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The Cullen’s must leave Forks, however this time they take Bella with them. They begin in a new school and the first day Edward notices something different about one of their classmates. Danger unfolds as the classmate past comes back in search of revenge. Bella, the Cullen’s, and the classmate must work together to survive as once again their lives are put in danger.


10. Games

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“Ok I’m board!” Alice was shouting up the stairs at all of us. “I said I’m board! Hello!” She was waiting for us to come entertain her. It was night now and everyone had taken their shower undoing their makeover, well makedown.

“So?” I couldn’t help but leave my room and stand at the top of the stairs and yell at her. My parents had gone on their anniversary cruise, as they always do, yesterday and I told them that I was staying at a friend’s house.

“So! Come down and we’ll play a game!” Alice had her hands on her hips and she looked to be angry at me for asking. Jasper came running out of his room and dashed past me down the stairs to pick up Alice. “Emmett, Rosalie, and Edward!! NOW!” Wow she was bossy when she was board.

“Ha! You have no idea!” Edward had walked past me and had apparently heard my mind, “You might as well join us or else she’ll come up and get you.” I was tempted to see pixie Alice try to come up and get me but decided against it and started downstairs.

“EMMETT!!” Someone ran past me almost throwing me off the stairs followed by Rosalie.

“What did he do?” Edward was walking behind me and Rosalie stopped on the stairs to stare at Edward.

“What else? He apparently put a dent in my car!” I just laughed a little and continued walking down the stairs and into the living room. Alice was in Jasper’s lap on one of the sofas; Emmett was sitting on a chair almost curled into a ball repeating, ‘I’m sorry!’ I sat down on the empty sofa and smiled at Alice.

“What are we playing?” Her face light up and she smiled back at me.

“Not truth or dare Alice!” Edward had walked in and had read her mind before sitting on the other side of the sofa I was on. Rosalie hit Emmett upside the head before sitting on his lap.

“Oh! Truth or dare!!” Emmett had begun to jump up and down in his seat and Rosalie did not look like she was having fun.

“Truth or dare!” Jasper was also looking happy about the prospect of the game.

“Looks like its truth or dare dear brother!” Alice mocked Edward and then laughed. “Ok I’ll go first! Emmett truth or dare?” I just sat there on the sofa. Why were vampires playing truth or dare?

“Dare!” Alice started giggling and her face twisted into an evil look.

“I dare you to eat a whole chocolate bar!” I just looked around at all of their faces. Everyone looked totally grossed out and horrified. Emmett looked like someone just punched him in the face. I resisted the urge to ask what was so dareish about it.

“We…we don’t have chocolate!” Emmett finished his sentence with a smile but it was soon wiped away as Alice produced a chocolate bar out of her pocket. “You had a vision!”

“Yup! Now here you go!” She smiled and tossed him the bar of chocolate. Emmett eyed the bar like it was death in a wrapper. He muttered some curse words as he opened the package, he squeezed his nose trying to avoid tasting it and he stuffed the whole bar in his mouth at once. He chewed and his face turned into a disgusted look. He stood up abruptly and Rosalie fell off of his lap as he ran up the stairs. We could hear him throwing up in the bathroom upstairs. I just laughed! I couldn’t help it; the look on his face made me loss all control.

“Not funny!” Emmett had walked back down and was glaring at all of us. Everyone was laughing at him. “Jay!” I stopped laughing at once and turned to look at him. Here it comes. “Truth or dare!” I could pick truth but then he would see me as weak, if I picked dare I would be asked to do something embarrassing but at least they wouldn’t think me weak.

“Dare!” I smiled as I said this and he cocked his head to the side. He smiled at me and my face dropped. What is he thinking of making me do?

“Alice have another chocolate bar?” He eyed me evilly never moving his eyes from my face as he spoke to Alice. He expected me to look horrified but I just giggled a little.

“Yeah but-“She had begun to protest but Emmett cut her off say, “Its truth or dare just because she is a guest doesn’t mean I have to go easy on her.” I could see that that wasn’t what Alice was going to say but she just shook her head and handed Emmett another chocolate bar.

“Here! Eat this!” He threw it at me and I caught it. I couldn’t help but laugh at him as I opened the wrapper. I looked at everyone. I could see Edward and Alice trying not to laugh, Rosalie and Jasper were horrified, and Emmett looked proud that he was making me do this dare. I just smiled as I took a large bite out of the chocolate. Yeah, it tasted horrible but I was use to it. I had to eat human food everyday to keep my parents happy. I just smiled as I took another bite and finished the bar.

“Now Emmett next time you dare me, make it a good dare!” I throw the wrapper at him and it bounced off his head. He was staring at me stunned that I had just swallowed the whole bar of chocolate.

“How did you….Why aren’t you…” Alice was dieing of laughter and Edward was even smiling at the lack of words that Emmett was able to produce.

“I tried to tell you! Jay eats human food everyday! I tried to get you to pick another dare!” Alice finally calmed down enough to say those few words. Emmett’s face looked even more disgusted and this sent Alice back into a fit of laughter.

“I have to eat human food or else my parents will know that something is up. As for throwing it up, yeah do that too but I can hold it better then you!” Jasper was starting to laugh as Emmett’s face was growing even more disgusted. “Truth or dare Jasper!” I ignored the look I was getting from Emmett and kept the game going. I could see Emmett starting to sit back down and Rosalie sitting on the arm of the chair.

“Umm…dare?” He wasn’t sure what to say. Ummm… Hey Edward? Do you guys have any costumes? Everyone was watching me but I made my face look as though I was thinking. Edward answered me and a smiled formed on my face.

