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The Cullen’s must leave Forks, however this time they take Bella with them. They begin in a new school and the first day Edward notices something different about one of their classmates. Danger unfolds as the classmate past comes back in search of revenge. Bella, the Cullen’s, and the classmate must work together to survive as once again their lives are put in danger.


12. The Deal

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I woke against something cold. I tried to move my hands but I couldn’t. My eyes snapped open. The room I was in was dark. I looked above my head and saw a metal like pipe. I was on my knees against the pole. My hands and legs were bond with something. I tried to pull them apart, to get out but I couldn’t break whatever it was that was holding me here. I laid my head back against the pole.

Jay? Edward was calling out to me. He was somewhere behind me but even as I tried to twist my head I couldn’t see him.

What? I snapped at him. I shouldn’t have but how could all of this be happening on a happy day. Edward and Bella were going to get married and my past has to come and ruin it! I knew it wasn’t his fault, it was, is mine.

How did we get here? Why did it go all black? I could almost sense his face with a confused, questioning look on it. I continued to struggle against the bonds that were holding me against this pole.

April must have created an illusion of sleep or darkness. I don’t know which.It was so simple how could I have been so dumb! I should have been pay attention! I should have been reading minds! I could have found his, could have warned us. God! I’m so dumb! I smashed my head against the pole behind me as hard as I could.

Jay this isn’t your fault! I wasn’t paying attention either. I could feel his stare on me but I kept hitting my head, trying to get my dumb actions to somehow reverse themselves. I knew this wasn’t the way to do it but if I could go numb physically then maybe I could go numb emotionally then maybe they would leave.

Yeah but I know his ‘voice’ I should have heard it! I shouldn’t have ever gone with your family! I shouldn’t have put you guys in this place. I closed off my mind. I could tell he was yelling in his mind trying to get into mine but I wasn’t budging. I didn’t want to have this conversion right now. I kept on hitting my head out of frustration.

“What happened?” Emmett had woken up somewhere to the right behind me. I could tell that the rest of the Cullens were scattered behind me, Bella was here too.

“It was an illusion.” Edward spoke very matter-of-factly before turning his gaze once more towards me; I could feel it on the back of my head. “Jay?”

“Don’t Edward, just don’t!” I could sense the rest of the Cullens wakening up; April was losing control of the illusion. She can only hold them over people for a short while before she needs to rest. I could tell though that Bella, Esme, and Carlisle were still out. Edward was glaring at me, I could tell he was cussing in his mind at me but I wasn’t about to let him in.

“Good morning campers!” A sing song voice filled the room as a door opened on the far end of the building allowing light to flood in. The floor beneath me was concert and cold. It appeared to be some sort of a factory. I was still wearing my dress, which I guess is good it means they didn’t change me, but bad, I can’t fight in these heels.

“Ah, Jay how good to see you again!” It was Emily who spoke, I could tell as she moved closer to me. The first person who had spoken had to be Mike; he had that kind of dumb humor to him. Emily bent down right in front of me.

“I see you fed recently.” I glared up at her as she continued to bend down near me, her eyes a bright red.

“I see you have too. At least I eat what we are suppose to!” She gave me a quick hug before backing away.

“At least I’m not a monster.” I shouted at her as she backed even further away into the shadows where she belongs.

“Now Jay, manners!” Troy had appeared in front of me. I hate him but he did look good. I tried to read his mind to see what he was planning for me, for us, for them. “Now, Now Jay wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise. Stay out of my mind!” He smiled at me showing his teeth. I bowed my head trying to fight my way into his mind. He slapped me across the face with so much force that it spun my head making me hit the pole behind me harder then I had done to myself. “I said stay out!” He glared down at me. I could hear Edward, Emmett, and Jasper growling behind me.

“The human is with that one!” Mike walked up next to Troy and smiled pointing at Edward who was growling even louder now.

Damn it Edward! Keep your mind blank! All of you! I shouted at all of them and I could see that Mike had not missed it because he smiled. He was borrowing Edward and my power.

“April wake her up.” I couldn’t see April but I knew she was looming in the dark somewhere. I could hear Bella began to fidget and as she came to the conclusion that she was bond and couldn’t get away she began to sob. “Emily, Cole if you please.” Out of the corner of my eye I could see Cole and Emily move toward Bella. She began to sob louder. Emily took keys out and unlocked the chains that were around Bella; Cole grabbed her under her elbow and brought her to her feet. Her face was covered in tears and her makeup had run down her face.

“Vampires hanging out with humans, you should know better then to play with your food!” Troy laughed as Bella was brought closer to him. Edward kept growling and swearing at Troy not to touch her. “Edward if you keep acting like this I will kill her right now.” At this Edward fell silent. “So Jay, a family you have found, and a family you have put into danger.” He moved Bella’s hair away from her neck and brushed it back behind her. I growled this time at him louder then I thought I could.

“Don’t you touch her!” I shouted at him and he seemed surprised.

“It would be easy for me to have Emily convince you to come with us but I want you to come with us because you want to not simply because Emily has persuaded you too.” He was speaking to me like I was a five year old.

“That is never going to happen Troy!” I shouted back without thinking of what could happen. He looked at Bella’s face before he brought his head down. Edward erupted in growling and struggling against the bonds that held him. Troy sniffed Bella’s neck. Cole had a hard grip on Bella who was still sobbing.

“Troy!” I called out his name and he snapped his head up to look at me. I looked at the ground unsure of how to word my sentence. “Just don’t hurt her.” His face turned into a smile.

