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The Cullen’s must leave Forks, however this time they take Bella with them. They begin in a new school and the first day Edward notices something different about one of their classmates. Danger unfolds as the classmate past comes back in search of revenge. Bella, the Cullen’s, and the classmate must work together to survive as once again their lives are put in danger.


1. Leaving

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I was having one of those awful days when nothing seems to go your way. Today was a sunny day in Forks and so I couldn’t go to school and be with my beloved Bella. Emmett and Jasper were asking me when the ‘ever so important day’ as they put it, would be every chance they got. They were referring to the day that I would kill my angle and damn her to the life that I have, the day that I would take away her heart beat and condemn her to being a monster for the rest of her existence.

Of course I wanted to be with Bella forever. That was not why I was putting off changing her, I was being selfish and I knew it. I didn’t want to give up watching her sleep, hearing her heart speed up every time I got close to her, looking into her rich brown eyes, holding her while she slept, or even watching her eat. I loved Bella and not simply because of her humanness, I loved Bella because she was my angle, the only one who could bring a smile to my face on a day like this.

“Edward!!!” Alice’s screaming interrupted my thoughts. Less then a second later the door to my room burst open and standing in front of me was a sobbing Alice. If she could cry, tears would be staining her face.

“What is it?” I was worried that I didn’t really want to know what her answer was going to be.

“Bella…vision….we need to leave!” She stumbled as she pulled these words together and I realized that I was correct in not wanting to know what she had seen.

“Show me”, was all I could mange. I was petrified of what I would find in her mind, however, I needed to know for Bella’s sake and our families.

Victoria was running along with three other male vampires. The tallest had a girl sling over his shoulders. My mind clicked and I realized the girl was Bella, and the vampires were the Volturi. The group entered a clearing…it was Bella and my meadow. Caius set, almost threw, Bella to the ground with a pleased look on his face as she began to realize what was about to happen.

She looked up at the four of them and cried out, “Edward will come! He will kill you!” The tears had started to form in her eyes.

Aro glided over to her and bent down just inches from her face. “Ah but my dear, Edward wont be saving you. In fact he won’t be doing much of anything anymore.” He smiled as if to reassure her. His smile only prompted the tears to spill from her eyes with great force.

“No! What have you done to my Edward?! Tell me!” Caius then smiled as if being amused by what was happing. Bella just sat there on the ground crying with all of her might not even attempting to run away from the four vampires who were there to change her or worse kill her.

“It will all be over soon! If only you’re silly Edward had done as we commanded none of this would have happened. You two would have been together forever. Instead I’m forced to kill you.” His face still had its smile plastered on it, however, he did look annoyed as though he wished he didn’t have to kill Bella but had no choose.

“What have you done to Edward?!” Bella for once worry about your self and run! But it was too late.

Aro brought his head down to just below her jawbone as he whispered, “My dear Edward isn’t something that you should worry yourself with right now” into her ear, she began to shake, “you have much more pressing things to think about.”

She just looked up into his eyes and said “Without Edward there is no reason for me to live.”

He smiled as he responded, “Then you wont have to worry about that much longer.” He brought his head down lower and angled it ever so slightly, as he sunk his teeth into her beautiful neck, Bella screamed and cried with all her might and then become motionless and slumped over. Her eyes glazed over and she whispered, “I love you Edward. I’m so sorry.” And then her heart stopped.

Aro looked toward Victoria and said, “Thank you for informing us about the boys delay to change the girl.”

“NO! Oh, no! It can’t happen. We won’t let it happen. Oh, Alice we need to stop this from happening!!” The look of Bella’s face, empty of everything but sadness and pain was still flashing in my mind along with her glazed over eyes never to shine bright or look into mine again.

“Edward don’t worry we wont let it happen. I promise you as I’m sure the rest of us do that we will do everything we can to prevent my vision from coming true.” As I looked around my room I noticed that the rest of my family was there. They all looked at me agree with Alice either through nodding their head or the look in their eyes.

“We won’t let anything happen to her Edward.” I was surprised to realize who was talking as I connected the voice to Rosalie.

“We should go get her from school.” Carlisle had suggested to me. I was to lost in Alice’s vision, to angry at what I had just seen to think of what I should do, all I would process in my mind was what couldn’t happened and that was Bella dieing. “Alice go with Jasper and pick up Bella as Edward fills us in.”

Alice gave me a quick hug before turning and walking out of room. I could hear her and Jasper running down the stairs, opening the front door and starting one of the cars. It sounded as though they were driving over 100 mph out the drive way.

Bella’s Point of View

What a boring day! I hate sunny days because I don’t get to see my god like boyfriend or his stunning sister, my best friend. Lunch had been boring as Jessica informed the whole table about her new kitten, Mr. Whiskers.

There was only two hours left until school was over and I would be able to see Edward. I tried to pay attention to the lesson the teacher was trying to get across but the information seemed to go in one ear and not register in my brain.

Ring Ring Ring The classroom phone had startled me out of a daydream I was having about Edward.

“Hello…Yes...Oh of course…I’ll send her right away!” The teacher began to walk toward the back of the room and then stopped suddenly at my desk and bent down. “Bella dear, I’m sorry to have to tell you but your Aunt Amy just passed away. Your father sent Alice to pick you up. She is waiting for you in the office to take you home.”

