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A Broken Wing

Jacob meets someone in the forest after he runs away. Can this person help him get over his infatuation with Bella, without breaking his heart herself? How does the rest of the pack respond to this newcomer?

Second story! :] I'm really excited about this one. It's going to be relatively short, I'm planning on five chapters, give or take a couple. Everything belongs to Stephenie Meyer :] Thanks for giving us such amazing stories to write about!

4. Hope

Rating 5/5   Word Count 2277   Review this Chapter

Ellen had curled up on the couch in front the television. There was a small pile of used tissues on the floor next to her, and warm blankets covered almost every inch of her body. She shuddered for a minute before a huge sneeze racked her body. Embry walked into the living room, grinning.

“Hey, Elle, you feeling any better?” He bent down to place his hand on her forehead, causing her to groan slightly and reach up to hold his hand there.

“You’re so warm,” she mumbled, leaning against his warmth.

“I can stay, if you want me to,” Embry offered, gently retracting his hand and sitting beside Ellen.

“No, Quil is going to need all the help he can get. Toddlers plus sugar equals trouble. Besides, Leah is coming over soon,” before the words were out of her mouth, the doorbell rang once and Leah danced in with a bag of movies.

“Don’t worry, Ellen! I brought the perfect Halloween treat: movies and popcorn!” She put the bag down next to the tissues and smiled down at her friend. “You look awful. Have you even made an attempt to brush your hair?”

Ellen just rolled her eyes and pulled the blanket up past her ears.

“Are you sure you want me to go? Seth and Collin are free tonight, and I am sure I can tear Brady away from his computer for a few hours. They would not mind hanging out with a bunch of little kids,” Embry asked, tugging on the blanket.

“Just go ahead, Embry. I’ll be oh-” she sneezed “-Kay. Have fun, and make sure Quil doesn’t end up suffocating Claire trying to hide her from anything scary.” Ellen pulled the blanket down to respond and then covered herself with it again. Embry laughed and stood up.

“Well, I guess I will leave you two to your movies. What are you watching, anyways?” He stooped down and reached into the bags, looking at the DVDs. He flipped through them, shooting a glare at Leah when he stopped at one. “Blood and Chocolate?” he accused with a hiss. “What are you thinking?”

Ellen had pulled the blanket down again at the sound of Embry’s reaction. Leah flushed a little bit before shrugging.

“Hey, I like Blood and Chocolate. The wolves are gorgeous,” Ellen commented with a sigh. Embry pursed his lips, although he had a small smile on his face.

“Alright, have fun, then. My cell will be on. Just give me a call if you need anything. I’ll be back before eight,” he bent down to kiss her forehead, shot another glare at Leah, and then left. The door closed with a click and Leah watched out the window.

“Okay, he’s gone!” Ellen threw back the blankets with Leah’s confirmation and jumped off the couch.

“Awesome, girl’s night in!” she laughed, eyes sparkling. She grabbed a bag of popcorn and danced into the kitchen, sticking it into the microwave and turning it on. “Make sure the outside light is off, we don’t want any trick-or-treaters interrupting the movie,” she called back to Leah.

“All set!” Leah called back, joining her in the kitchen. “Emily will be here soon, she had to talk Sam out of staying home, too. Kim is going out to a movie with Jared, so it will just be the three of us for the evening.”

The microwave beeped and Ellen grabbed the bag, dropping it when it burned her finger. “Ouch!” she exclaimed, sticking her finger in her mouth with a glare at the popcorn bag. Leah laughed and picked it up, ripping it open and dumping the contents into the bowl on the counter. The doorbell rang, and Leah dropped the bag into the bowl, throwing off the balance and sending the bowl clattering to the floor as she ran off to answer the door excitedly. Ellen sighed and bent down to pick up the little pieces of scattered popcorn.

“Let me guess; Leah got excited and tipped it over.” Emily appeared next to Ellen on the floor, assisting in the clean up effort.

“Wow, are you a mind reader or something?” Ellen teased back. The two girls laughed.