“And what about them? How easy it would be right now!” He laughed as he spoke his words.

Edward’s Point of View!

“What…what is it you want?” Jay had her eyes closed as she spoke her words that were laced with pain.

“Why Jay, you of course!” Troy smiled as he walked over to her and knelt down in front of her. Jay’s face was tilted to the side pointed down. He put his finger under her chin and brought her face up leveling it with his. “And I will do whatever I need to in order to stress how much I want you.” Jay opened her eyes and she took in Troy’s gaze at all of us before she closed them again.

Jay! Jay let me in! She had closed off her mind and wasn’t allowing me in. Why? What was she…No!

“Just don’t hurt them.” Her eyes were looking off into the corner of her socked trying to avoid all of our glances at her. “I’ll do…an…anything.” She struggled as she formed her words.

“Good! Now there is the Jay I love!” Troy smiled at her and brought his head down to kiss her forehead. She squirmed underneath him to get away from his lips. He brought his hand across her face moving her head to the side again. It was harder then the other hit he had given her. “Anything love, remember that!” He moved his head back down and touched his icy lips to her forehead; she didn’t try to move away from him this time.

“Jay don’t do this! We can, we will find another way!” I had found my voice and was yelling at her from across the room where I was bound. I struggled against the chains in vain.

“Have you ever just wanted something with all your being that it screams at you?” I quickly stole a glance at Bella who was still crying, she nodded taking in my stare, “yeah well all I wanted was a family who loved me for me, not what I could do for them,” her head snapped in Troy’s direction and she glared, “You guys gave that to me. I’m whole now and I love you to much to allow this to happen to you because of me.” Her head dropped back down.

“You’re our family too; we aren’t going to let you do this.” I was still yelling at her. How could she think she wasn’t also part of this family? Her leavening would tear us apart.

“I got you into this, I’ll get you out!” She still wasn’t looking at me. I was staring at the back of her head, at her dirty blond hair.

“Jay, you can’t to this!” Alice was now screaming at Jay. She had a better vantage point then I did at looking at Jay and I could tell that Jay was able to see Alice out of the corner of her eye no matter how hard she tired not to look.

“It’s already done.” She turned her head up to look into Troy’s face. “If I…go with you, you’ll leave them alone, all of them?” Alice was sobbing realizing what Jay was doing.

“Yes but you also have to do everything we ask of you!”

“I’m not going to drink from humans!” He was making the same demands that he had when she was still with Alex.

“Then the human dies!” He was talking about my Bella. I growled as loudly as I could.

“Edward!” Jay snapped her head around to look at me. “I will handle this!” She had yelled at me?! “The human will not be harmed and I will go with you… and… do everything you ask.” She was willing to give up her life for Bella’s.

“Deal!” Troy smiled as he undid Jay’s bonds. He yanked her up from the ground and placed her next to him.

“Can I…say goodbye?” She looked at him and he just nodded his head saying, “If you must.” He gestured his hands toward us and Jay looked at us. There was a long silence filled only with Bella and Alice’s sobbing.

“You’re not doing this Jay!” I yelled at her. I wasn’t going to allow her to say goodbye to me, because she wasn’t leavening!

“Damn it Edward, I’m giving my life for you and Bella! Just accept it! Its how it has to be!” She still wasn’t looking at me.

“No! It doesn’t have to be this way.” Emmett was looking at Jay with intense eyes.

“What do you think Troy is going to do? Just stop after killing Bella?” She moved toward us but Troy caught her arm and brought her back to his side. She wasn’t doing this just for Bella; she was giving her life for our whole family.

“Jay-“She cut me off.

“NO! Just shut up!” She spun around and glared at me. “Edward I can’t watch your family die! Goodbye!” She looked back up at Troy. I couldn’t find my words, I couldn’t make a sound. Troy smirked at me. He looked at her before taking her hand and walking her away from my family, her family.

“Give the keys to the human.” Troy turned around to speak to Emily, who threw the keys to Bella. I watched as Jay was lead out of the building hand and hand with Troy. The door opened and light flooded in. The six of them walked out into the light closing the door behind them, leaving us in darkness.

“Bella!” She ran up to me and started fiddling with the keys trying to find the right ones. She tried 3 keys before she found the one that worked. The second that the chains were off I started to run. I ran toward the door as fast as I could. I ran outside into the surrounding forest. I caught her sent almost at once. It was strong. I ran, ran with all my might, ran with everything I could. I was flying through the forest but I stopped. Her scent was everywhere. There was no path anymore.

“Damn!” I cursed loudly.

“Edward?” I turned to see Jasper and Emmett approaching me, running as fast as they could.

“Her scent…its everywhere!” They stopped near me and the looks on their face made me realize that they could sense it also. We had lost her.

I could hear sobbing behind me and I turned to see my family crying. Rosalie had carried Bella and I ran over taking my angel from her. Bella buried her head into my shoulder crying harder then she has ever cried before. Alice broke down and fell onto the floor being scooped up by Jasper. Rosalie ran to Emmett and sobbed tearlessly into his chest. Esme was stunned and clung to Carlisle.

I searched for her mind. Anything that could be coming from her but I found nothing she was to far out for my power to reach her, not even a buzzing sound came to me. Jay…my new friend…my new sister… was gone.

“We’ll find her!” Emmett was soothing Rosalie’s hair as he spoke.

“We will get her back!” I bent my head down to kiss Bella’s head. My eyes brushed over my family. We were broken again, just as we had been when I left Bella.