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Don't Tell a Soul

As he awaits the Volturi's decision with regards to his assisted suicide request, Edward writes to his family to say goodbye. What do they think, when they finally receive the letters, days later? Just added: Edward's letter to Bella when he believed her to be dead.


4. Emmett

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Emmett never told a soul about the letter. But then, there wasn’t much to tell, since he hadn’t read it.

Edward never spent the nights at home anymore, and he never spent the days there either, so Emmett waited until the first, inevitable hunting trip. He waited weeks. Jasper had to go in the meantime, and although Emmett would have loved to go along, he declined. Rosalie went without him, but Carlisle and Esme stayed home, so he couldn’t bring it up then.

Finally, when Edward’s eyes were so dark they looked like pits of absolute nothingness, Emmett dragged him off hunting, just the two of them. They took the jeep. Emmett could understand why his brother didn’t want to leave Bella’s side after all that had happened, but some things were more important. If he didn’t feed soon, he’d be a danger to her, and he’d told him so. Of course, Edward was already aware of that – too aware, frankly. All he seemed to think about anymore was keeping Bella safe. Which just made it seem even more foolish, in Emmett’s opinion, that he hadn’t changed her yet.

“I’m aware of your opinion, Emmett,” Edward said coolly from the passenger’s seat. Emmett grinned over at him, figuring he was just sore because he wasn’t driving, for once. That thought earned him a deeper scowl.

He was pretty sure, though, that Bella wasn’t all Edward ever thought about. He must think about his family some, or why would he have written that letter? The one he’d kept in the glove compartment, unopened, since it had arrived a few days after Edward’s return.

Emmett’s expression didn’t change as Edward reached forward and opened the glove compartment in answer to his thoughts. “Didn’t figure you’d really want me to open that, since you came back in one piece,” he explained easily. And Edward smiled over at him, shaking his head. Emmett watched as he pocketed the letter.

“It didn’t say anything you don’t already know, anyway,” Edward responded. But when Emmett thought he might have liked to read it anyway, Edward smiled even wider and put the letter back in the glove compartment. They passed the rest of the trip in silence, and came home satiated and happy. Edward went into the house alone. Emmett stayed in the jeep.

Dear Emmett,

Normally, I’d think myself an idiot for letting Rosalie choose my best friend, but she did an excellent job. You aren’t here, though, and I can’t decide if that’s because you think I’m doing the right thing, or if someone else has prevented you. I can hardly imagine that second scenario.

But I know you won’t approve. You’ve probably already drafted the ‘overdramatic, romantic idiot’ speech you’ll give me if we ever see one another again. If you haven’t, get started. Carlisle swears the day will come. I’m trying hard to believe him. Wherever I land, it isn’t going to be much fun without you. But if you ever show up, I’ll agree to all the arm wrestling and racing you want, so, really, how bad can it be?

Trying to stay light-hearted about this isn’t working for me. When I left her, it hurt more than anything I’d ever imagined, but this – I’m already dead. Wherever she is, half of me – the best half – is already there. Understand that this is no one’s fault but mine. I love you. I love the whole family. But this is the only ending I can imagine, now.


Emmett sat in the jeep a while longer before folding up the letter and putting it back in the glove compartment. Edward had been right – there was nothing in there that he didn’t already know. Except just the one thing. He hadn’t known that Edward would go to so much trouble to try and be light-hearted for his sake. For some reason that hit him harder than the rest.