“Hey! Is the popcorn ready? We have limited time here, folks. Only two hours of girl time before we return to the rest of the paternally ruled world!” Leah’s impatient voice broke through the laughter. Emily and Ellen glanced at each other before they burst out into another fit of laughter and popped another bag of popcorn into the microwave.


“No! Don’t leave her!” Ellen was on her feet, hands in the air, tears pouring down her face. “She didn’t do anything wrong, she was trying to protect you!” Aiden had just left Vivian after finding out she was a werewolf, about an hour into Blood and Chocolate.

“Jeeze, Elle! What are you going on about?” Leah had reentered after making more popcorn, tossing pieces into the air and catching them in her mouth every time.

“She didn’t want to tell him because she loved him, and she was afraid that he wouldn’t love her if he found out. She didn’t want him to be afraid of her. And he is, but he shouldn’t be! She’s the kindest one of them, the one that can control her phasing the most,” she slumped back into the couch dismally, not noticing the worried look Leah and Emily shared.

“Do you always get caught up in movies like this?” Emily inquired nervously.

“No, only some of them. This one just makes me plain miserable in some parts.”

Leah coughed, trying not very hard to mask her, “Loser,” comment. Ellen heard and she huffed defensively, picking up the nearly full bowl of popcorn and chucking them one by one at her friend. The girls began to laugh as a full out popcorn-pillow war erupted, only to be interrupted by the doorbell.

“I thought you turned off the outside light, Leah!” Ellen indicted, standing to answer the door, the movie long since forgotten. As she opened the door, she gasped. “Jacob? What are you doing here?”

“I, um... is that popcorn?” He asked, brushing past her to the living room. Leah’s eyes widened and Emily shrunk down in the couch. Jake had just seemed to realize they were there, although he appeared unperturbed. “Oh. Is this a bad time? I was looking for Embry.” He reached down and picked up the almost empty popcorn bowl, dumping the rest in his mouth.

Ellen slapped her forehead. “Why would he be here on Halloween? You know he was going out to help Quil take Claire’s friends trick-or-treating. And would you mind not eating all of our popcorn?” She snatched the bowl away, setting it on the side table. Emily stood up, hitting the stop button on the remote.“Well, I guess I had better get going. Sam won’t like it if he gets home and I am not there. I’ll see you guys later,” she hurried from the house, casting a worried glance to Ellen on her way out.

Leah stood, meaning to follow Emily. “Hang on a sec, Leah.” Jacob said. She stopped, taking a deep breath. She really did not want to talk to him right now.

“Yes?” she asked, irritably.

“I was, well, thinking-”

“There’s a surprise.” Leah retorted, cutting him off.

Jacob narrowed his eyes dangerously, clenching his fists as Ellen watched anxiously. “I was going to say that maybe we could work things out between us so we aren’t fighting all the time, but I think I just changed my mind.”

Ellen slapped her forehead again. “This is so silly! Can’t we just sit down and talk about this? You have no idea how similar you two are, and it is driving me crazy. I can’t just sit around and watch you fight all the time!”

Leah’s eyes widened even more. “You told him?!” She accused, gaping.

“No, no! I would never do that. I was just trying to help him get back on his feet, and I suggested being more open with people, honest!” Ellen was almost begging, and Leah seemed to buy it.

“Fine. Let’s talk.” She grimaced, sitting down again. Jacob looked at Ellen pleadingly. She rolled her eyes and sat down next to Leah, motioning to the chair near the couch.

“Okay, so it’s obvious that both of you have had some – err, relationship problems,” Both Leah and Jacob winced noticeably. Ellen trudged on, “Maybe you can help each other through this. Just by, I don’t know, being open with each other. I can’t force you, but it might turn out better than expected.” And she was not expecting anything to go right. She was expecting a complete and total disaster.

Leah crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at Jake. “What makes you think our “problems” are even remotely similar?”

