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Alice has a violent vision of Bella's future and the Cullens consider changing Bella ahead of schedule. Jacob cannot bear the thought and considers war. After their decison Alice has strange visions of a silver-haired vampire and her mate.


3. Realization

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Bella’s POV

Edward sat stiffly in front of the television while watching the news. I could tell that he wasn’t really taking the newscaster’s drone in. I could tell that he was not registering what he was seeing.

Edward clearly had a lot on his mind. He sat oddly on the couch. He was as stiff as a board. It worried me that he was troubled. However, it also infuriated me.

Why was he leaving me in the dark? Why wasn’t he telling me how he was feeling? Why wouldn’t he voice his opinion or even try to discuss things with me? Did he think that I was a little kid? Did he feel that I wouldn’t be able to handle the truth? Did he think that I hadn’t noticed his and Alice’s little discussion? I had learned to examine situations more carefully. I noticed the nuances, emotions, and some of their secrets, even if they didn’t realize that I did.

It had been easy to spot Edward and Alice. They were still as statues for only seconds but, Jasper’s concerned glance at the two of them confirmed my fears. They had been discussing Alice’s new vision using only their minds . There was something that they were not telling me… again.

Hadn’t they learned that keeping things from me only made me more curious? Hadn’t they learned that their secrets only made me more keen to poke my nose where it did not belong?

Firstly, there was Edward himself. If Edward had not hinted at being something more sinister those first days we met I might had never questioned him further and we might not be engaged right now. I might have never looked up vampires online and I might have never tricked Jacob into telling me the age old tale of the cold ones. Then there was James. Keeping me misinformed of their plans only managed to nearly get me killed. And then there was Edward leaving me! He lied. He told me that he didn’t love me anymore! I jumped off of a cliff in response.

When would the Cullens learn?

I walked over to couch and eased next to Edward. I slid my arms around his waist. He stiffened. I nuzzled my chin against his shoulder. Edward looked down at me and frowned.

“You are up to something, Bella,” Edward said inflexibly. I did not respond. I merely shook my head and continued by running my nose across his neck. I pressed myself against him and kissed his cool marble cheek. Edward could not help but relax in my grip. He turned to face me and circled his arms around me. Although Edward smiled but his eyes gazed at me a little too hard. I could see strong emotions brewing deeply in his eyes.

I kissed him very softly on the mouth. I rested myself against Edward and let him hold me in his arms. I lifted the remote from the coffee table beside the sofa and pressed the POWER button. The television screen turned blank. I laid there for awhile, biding my time. Then I pounced.

“Edward is there something wrong?” He glared darkly at me.

“Edward?” He shook his head.

“Edward? Answer me.” I got no reply from him, instead he put his nose to my hair and deeply inhaled.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered sultrily. My heart beat immediately sped up and I was putty in his arms. Hey, I’m only human. Edward’s wrapped his arms around me more securely and he began to trail kisses up my arms, my neck, and to my cheeks.

“No, Edward,” I tried to sound firm but I only managed to whine quietly. He nipped me gently on the ear and I sighed in response. I tried to desperately to shake away the icy haze that was clouding my mind. I found myself giving up. Edward grinned my favorite crooked grin as he turned me to face him. He laid down on the couch and placed me on top of him. I kissed him gently on the lips again and again.

“Edward,” I said between kisses, “please tell me what’s going on.”

“Huh?” Edward was surprised that I had still even remembered to ask. His eyes widened as I straddled his hips and sat over him with my hands placed on either side of his head.

That’s right, Edward, I’m using my secret weapon.

Please?” I put emphasis on the word and tried my best to look pleading. “All I want to know is what’s going on… I love you so much, Edward, so, so much and you can’t even tell me one little thing, one teeny tiny thing.” I lowered my head down to Edward’s as if I were about to kiss him, then when we were millimeters apart, I coyly swung my mouth away from his slightly parted marble lips, kissing and biting at his neck. Edward closed his eyes and purred. His little plan to seduce me into forgetfulness has backfired, I thought gleefully. I ran my tongue along his cool skin. He tasted like heaven.

