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The Cullen’s must leave Forks, however this time they take Bella with them. They begin in a new school and the first day Edward notices something different about one of their classmates. Danger unfolds as the classmate past comes back in search of revenge. Bella, the Cullen’s, and the classmate must work together to survive as once again their lives are put in danger.


3. Surprise

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Jackman’s high school was like every other high school I’ve been to. It was one building, on the small side, there was only about 374 kids. The front entrance had an over hang and once through the double set of doors I saw the atrium and the auditorium. Our family walked into the small main office and I walked up to the counter.

“Hello. My name is Edward Cullen and this is my family. We just moved here and were told to come here to get our schedules for the day.” I was speaking to one of the ladies who was standing there. Her mouth dropped open as we all walked in.

“Oh, of course. Allow me to go grab those for you.” She had stumbled to gather her words and I could hear Rose laughing under her breath. The first day at a new school was always the most interesting. People trying to meet us, others are gossiping about us, and still others wanting nothing to do with us. Our favorite reactions were those like the secretary. It was always funny to watch a teacher react.

“Here you are.” The secretary returned and handed me all six of the schedules. I turned back to my family and began to hand them out.

Wow! Who are they? I hope their not going here! Mike will never ask me out with them here.

The buses had let out and all of the students were walking past the windowed office staring at us. It was going to be a long day.

As I looked at Bella’s schedule I noticed we only had four classes together. She seemed just as upset as I did but put a smile on her face anyways.

“The first bell is going to ring in a little while so you kids should head to class.” The secretary said to us before she turned and walked off.

“Yeah better not be late on our first day.” Jasper tired to sound happy about starting at new school but I knew that he’d rather be at home watching TV.

We all headed out of the office and down one of the hall ways. It appeared that the school was split. The auditorium was in the middle and depending on which hallway you took around it you would either get to all the class rooms or to the gym and cafeteria. The school was rather small and the hallways were crowded with people. Kids were at their lockers taking out their school stuff. As our family walked by I noticed that most of them stopped and looked at us, well really they stared.

Bella, Alice, and I all had the same homeroom and as we came to the door I heard Alice whisper, “Here we go again.” She wasn’t mad at having to start over unlike Rose who’s mind was insulting Bella every chance she got.

As we walked into the room we noticed a lab type set up. There were no desks only long black tables. The teacher was standing over near one of the tables and we walked up to her.

“Hi. My name is Edward and this is Alice and Bella. We just moved here and I’m pretty sure that this is our homeroom.” I knew it was but I figured that I’d better act like a normal new kid who was lost.

“Oh of course. I heard that we were getting new kids. Please take a sit anywhere.” She gestured toward the empty room. Apparently we had walked faster then we thought because we were the first kids here. Alice led Bella and I to the back row of desks and sat down. The door opened and more kids came in. They all looked at us and stopped. Some kids walked right into others. The teacher looked at the scene and responded with, “Kids we have new students. The Cullen family just moved into town. These are”, she looked to me for help. She had already forgotten our names.

“Alice, Bella and I’m Edward.” I figured I’d save her from embarrassment and her face looked as though she was thanking me. The kids began to take their seats in the front couple of rows.

“Hi! My name is Josh.” A skinny boy with black hair and brown eyes had walked to the back of the room and sat at the table in front of us. He had one of the biggest smiles on his face that I have ever seen. The welcoming committee I guessed.

“Hi. I’m Alice.” She returned his smile with one of her own. The look in her eyes told me she figured the same thing about him but she didn’t allow it to show on her face.

“Hi.” I’d better at least pretend to be nice I figured. Bella was looking at Alice and me trying to figure if she should introduce herself or just keep quite. I figured I’d do it for her, “This is my sister Bella.” At Bella’s name his face lit up.

“Oh, maybe we will have some classes together. You know if you ever need someone to show you around I’m here.” I was going to respond with no I think we can mange ourselves but there was a loud beep sound and everyone stood up, we followed suit.

I plague a allegiants to the flag of the United States of America.

I quickly turned out the announcements and tuned into this Josh kids thoughts.

Wow. That Bella girl is pretty. Alice is cute too but she is way out of my league. I think I have a better shot with Bella. Oh, I hope I have at least one class with her. Ummm…Her brother and sister look a lot like Jay. I wonder if they are related. Wait! I missed what was for lunch!

So he was trying to get with my angle. I wished I could just bend down and kiss Bella just to let him know that she was taken but I knew that Esme wouldn’t be happy after she told me not to do anything. Another loud beep dismissed the students from homeroom and everyone stood up to leave. I looked at my schedule and saw that I had pre-calc in room 125. Alice and Bella both had U.S. history in room 258. That was on the bottom floor.

“See you after this period.” Alice grabbed Bella’s hand and led her toward the stairwell. I just watched Alice skipping gracefully down the hallway and watched my Bella stumbling to keep up. I smiled as Bella almost tripped but then caught herself with Alice’s hands. She was getting more…sturdy.

I opened the door and walked in. The class was almost full and as I looked around the room I noticed that all of the girls had huge smiles on their faces and were turning to whisper about me to their friends, where as, all the boys glared at me. “Ah, you must be…Edward…Cullen. Our new student! Please take a seat next to Maria.” The teacher pointed to an open seat next to a blond. As the class began I started to look around me. It was a typical math room and didn’t hold my attention for long.

