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A Broken Wing

Jacob meets someone in the forest after he runs away. Can this person help him get over his infatuation with Bella, without breaking his heart herself? How does the rest of the pack respond to this newcomer?

Second story! :] I'm really excited about this one. It's going to be relatively short, I'm planning on five chapters, give or take a couple. Everything belongs to Stephenie Meyer :] Thanks for giving us such amazing stories to write about!

5. Ignorance is Bliss

Rating 3/5   Word Count 867   Review this Chapter

Embry and Ellen walked along the beach in the dark, hand in hand, towards the already-huge fire. There was a chill breeze despite the fact that it was late spring - nearly June. It was almost pitch-black, and the forest next to them seemed to make it all the more ominous. As if Ellen was in any danger with Embry there. Psh.

“Is there a weekend where you guys don’t have a bonfire?” She teased.

“Umm… Let me think… Nope!” Embry joked back, tracing the veins in her hand with his thumb. “Come on, before they start telling the stories,”

“But we’ve heard them all so many times already…” Ellen whined, smirking. “There are so many better things we can do,” she nudged him with her elbow.

“Oh, really?” Before she had time to answer, Embry had smashed his lips against hers, pushing her back to a nearby tree.

It took a moment for her to realize what had happened, and she whimpered softly when she did. His tongue lightly grazed her top lip, and she opened her mouth, tasting his scent blissfully. Embry’s hands wrapped around her waist, and he tugged on the hem of her shirt. When his warm fingers touched her skin, Ellen tried to suppress a moan, and he smiled at her response. He intensified the kiss, running his hands up her back and fingering her bra clasp. This time she could not hold back the moan of pleasure at his touch.

Suddenly Ellen froze, her ears twitching. She broke away and asked breathily, “Did… did you hear that?”

Embry, not paying attention, continued his kisses down her neck. “Hear what?”

She put her hand in front of his lips as they returned to kiss hers. “I thought I heard a growl,” she whispered, eyes darting around, yet not seeing anything in the darkness.

That got his attention. “What do you mean a growl?” he asked, assuming a protective stance. His eyes narrowed, and he was trembling, ready to phase at a moment’s notice.

“I don’t know. I think it came from the direction of everyone else. Do you think they will be okay?” Ellen wrapped her arms around his. Her heart was beating furiously and her breath was coming fast and short. There was a movement behind them, and they both wheeled around to stare into the obsidian-black eyes of a russet wolf. It bared its teeth, and it was snarling menacingly. Ellen gasped in surprise.

“Embry, look! It’s the wolf I have been telling you about. The one that I saw in the woods, and-”

“Get out of here, Jake,” Embry said evenly, ignoring Ellen as he moved her protectively behind her. Jacob growled menacingly in response.

“Embry? What’s going on? What does Jake have to do with this?” Ellen asked. Her voice was small and scared when she realized the wolf was not as friendly as it had been before. Embry winced and turned to improvise some sort of explanation.

Jacob saw this as his moment to act and lunged for the pair. Ellen screamed as he flew through the air towards them and Embry pushed her away. She closed her eyes as she met the ground, a jolt of pain running down her arm when she landed on her shoulder. When she opened her eyes, small pieces of fabric were falling around her like snow during a blizzard. She reached out to catch one, almost in a daze, but dropped it as if it were a hot coal with a cry; it was a piece of the shirt Embry had been wearing.

Ellen looked back to where he had been standing a moment before, and instead of a bloody mess, there were two wolves snapping at each other. The new, dark brown one had its ears back, and although it was slightly smaller than the first one, it was still enormous. It stood the closest to her, almost protectively; its huge paws were only about a yard from where she lay. It looked back at her quickly and shook its head towards the fire before turning its attention back to the brawl.

Ellen wasted no time in scrambling to her feet and running back to the rest of the group. She stumbled into view clutching her shoulder with tears running down her dusty cheeks. Leah rushed over to her, guiding her injured friend to an empty spot on a log.

“What happened to you?”

Ellen, however, was a slave to her own thoughts. What if Embry was that second wolf? She thought frantically. He had called the russet colored one Jacob. He was nowhere to be seen either. It made no sense, but it was better than assuming Embry was brutally murdered. Besides, there was less evidence for that. She shook her head, trying to sort out the thoughts.

She raised her head, looking around the fire at the people she had come to think of as her family. Except for Kim and Emily, they were all the same as Jacob and Embry; even Leah. They were tall, muscular, and very warm. She was vaguely aware of Leah shaking her. Sam was looking at her somberly. He nodded his head once, seeming to read her thoughts, and Ellen gasped. “Embry… Everyone… Wolves…” She mumbled, and promptly blacked out.