“Well, think about it. You loved Sam with all of your heart. Without any notice, he left you for Emily, your cousin and best friend in the whole world. Yet you still get along with Emily. Jacob, you loved Bella so very much, yet she left you for some other guy. From what I’ve gathered, you two aren’t the best of friends, necessarily, but you both still share one thing in common; you care about Bella,” she was at the edge of her seat, becoming wrapped up in her logic. “See? You both loved someone, and they left for someone else. You can relate to each other.”

Jacob was looking everywhere except at the two other people in the room. “You’re right, I guess our situations are kind of the same…” his eyes snapped to Leah, however, when she commented on Ellen’s logic. She was staring at him with so many emotions in her eyes that they were unreadable.

Jake nodded, averting his eyes once again. “I guess. But losing Bella was a lot more devastating then your little crush on Sam.” Ellen groaned and Leah let out a hiss of breath.

“You get so wrapped up in her that you forget the rest of the world is revolving around you!” Leah was on her feet, shouting at him. “You don’t realize that there are so many other people that care about you, some that might even love you!” She clamped her mouth shut and covered it with her hands. A bright flush crept up to her cheeks, but the damage was done. The room was silent for a moment before Leah took a small, shuddering breath and ran outside. Jake and Ellen just stared after her, eyes wide.

“Did she just…?”

Ellen nodded solemnly, still in shock. “She really cares about you, but she’s just frustrated that you never seem to take her seriously. And she expresses her frustration through anger.” She sighed, falling back into the cushions. “You really shouldn’t push her, Jake.”

He just blinked. “I… I never would have guessed. She only ever thinks about Sam…”

“I know that this might be asking for a lot, Jake, but maybe you can try to get along with her? It would sure make her happy if you just asked her to a movie as friends. You can even get a whole group together, I don’t know. Maybe if you cheer her up, you will cheer yourself up in the process. You don’t have to forget Bella, but think; would she actually want you to be this miserable?”

Jacob shook his head, biting his lip. “I don’t know if I like her, I mean Leah, that way. I’m not sure if I can ever love someone like that again.” Ellen looked at him morosely and then rose to give him a hug, which he gratefully accepted.

“Do me a favor,” she whispered in his ear, “Give it a chance; try to be happy.” She backed away, returning to her seat. “Please?” Jake nodded with a sigh.

“Fine, I’ll ask her to the movies. As long as you can convince the rest of the pa- I mean, everyone else to come too.” She smiled and nodded.

“Now hurry up and catch up to her. Make sure you apologize, too!”

“Okay, and thanks a lot, Elle. You are a lifesaver. Really.”

“Don’t mention it. Now shoo!” He grinned and ran out the door. Smiling to herself, Ellen picked up the remote and pressed play, determined to finish the movie.


It was almost exactly eight o’clock when Embry walked through the door. Ellen was fast asleep on the couch, the remote slipping precariously out of her fingers. The credits had already finished, and the DVD had looped back to the opening screen. Embry chuckled to himself as he placed the bag of candy on the kitchen counter. He picked up the remote, placing on the table before picking up Ellen to bring her into the room they had shared for the past two weeks. As soon as he picked her up, she snuggled closer to his warm body. “Embry?” She mumbled with her eyes still closed.

“Right here, Elle,” he whispered, kissing her nose. She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“How was trick-or-treating?”

“Fun, I guess. Not as fun as it would have been if you were there. Claire was Pocahontas.”

“That’s nice. We had a popcorn fight.”

Embry shook with suppressed laughter. “Leah didn’t mention that. We met up with her and Jake on our way home. They asked if we wanted to go to the movies tomorrow night. I agreed to go, is that okay?”

She kissed him gently as the reached their bedroom. “Perfect.” Embry smiled down at her as he laid her down on the bed, setting himself down carefully next to her. “Hey, Embry?” her voice barely rose above a whisper as she fought to hold onto consciousness.


“I love you,”

He beamed, tracing her jaw with a finger. “I love you, too, Ellen. I’m so happy you came to live on La Push.” She was asleep by his last word.