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The Cullen’s must leave Forks, however this time they take Bella with them. They begin in a new school and the first day Edward notices something different about one of their classmates. Danger unfolds as the classmate past comes back in search of revenge. Bella, the Cullen’s, and the classmate must work together to survive as once again their lives are put in danger.


11. Night

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We had gotten back sooner then we thought. Edward dashed upstairs and stored all of the extra stuff that we bought today in my room. He felt that Bella wouldn’t find it there. I slowly got out of the car with Alice and walked into the house. Emmett and Jasper were sitting in front of the TV playing Xbox 360. I smiled and walked over toward them. They were both sitting on the floor practically on top of the TV. I sat on the couch behind them and laughed as I watched the two of them play Halo 3.

“Stop killing me!” Jasper was yelling at Emmett as Emmett killed him for the tenth time since I had been watching them.

“HA! It’s the game bro!” Jasper just came back into the game and Emmett snipped him again. I started laughing as Jasper began to yell at Emmett. He turned on me and yelled, “I’d love to see you try to kill him!”

“Sure!” I smiled and slipped off of the couch taking Jasper’s controller. I restarted the game and set up the level. Both of the boys looked at me amazed that I knew how to do this. I just laughed. They had no idea how much I loved video games.

“This should be fun!” Emmett was smiling as the level started up. I ran until I found my favorite gun. “We should have put handicap on for you though.” He turned to smile at me. I just cocked my head a little and smiled back. I snipped Emmett and his character lie died on the screen.

“Maybe for you!” I laughed as Emmett got real serious and stared at the game. Jasper was laughing behind me and couldn’t control himself.

“Games on! No one beats Emmett!” His character respawed and he started running around.

“Wow, talking about yourself in the third person!” I just laughed at him as my character jumped off of the building that was higher then him and killed him with a sword.

“GGRR! Luck that’s all it is!” He was getting mad and I could hear the control start to snap under his anger. Jasper was still dieing of laughter and Emmett spun around and glared at him, “If I can’t beat her then you defiantly can’t!”

“Not saying I could! But it’s still funny to watch you get beat by a girl!” Jasper had become serious and was glaring back at Emmett.

“HEY!” I yelled at Jasper, “So what if I’m a girl! Bet I could beat you at anything!” I smiled at the thought of beating Jasper and Emmett. Out of no where Emmett pinned me to the ground.

“Really?” He flashed his stunning white teeth at me. Jasper got up and started moving furniture. I hadn’t fought anyone, ever! I thought that they were just going to have me play different video games, video games I can win; I can fight on video games, but in real life. Before I was turned I had gotten my black belt in TaeKwonDo but that was a long time ago.

“Let’s go!” Emmett got off of me and helped me up placing me upright on the ground near him. Jasper came running at me pouncing on me. I twisted my hips and flung him off of me only to be pinned yet again my Emmett. I smiled. I knew how I could get out of this. I kneed him in the chest and he stopped moving. I twisted myself again in order to get out from under him. Jasper attacked me and I just side stepped.

“You’re going down Jay!” Emmett yelled at me playfully as he got up off the ground and came out me. Unfortunately for me Jasper came out me at the same time from the other direction and I was knocked completely off my feet and onto the ground. I will defiantly have bruises.

“How is this fair? Two against one!” I was pinned by Emmett and Jasper now with no hope of getting away.

“No one said it was fair!” I looked at Jasper who had my legs pinned. I saw something flash across his face.

“NO!” I shouted as load as I could but it wasn’t enough. Jasper put both of my legs under one of his arms and he began to tickle me. I squirmed and yelled and tried to get away but to no avail.

“NO FAIR!!” I was yelling and squirming and Emmett was dieing of laughter. His grip on my hands was getting less and I took this chance to get free and attack him. I pounced on him and tackled him. Jasper looked stunned that I had gotten away and it took him a moment to realize that I was no longer under the two of them. I turned to Emmett and tickled him, “How do you like it?!” He was squirming and it was too much for me to hold him down. He jumped up pushing me back against the ground.

“Umm…” Alice had walked into the room just as Emmett was about to jump on me again. He was distracted by her entry and I rolled out of the way of his attack and stood up next to her smiling. “We should go get ready!” She smiled at me and I just looked at the boys who were out of breath.

