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A Broken Wing

Jacob meets someone in the forest after he runs away. Can this person help him get over his infatuation with Bella, without breaking his heart herself? How does the rest of the pack respond to this newcomer?

Second story! :] I'm really excited about this one. It's going to be relatively short, I'm planning on five chapters, give or take a couple. Everything belongs to Stephenie Meyer :] Thanks for giving us such amazing stories to write about!

2. Revelation

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The girl smiled up at Jake, extending her hand for him to shake it. “Hi! My name is Ellen. You must be the mysterious disappearing Jacob, I presume?” When he just stared, open-mouthed at the offer, she pulled back her hand and ran it through her hair. “Nice to meet you, too,” she muttered sarcastically.

Embry looked up at Jacob. “You okay, Jake?” He asked, pulling Ellen closer. Her grin made it apparent that she did not mind the proximity of their bodies at all.

“Why are you here?” Jacob asked bluntly, ignoring everyone else.

Leah growled from her place on the other side of Ellen. “She’s my pen pal. Her parents decided to travel Europe for the year. We have been meaning to meet each other for a while so she is staying with my family for the year, maybe longer. She graduated high school two years ago, and she blatantly refuses to go to college. Ellen likes to draw, and sells her paintings to pay for whatever she needs. Got a problem with that?”

She was standing and trembling slightly. Sam narrowed his eyes at her, “Leah, sit.” She sat immediately, and Ellen reached out to pat her hand. The trembling soon subsided, but Embry continued to eye Leah cautiously.

Jacob nodded, not taking his eyes off the new girl. “So, does she know-”

“Jake!” Sam cut him off sharply, rising. “C’mon. We need to talk.” Without waiting for Jacob’s response, he strode out of the circle of light, back to the forest. Jacob rolled his eyes and followed.

“Hey, Paul? Can you pass the marshmallows?” He heard Ellen ask behind him.

Sam stopped just inside the trees. “She doesn’t know.” He said, looking back towards the welcoming fire. “Embry didn’t imprint. They’re just dating.”

“Then why is she here?” Jacob responded, angrily.

“Because not everyone imprints, and Embry is going to take a chance and actually get a love life. There is no problem with that. You tried to, when Bell-”

“Don’t talk about her!” Jake snarled, trying to keep his voice low, yet failing miserably. “It’s bad enough that this Ellen character looks so much like her, and I don’t need you rubbing it in-”

“I’m not rubbing it in. You’re the one that ran away for weeks, and now you’re throwing everything out of proportion!” Sam shouted, his body convulsing involuntarily. Jacob found himself in the same predicament, as they both tried to control their anger.

However, within seconds, they both found themselves as huge, furry wolves. Snarling, they lunged for each other.

You need to stop thinking about Bella, Jake!” Sam shouted in his mind. “You’re going to drive yourself - and everyone around you - crazy.”

The thought was met with renewed fury from Jacob, who attempted to take a bite out of Sam’s shoulder.

Hey! In case you haven’t forgotten, Ellen is in hearing distance, and if Embry holds her any closer she’s going to suffocate!” Leah’s frantic voice joined theirs as she ran into them. Although significantly smaller, she wedged herself between them, growling and snapping her jaws menacingly. “She’s started to get worried. I had to cook up one hell of a lie to come interfere. Now kiss and make up, you can finish this on a day when there isn’t a vulnerable human around.”

Jacob bared his teeth at Leah, and was about to attack her when Sam phased back. Leah shut her eyes against his nakedness, and Jacob saw images rush through her mind that he did not necessarily need to see. “Leah!”

Sorry…” she whimpered, running back in the direction of the fire. Her presence soon left him as she, too, phased back.

“Jacob,” Sam started, putting on his pants, “I’m sorry about Bella. But there is nothing else we can do. We are not going to crash their wedding. We are not going to interfere with her life anymore. They moved to Alaska a week ago, and we are not going to follow them. You need to get over it.” Without another word, he turned and went the same direction Leah had gone.

Jacob lay down on the cool ground, putting his head between his paws and wallowing in his self-pity. It hurt that Ellen had to resemble Bella so much. What was worse was that Embry had gotten her first. His ears perked as laughter erupted from the group, followed by a girly squeal. “Eww! Seth! I’ll be washing the marshmallow out of my hair for weeks!”

He got up with a sigh and reluctantly phased back. After shoving his pants on, he unwillingly went back to the fire. It was going to take some time and a lot of hurting, but he had to move on with his life. For Bella’s sake.