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Guitar Freak

Emmett can't beat a song on Guitar Hero 3. It sounds dumb and it is. One-shot

I thought of this while i was playing gh3. I wanted to post something since i hadn't i a long time and this was the first story to pop into my mind. I want to thank awsomealice94 fo helping me post my first story, so thanks! That's about it. Enjoy! Disclaimer: I own nothing!

1. Chapter 1

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"God! I cannot beat this song!" Emmett yelled out losing Raining Blood on the new Guitar Hero 3 for the twentieth time. He had just gotten the game two days ago and had already beaten it on every single level. He just needed to beat every song on hyper speed.

"Give it up already! You already beat it on expert! You don't need to beat it on hyper speed!" His not so relaxed brother Jasper chuckled from two floors above.

"You will in about four hours! Just calm down" Alice recalled from a vision she had about an hour ago. Emmett's beautiful wife was pretty pissed off at him though.

"Emmett Cullen, I am tired of hearing that song! Just give it a rest! Play something else."

She was by him in a second with another thought in mind. "Honey, why don't you come upstairs with me for a little bit? I can wear that new outfit I bought at Victoria’s Secret," she whispered playfully in his ear. Emmett paused for a second considering the thought for a minute. He was interrupted by Edward before he could make up his mind.

"Rosalie, no! I would rather hear that song for another four hours than both of your little thoughts in bed for one hour!" The mind-reader called from his room that was blasting music.

Emmett nodded his head in agreement. He wanted to beat the song so bad, he was willing to give up his time with his infuriated wife. He was so close to finishing the solo that he could taste it. He looked at Rosalie with apology in them.

"Fine! Play your stupid game! I'm going to join Esme and Carlisle hunting," she stormed out the door.

Four hours later

"Ugh! Alice I thought you said that I would beat in four hours!" Emmett whined. He listened but heard nothing in the house.

"Hello? Hello? Anyone home?" He bellowed in the house. He head stirring in Edward's room.

"I'm here. Alice and Jasper went to go shopping in Port Angelas about two hours ago," he now stood next to Emmett holding a guitar in his arms now.

"Want to go head to head?" Edward challenged him, knowing that he would accept.

"You sure you want to play big bro? You've never played before so I'll go easy on you," Emmett snickered.

"Sure, go easy on me and see what happens," Edward ended up kicking Emmett's butt ten nothing. He knew he was going to win and chuckled at the thought. Alice hadn't seen Emmett winning, she saw Edward winning to that annoying song and whooping Emmett at his own game.

"Since you're so good, beat Raining Blood on expert on hyper speed," Emmett mumbled.

The beginning started and that was easy. The solo was tough, even with vampire eyes; it was hard to read the lines. He did it though, on his first try, just as Alice had predicted.

"Wh...wha...what just happened?" Emmett huffed out seeing that he beat it.

"Beat that score," Edward smiled cunningly.

"How did you do that?" Emmett bombarded him with questions about his secrets until the next day when everyone came home.

"Did you finally beat it Emmett?" A still angry Rosalie asked him as she walked through the door.

"No, he did," he pointed to Edward sitting on the couch reading a book," I'm done playing with that game. Want to go upstairs?" Emmett pleaded her.

"No, you had your chance yesterday, but you decided a game was more important than me," she flipped her blonde hair in his face and turned around.

"But honey, I will be with you for the rest of eternity, I would only play that game for a while," he begged her.

"No," she walked into the backyard and that was the end of it.

"Damn,"Emmett mumbled under his breath.

"No cussing Emmett!" Esme warned from the front door.

"Sorry mom," Emmett apologized and ran to the backyard behind his beloved wife.

He would get Rosalie. He was determined to, Emmett Cullen was sure of it.