“Yeah good idea. I think that if I bruised their egos anymore they would never get over it.” She just laughed at me and I turned to see the boys staring at me. I smiled and turned on my heels heading out of the room.

“This isn’t over! Rematch!” Emmett yelled from behind me as I headed up the stairs.

“Do you really think you can take me?” I laughed at the thought and ran up the stairs with a laughing Alice behind me. I turned to walk into my room but she stopped me and led me into hers. I walked in and Rosalie and Bella were sitting on the floor.

“What was all the noise about?” Rosalie looked at me as I entered.

“I was showing Emmett and Jasper how real girls fight…they lost.” I just laughed. Alice walked in behind me and closed the door.

“We did not loss!” Emmett had ran upstairs and threw the door open and tackled me to the ground. That I hadn’t been expecting.

“Really? Cause I think you did!” I twirled my hips and placed my hands on his shoulders twisting him off of me. Jasper had entered the room and was trying to tackle me. Alice came out of no where and pushed Jasper to the ground next to me. Emmett stood up and looked at us all before yelling, “TICKLE FIGHT!!!” He pounced on Rosalie who squirmed under him but couldn’t get away. Bella was rolling around the ground laughing and I pounced on her and started to tickle her. Jasper was pinned by Alice some how and was getting tickled.

Edward had appeared at the door and was clearing his throat to get our attention. “We should get ready.” I let go of Bella and scooted away from her and Jasper and Emmett walked past us heading out of the room.

“Rematch”, Emmett turned his head to look at me as he walked past. Jasper walked after him nodding his head at the comment that Emmett had made.

“Good luck!” Was all I said as the two of them walked out taking Edward with them closing the door behind them.

“Ok, let’s get ready!” Alice pulled out all four dresses from the closet and walked over toward Bella smiling. I could see Bella moving away from Alice but stopped as she hit the wall with her back, trapped.

“Why?” She was looking up at Alice with pleading eyes. I just smiled.

“Because, now don’t ask questions! Go take a shower!” She picked Bella up and placed her in the bathroom. I laughed.

”I’ll go take my shower and be back.” I walked out of the room as Alice nodded at me. She was standing guard in front of the bathroom door. I walked down the hallway to my room and opened the door turning the light on. I took a quick hot shower and threw on sweats when I was done, heading back into Alice’s room, I saw Jasper trying to do Emmett’s hair, rather badly.

“Hey, need help?” I walked into Emmett’s and Rosalie’s room. Emmett was sitting at the vanity and I couldn’t help but laugh at that. Jasper was trying to spike his hair but it would work.

“Can you?” Jasper threw the gel at me and walked over to Emmett.

“Don’t move!” I poured some of the green gob into my hand and placed it in his hair spiking every strand I could. “Ok I have to go get ready now.” I had finished his hair and left without waiting to see his reaction.

“Took you long enough!” Alice yelled at me as I walked back into her room. Bella’s hair and makeup was done as was Alice’s and Rosalie’s.

“They boys needed help with their hair.” Rosalie laughed at that and told me to come sit down on the floor near her.

“I’ll do your make up.” She took out some eye shadow and liner as I walked over to her. Alice started working on my hair as I sat down. About ten minutes later I was done. They wouldn’t let me look until I had my dress and shoes on though. As I slipped the silky material over my head I felt the warmth of the dress. It felt amazing against my icy skin. Alice led me and Bella to the bathroom and the awaiting mirror.

I looked amazing. My makeup was flawless and stunning and my hair was twirled up into a crown of curls. I looked over at Bella who was as speechless as I was. Her hair had been twisted into a bun which law on the top of head. She smiled at me and we both turned to hug each other. Alice and Rosalie appeared behind us and I hugged each of them thanking them, Bella did the same.

“Ok time to go see the guys.” Alice took Bella’s hand and led her out of the bathroom. I was surprised when Rosalie took mine. I looked up at her and she just smiled at me.

We walked out of Alice’s room and to the top of the stairs. All four of us were stunning in the gorgeous dresses we had bought. Esme and the guys were standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for us. I smiled as we walked down the stairs. We were all holding hands and smiling. Bella went to Edward and was embraced with a hug, Rosalie went to Emmett and received a kiss and Alice jumped at Jasper being twirled around. I stood at the bottom of the stairs with a smile of my face.

