive kind of worry and fear exuded from the two of them and prodded at me. Aha! I had seen this many times before between Alice and Edward; they were using their confounded powers to exchange secret messages. Alice was sending Edward her thoughts while Edward made the decision to say something aloud to Alice, then Alice foresaw his words, after that Edward would decide not to say what he had planned on saying once Alice had foreseen it. All very complicated, I know. Something else was most definitely wrong, and it wasn’t just that Edward couldn’t handle his thirst. I would have to wait until later before I could ask Alice what confidential conversation she and Edward had been having.

“So great!” Emmett said happily. “We change Bella now, get it over with, and then party!” Rosalie did not hesitate to reach up and slap Emmett across the head.

“Actually,” I said, “we were planning on waiting for Carlisle and Esme. We didn’t see that Edward was fit to actually bite Bella, we thought that Carlisle should do it instead….” I was shocked to hear Bella begin to yell at me.

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! No one, absolutely no one, is going to change me, except for Edward!” Bella screamed. We stood in awkward silence. Edward raised an eyebrow at Bella’s sudden outburst. I immediately began to work at unwinding her nerves.

O-kay, then we’ll compromise,” Alice started, “you’ll have to be changed early, but Edward can do it.”

“So… I don’t get any say in this?” Edward asked. At once Emmett, Alice, and myself shouted:


Rosalie’s POV

This Bella game is beginning to irk me. I watched as they joked and lightly discussed taking this silly girl’s life away. If I had the chances that Bella had, I’d leave Edward, get married, and have children. I would live my life as a human, not waste it on this limbo of a life. Eternal damnation in exchange for true love is not a good bargain but, that is just in my humble opinion. She is a little fool. Miss Isabella Swan does not have any idea what she wants. How could she ever know what she’ll want in twenty years if she doesn’t give herself the chance? God, I wish that I could be in her shoes. Bella is not choosing right!

Bella is the living definition of dunderhead.

I could barely watch as they fought and argued as if she were nothing but a piece of meat. I decided that it would be best if I did not contribute, if I did not speak. Edward already hates me enough and Bella is afraid enough of me.

“What about Charlie?” Bella cried. “How will he cope with losing me before the wedding?”

“We’ll carry out the same plan as before. You and Edward will die in a car crash, or go missing, something along those lines.” Alice stated. I snarled softly at the scheme. Emmett wrapped a thick and burly arm around me and squeezed.

“What about the wolves? Won’t they be mad?” Bella asked. Enough of that damned Jacob! She’s hurting Edward enough by existing, she has to go and love an idiot werewolf, too!

“That could be a problem,” said Edward softly.

“I’ll have to tell him,” Bella said, “he said before that he doesn’t care if we leave Forks, he’ll search for me anyway. I know that he agreed to go along with our plans for me but, I think that changing me before the wedding will push him over the edge. We could start a war.” Everyone nodded in agreement. I scoffed. We never had to worry about a war before she’d arrived.

“Maybe you should… call him,” Edward eyes were downcast and he was twirling his fingers around one other. Did Bella realize how selfish that she was?

“I’ll have to let him know,” said Bella faintly, “it’ll rip him to pieces but I’ll have to.”

Little did she know that she had not only hurt Jacob, but had put a rupture in Edward’s heart as well.

Bella’s POV

Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, and Emmett were gone now. It was just me and Edward, alone. He was quiet, with his jaw set, and his mouth a taut line.

“You can use my cell phone,” he said. I nodded and took the tiny silver phone from him. I flipped it open, took a deep breath, and dialed Jacob’s number.

Jacob’s POV

I jumped up in bed and hit my head on my nightstand when my phone begin to ring. I swore loudly, rubbing my forehead, and picked up my cell phone. Quinn had set Bella’s contact to play ‘Here Comes the Bride’ whenever she called, his idea of a joke. I am going to pulverize that little bastard when I see him again. I flipped open the phone and pressed SEND.

“Hello, Jacob?” Uh-oh, she was going to give me some bad news, I could hear it in her voice.

“Yeah, Bells?”

“There’s been a change in plans.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that Edward is going to have to change me… early.”

“WHAT?” I was trembling now, my entire being was beginning to fall apart. I was shifting, morphing, but I fought the wolf and held myself together. “WHY? Why, why, why, why, why?”

“It’s a long story.”

“Explain.” God, this girl could be annoying when she wanted to!

“No biggie, Alice had some visions and we decided it would be best to change me sooner.” No biggie?

“How soon?”


“That soon. I see. You know that I can’t let you do this right?”

“What? But you said before-.”

“Forget what I said. I love you and I won’t let this happen.”

“Jake you can’t-.” I twisted the phone shut with a sharp snap. I had been counting on having more time to convince her that she didn’t need to die for love. I had only one choice now. I‘d have to fight for Bella even if it killed me.