I don’t have an Aunt Amy in fact I had no aunts, only uncles. I figured Alice really needed to talk to me if she was faking a relative’s death just to get me out of school. I immediately made my face look as sad as I could get it and I said “I guess I should...umm…go…” I got up appearing to be in a daze, gathered my belongings and walked out the door.

No sooner had I closed the door then I was running to the office. I wondered what was so important! As the office came into view and I got closer I remembered that I had just lost a beloved family member and mustered up some fake tears for show. I opened the door and walked in. I immediately saw Alice sitting in one of the chairs and the secretary looking sad for me. Alice hopped up and quickly walked over to me, hugging me she whispered in my ear to low for anyone other then myself to hear “I’ll explain in the car, for now just go along with it.”

As Alice let me go I looked into her eyes and saw true sadness, however, she promised to tell me everything and so I turned and walked out of the office without another word. Alice followed me after speaking to the secretary. She caught up to me in no time and led me quickly to Edwards Volvo. I was glad that the sun had decided to hid itself for a couple of hours so that Alice could come get me but I was to interested in what she was going to say to point out how lucky she was.

“Get in”, Alice held open the back door for me and I slipped in. It wasn’t until I was in the car that I noticed Jasper sitting in the front seat. Before I knew it Alice was behind the wheel, turning the car on.

“What’s going on?” We were in the car and thus time for her to explain.

“Edward should tell you.” Jasper spoke without turning around to look at me. What was going on, why wouldn’t they tell me?

“No, I want to know now!” I looked right at Alice demanding an answer.

“Now is not a time for you stubbornness. Please Bella just let us take you home and have Edward tell you.” She sounded as though she was begging me and so I let the matter drop…for now.

She must have been driving over a 100 mph because we were already at the Cullen house. Alice was in fact already opening my door helping me get out of the car. She gave me her hand and I took it as she led me to the door. She smiled a weak little smile and I noticed that Jasper was walking not far behind us. I was starting to get nervous and uneasy about what was going on.

Alice opened the door and walked us through. The rest of the family was sitting on the couch in the family room. Everyone seemed really upset and uneasy as my eyes met there’s. Rosaline didn’t even look up. Emmett had his arm around Edward who, upon seeing me enter, swiftly walked over to me and embraced me in a hug.

“What is going on?” I wanted answers now, but I didn’t want to upset Edward who already looked as though he had all the bad news he could deal with. “I know that I don’t have an Aunt Amy.” Edward looked a little confused before looking toward Alice and nodding slightly.

“Bella.” Edward looked as though he was struggling for words, and while I was enjoying him not being perfect I still wanted to know what was going on.

“Yes?” I didn’t want to push him but I was getting impatient.

“Bella, Alice had a vision of you. And well it didn’t go so well. In fact you were killed.” I could see that his face was twisted with indecision of if he should have told me the truth or not.

“Who?” I was trying to make this easier for him but I still wanted for information.

“It looks as though Victoria decided to go to the Volturi for her revenge. She told them that I haven’t changed you and they have come to kill you.” Again his face looked as though he thought that he had given me too much information.

“When? How long do we have?” It wasn’t an unreasonable question I thought but as soon as the words were out of my month Edwards face went stiff.

“Bella we need to leave Forks now.” Carlisle stepped in noticing how hard this was for Edward. Wait…he said leave.

“Edward you promised me you were never going to leave me! You promised me never again. I can’t go through that again!”

“No, no Bella. You’re going with us. We all need to leave Forks right now.” A wave of relief brushed through me as I looked up into Edwards golden eyes. He bent his head down and touched his icy cold lips ever so gently to my forehead.

“Charlie?” I couldn’t help but allow his name to slip from my lips. I had just registered that I would be leavening Forks, my new home, the place I meant Edward, and the place that my father lived.

“It’s safer this way. He can’t know that you’re leavening until you’re gone.” Edward looked into my eyes as he said this trying to see if I would collapse from emotional pain. I knew that I might never see my dad again but if i didnt act now I would lose Edward. It was simply the lesser of two evils in my mind. I know that Charlie will forgive but I dont know if i could forgive myself if I allowed Edward to leave without me. I simply looked back into his eyes and said, “Then now it is.”

With that Carlisle started to assign jobs to everyone expect Edward and I. We were still standing where we had been since Edward stopped hugging me. Both his arms wrapped around my waist, my arms tangled around his neck and we were looking up at each other. “Where are we going?”

“Jackman, Maine. We have a house up there that isn’t much different from this one. In fact Jackman isn’t much different from Forks.” His eyes looked into mine as he bent his head down and pressed his lips softly against mine. My heart speed up and he seemed to smile as he pulled his head up.

“Time to go! The cars are all loaded and expect for you two were already to go.” Alice handed a bag to Edward with some of his stuff in it. “I packed what you wanted.” And with that she left us and walked out the door with a smile on her face. Edward dropped his other hand from my waist and looked at me.

“Ready to go to your new home?” I smiled at the thought of living with the Cullen’s.

“I’ve been ready.” I took one more look around at the grand piano, the wall size window, and the winding staircase. I took Edwards hand and he led me out the door towards his car.