“Ok let’s get going!” Esme was the one who spoke. She was starting to act like Alice and was fidgeting. I smiled at her and followed as she and Carlisle walked out the door. We split up into different cars. I was going with Bella, and Edward. Esme and Carlisle were going in their own car and Rosalie, Alice, Emmett, and Jasper were going in Rosalie’s car.

Edward walked to the passenger side and opened the door for Bella smiling at her. True love. Edward smiled at me. I didn’t mean for him to hear it but he was glossed over with glee. I slipped into the car behind Bella and Edward started it up as soon as he was in.

“Where are we going? And why are we so formal?” She had noticed that all the boys were wearing tuxes and I just smiled. She was going to enjoy tonight even if she didn’t like surprise.

“You’ll find out.” Edward leaned over to kiss her and I turned to look out the window at the passing scenery. The two talked most of the way but I sat silent in the back. Tonight was their night.

We were going to the place that I had taken Edward when we went running. Early that day Alice, Edward and I had set everything up. We all got out of the cars. Bella started walking toward the path and I had to laugh.

“What?” She turned to look at me surprised.

“We’re not taking the path.” As understanding hit her she looked shocked and scared. I walked over toward Alice and Jasper who had just gotten out of the car and were heading toward the woods.

“Follow me.” I looked at Alice who nodded her head and I started running into the woods, leaving Bella with Edward to calm her down. I wasn’t running as fast as I could but as I looked behind me I noticed the others were far behind so I slowed down even more and smiled as Alice looked at me. I emerged upon the clearing.

Alice had strung white lights up into the trees. I had placed rose petals all over the floor of the clearing and there was a dance area set up as well along with some music equipment. Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle and Jasper took in a sharp breath of air as they looked around at the clearing. I just smiled and walked in.

“It’s so…pretty.” Bella had spoken and I turned back to see her on Edward’s back as they walked in. Alice went over and turned the music on. It was playing a soft song and she grabbed Jasper and started dancing. Soon everyone was dancing except for Bella, Edward and I. Rosalie was dancing with Emmett and they were laughing about something. Esme and Carlisle were smiling and looking toward Edward.

The song changed and it was an up beat pop one. Alice let go of Jasper and grabbed me dragging me onto the dance floor to dance with her and Rosalie. Bella had also dragged Edward to the dance floor. Song after song we danced too. The moon and stars were bright tonight and the night loomed on with happiness.

Jay? Edward was thinking my name and I turned to him and he nodded at me. I smiled and walked over to the music and changed the song. A lullaby started to play.

“Bella?” Edward took Bella’s hands in his own and looked at her face.

“Edward?” Bella was confused as to what was happening but as soon as Edward bent down onto one knee and brought out a velvet box she seemed to understand and a smile over took her face.

“Bella from the first moment I saw you I was drawn to you. I was intrigued by you. You have made me the happiest I have ever been in all my years of living. You are my stars and moon on a dark night, you give me light, you give me hope to live. You have shown me that I don’t have to be a monster, that I’m not a monster, and that I am capable of love because I love you more then anything. I love you more then life itself and I love you with every ounce of my being. Will you, Isabella Swan, do me the honor of being your husband for all eternity?” She looked at him her eyes filling with tears. They spilled over and ran down her face.

“Oh! Edward Anthony Masen Cullen of course I will!” She lunged at him and embraced him in a straggling hold. Everyone was smiling and looking at the two of them.

She ran up to Alice and me and hugged us both and then moved down the line hugging everyone. I wasn’t really paying attention. I had a sense that we were being watched; as I looked out into the darkness of the forest I thought I saw someone or something moving. I started to walk away from the group and into the forest. Edward had apparently heard my thoughts or felt the same because Jasper, Emmett and he were walking next to me all of a sudden. What was out there?

I froze. Standing in front of me were five beings with deep red stunning eyes. I straightened my back and stood as tall as I could make myself, I squared my shoulders. The taller I looked the better; I was not going to look afraid. Emmett, Jasper and Edward all bent down in a grouch ready to attack next to me. I could feel everyone behind us tense up.

“Now Jay we wouldn’t want a fight.” The one in the middle was talking. My vision became tunneled and the corners were becoming black. Everything was covered in a fog of blackness and then my vision was gone. I fell, I could feel the cold ground come up and meet my body, the damp from the dew soak through my clothing. Silence, no noise cut through the darkness to me. My senses were gone; everything was black, and dark.