“Jasper, I dare you to go outside in the rain wearing a duck costume and splash around in the rain quacking…oh and Edward will video tape it.” Jasper just glared at me and then his face turned to Edward.

“How did she knew we had a duck costume!?” Edward started laughing. “That’s not fair!” Jasper looked to Alice for support.

“Go change honey!” Alice was laughing at the thought of Jasper looking like a duck.

“FINE! Dumb mind readers!” He stormed out of the room and up the stairs.

“Hey!” I shouted after him. Emmett was laughing now. Edward left the room to get the video camera. Bella appeared at the entryway to the living room.

“What’s going on?” She smiled at me and I just nodded my head at Jasper who had reappeared at the foot of the stairs in a yellow duck costume.

“Jasper? What on earth are you wearing?” Bella died of laughter.

“We’re playing truth or dare and Jay is evil!” He glared at me and I just smiled back. Edward entered the room and looked at Bella.

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” He ran over to her and hugged her giving her a light kiss on her lips.

“What and miss Jasper as a duck? Don’t think so!” Edward didn’t fight with Bella but instead brought his arm down around her waist and lead her to the door. “What are we doing?” Bella didn’t know the rest of Jasper’s dare.

“The rest of Jasper’s dare of course!” The rest of the family got up and followed us outside, Jasper coming out last. He glared at me one more time before walking out into the rain and into a huge puddle of water.

“Quack! Quack! Quack!” Jasper was turning and splashing in the puddle. Poor Alice was laughing so hard she fell over. Edward was having a hard time trying to keep the camera straight and Bella was lost in her laughter. Rosalie came over to me giggling and hugged me.

“Thank you!” Was all she said as she started to full out laugh. Jasper walked back up to the porch and looked at me.

“Happy?” He walked over to Alice and helped her up.

“Immensely” Was all I said before I turned and led everyone back inside to the living room. Jasper sprinted upstairs to change and we all got comfortable waiting for him.

“Rosalie truth or dare!” Jasper hadn’t even entered the room before he asked her. I looked at her and smiled.

“Dare!” She bobbed her head confidently in her answer.

“I dare you not to touch a car’s engine for the next three months!” Her face dropped and she looked appalled at him.

“WHAT?! NO!” She started shaking her head. She was not the type I figured would work on cars but she was yelling at Jasper.

“That’s your dare!” Jasper just smiled at her and glared. I swore I heard her whisper ‘I hate you’ under her breath.

“Truth or dare Edward!” She was glaring at everyone now because no one had stuck up for her.

“Dare!” Rosalie just started laughing and everyone looked at her.

“I dare you to kiss Emmett!” I started laughing, I couldn’t help myself! Emmett glared at Rosalie and Bella did as well.

“No! Rosalie!” Emmett was protesting Edward’s dare.

“Emmett!” She gave him a stern look and he just bowed his head.

“Rosalie!” Bella now spoke up and Rosalie just laughing, “It will be funny!” Bella just let it go and looked at Edward who was getting off the couch and walking toward Emmett. Both of them looked at each other and glared. Their lips touched for less then a millisecond before Edward ran out of the room and up stairs to wash out his mouth, Emmett left for the kitchen to do the same. The room burst out into laughter as they left.

“Emmett truth or dare!” Edward had come back and was shouting at Emmett who was still the kitchen.

“Dare!” Emmett wasn’t backing down from a challenge.

The game continued until light started to come in through the windows. I had my face painted like a cat from one of Rosalie’s dares, Bella was still blushing from all the personal questions Emmett and Jasper had asked her, Emmett had to eat a worm, Edward’s hair was bright pink thanks to Alice, Rosalie and Alice’s credit cards were in a pile on the table not to be used for a month, and Jasper was wearing a pink tube top.

“Better get ready for the day!” Esme walked in, she looked at all of us before turning around and walking back out without saying another word. All of us burst into laughter at the look that was on her face.

“Alice!” Jasper was holding Alice and her eyes were glazed over. I was hit full on by her vision.

“Looks as though we should get ready for the day.” Alice said as soon as the vision was over, she smiled brightly and I couldn’t help but smile as well. Edward looked at the two of us having seen what we had seen and had a smirk on his face.

Tonight was going to be fun and we had a reason to wear the dresses that we had bought yesterday.

“Jay, Alice, care to go shopping with me?” He needed help getting ready for tonight and because we knew what was going to happen we both just smiled and nodded our heads. “Bella tonight is going to be a surprise but for now I have to go get everything ready ok?” Bella looked as though she hated surprises but reluctantly nodded her head at him.

Edward turned to look at me. Can you use your power and fill in Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett as to what’s up for tonight? I just smiled and nodded my head before turning to look at the three vampires in front of me and share the vision that Alice had just had. Rosalie jumped up with a huge smile on her face shouting something about getting ready and she ran up the stairs. Emmett smiled and nodded sending some message to Edward, as did Jasper before they all turned and left the room.

“Ok we should get going if we are going to be ready by tonight!” Alice was walking toward the door and turned around to look at me. I left the room and headed up the stairs to go wash off my face and get ready to go shopping.

When I came back down Alice was standing by the door smiling.

“Today should be fun!” I smiled at Alice and she smiled back at me. Edward joined as at the door, having washed all the pink out of his hair, and walked out in front of us. He led us to his shiny silver Volvo and unlocked the doors opening the passenger door for Alice as he walked past. I slid into the back. Alice was seated in the front already bouncing up and down with excitement for today’s events.