“Bella,” Edward whispered my name under his breath like a prayer.

“Yes?” I asked innocently.

“How am I- how am I going to talk with you if do that?” Edward let out a joyful little snarl as I flicked his earlobe with my tongue.

“What?” I asked, feigning stupidity. He groaned and I knew that I had him cornered.

“Get off of me Bella.”

“Huh?” I was close to laughter now.

“Off,” Edward said menacingly. His dark amber eyes pierced my own like razors. I immediately crawled out of his lap and sat beside him on the couch. He was still lying face up and was breathing a little hard.

“You do not have do that to get me to tell you things, Bella.”

“Yes, Edward, I do. You never tell me anything.”

“So you noticed me and Alice talking earlier.” Edward was not asking a question, he was making a statement. I nodded.

“You are too damn perceptive, Bella,” he said gruffly. I smiled at him widely.

“I know.”

Edward’s POV

Bella smiled at me hugely as we sat next to each other on the couch. She thought that she was clever, so smart… and well, she was. How her human eyes and reflexes had managed to catch the second long conversation between myself and Alice, I did not know. As I watched her grin girlishly at me I realized that she would make a more powerful vampire than I could ever comprehend. The image of her hunting and fighting alongside me, and…. How do I say this? The idea turned me on. A lot.

Bella casually ran her hands through her hair, twisting her thick mahogany locks over her shoulder. A small puff of air tossed her scent in my direction. Did she know how much her every movement made me want to ravish her on the spot? Did she know how much her every word and action threatened to push me over the edge? O! She doth teach the torches to burn bright.

I figured that I might as well tell Bella everything that I knew. She would definitely find out from Alice or maybe even Jasper, later.

“Bella, Alice’s vision was not only of what she said that she saw.”

“I know that, Edward.”

“She saw you-.”


“Having a battle with another vampire.”

“What? You mean, like, actually fighting? Me, fighting with a vampire? Wait, doesn’t that mean that I was a vampire, too!” I nodded at Bella grimly.

“It was quite vicious… and it wasn’t going well.”

“Oh.” Bella looked down at her hands. She seemed disappointed. “Was I fighting another girl vampire?” I nodded.

“She is a strange one. Rarely will you find a vampire with any pigment left in them, and yet, her skin is caramel in color. She was also young when she was changed. I’d guess she was seventeen or sixteen when she was bitten but, her hair is silver.”

“Do those things really matter?” Bella asked me.

“When you are a vampire you must take each and every factor into consideration. Carlisle, Esme, my siblings, and myself have golden or black eyes instead of the traditional red. It is something that seems small and might be overlooked, but this tiny trait tells so much about us. It shows that we are civilized and that we do not feed on humans. So yes, Bella, those things do matter, a lot.”

“What color were her eyes, then.”

“Silver,” I replied. In reaction to my response Bella’s face seemed to cave in on itself. She looked as if she were about to fall apart. I quickly hugged her and ran my hands through her hair.

“What’s wrong, my sweet?”

“What does this mean? Am I going to die Edward?”

“No, of course not, you little featherhead!” I joked lightly. I kissed her warm salty tears away. I laughed gently and lifted her into my lap. I smiled at her but in reality I did not know.

Bella’s POV

If I were mortally wounded and lying in a pool of my own blood and asked Edward if I was dying, I know for a fact that his answer would be a quick and smooth ‘no’. If I were diagnosed with some sort of horrible disease that even the transformation could not cure, and I was on my deathbed, Edward’s answer for me would still be ‘no’. I know that he is lying to me. I know that there is a strong possibility that my time with Edward will cut short by this silver haired, silver eyed vampiress. And I also know that Edward thinks that she is beautiful. He had a deep and stormy look when he told me the color of her eyes, it was the look that he had whenever she spoke about me. Even if he was not aware of it yet, Edward was in love with this mystery vampire. I would kill her when I saw her. As the line from Wuthering Heights goes; terror made me cruel….