“Want to be my partner?” The Maria girl was asking me a question. The teacher had assigned class work that was suppose to be done with partners.

“Sure.” The girls face lit up and her smile reached her eyes. She turned to stick her tongue out at the girl in front of her who turned around angry. Maria turned around in her seat and started to work. I looked down on the problems and knew all of the answers almost at once. I had already ‘learned’ this math a hundred times at least. She was struggling with the first problem so I showed her how it should be done. She smiled but seemed embarrassed because she had gotten it wrong. Class continued like this for the rest of the period.

Finally the bell rung and jumped out of my seat and headed toward our lockers to met up with Alice and Bella.

“Hey.” Bella was walking toward me with a smile on her face.

“How was U.S. history?”

“Boring! How was pre-calc?” She truly sounded as though she was interested.

“Same as always.” I already knew that we didn’t have the same class but I figured I wouldn’t upset her by telling her. Alice came bounding up to us and she smiled.

“Ready to go to math Bella?” She didn’t wait for Bella to answer before she grabbed her arm and pulled her over to the classroom I had just left. I had biology next period and so I headed back to our homeroom. As I opened the door I noticed a girl sitting at one of the desks. Her skin was as pale as mine and her eyes had dark purple marks under them. She was a vampire. I tried to read her thoughts but all I got was a buzzing sound. That’s all I can get when someone is blocking their thoughts from me. I didn’t even get a whisper from her, she had obviously practiced.

The teacher walked up to me. I realized that I was standing in the door way staring at the girl. She hadn’t even looked up at me. “Please take your seat.” The teacher pointed to an open seat. I headed towered the chair but I couldn’t look away from the girl.

What was a vampire doing here? Why hadn’t we sensed her before?

She became ridged as I passed her and she glared at me. I saw fear in her golden eyes. She looked back at the teacher and raised her hand, “I don’t feel well may I please go to the nurse.” Her voice had a sweet, alto sound to it. The teacher nodded her head and the girl stood in one quick motion and left the room.

I realized that I was still standing by the empty chair and I lowered myself down to sit. I didn’t even pretend to pay attention during class. My mind was wrapped around the questions that were dancing in my head. Who was that girl? And what did she want?

As soon as class was over I rushed out of the room to meet up with everyone in lunch. I quickly explained what had just happened and everyone was asking the same questions I and been asking myself. I asked Alice to check to see if she was a danger to us.

“No. I didn’t see her harming any of us.” I was unsure of what to do. She was as surprised if not more so to see us, in fact, I haven’t seen her since. I decided to go the nurse’s office to talk to her.

As I entered the white walled nurse’s office I noticed all of the blue beds were empty. Where had she gone? The nurse was sitting at her desk and looked up as I entered.

“Hi. Umm… There was a girl who was sent down here from Biology class and she left her homework. I just wanted to return it to her.” The nurse looked at me confused.

“There’s been no one sent down here all day.” Where had this girl gone? What was up with her? And why was she blocking her mind from me?

“Oh, ok sorry.” I walked out of the office and headed back to lunch. As I entered the cafeteria I noticed a girl that I had just had biology with. I walked over toward her table. I could hear the giggling as I started to approach and figured I would use it to my advantage.

“Hello.” I was ‘dazzling’ them as Bella called it.

“Hi!” Every singly girl at the table responded with a shrieking answer. I wanted to cover my ears and run but I needed information from them.

“Mind if I sit?” All of the girls quickly moved over leavening plenty of room at the table. I could see my family looking over at me and I saw Bella looking with hurt eyes. I would explain it to her when I got back over there. I didn’t like to hurt my love but I needed to know.

“So that was different in biology today. I don’t think I have ever had someone run out of a room because of me.” I was looking at the girl who was in my class with me. She just laughed and looked at her friends.

“Oh, that’s Jay! She is weird!!” All her friends joined in on her laughter.

“Oh, well the teacher gave me some things to give to Jay but she wasn’t in the nurses. Do you guys know where she lives so I can drop if off for her?” I didn’t have anything to give to her. I wanted to go speak to her. This girl was a puzzle that I needed to solve!

“Yeah she is my neighbor.” The only brown haired girl at the table spoke up and wrote down an address for me, “That’s her address. We’re all hanging out at my house today so maybe when your done dropping stuff off you can come over!” Her eyes looked into mine and I realized it was time to go.

“Yeah maybe.” I got up and headed back toward my family. As I left the girls started to giggle and I noticed more girls running over to the table.

I slipped in right next to Bella and Alice. “I got the girls address. Apparently her name is Jay.” I talked load enough for Bella and my family to hear but quietly enough so no one else could. Bella looked at me with hurt eyes. “Bella, love, I’m sorry. I had to find out about this girl you understand. And you always say I dazzle people so I thought I would use it to my advantage.” I grabbed her hand under the table and made little circles on the back of her warm hand.

She smiled as she answered me, “I know. I understand.” As I looked up into her face I could see that she truly did understand and wasn’t mad at me anymore, and so I turned back to my family.

“Well, what are we going to do?” Jasper was looking toward me waiting for an answer.

“We’re not moving again!” Rose almost shouted at us. She was still angry at Bella for making us leave Forks. I glared at her before looking back at Jasper and responding.

“I’m going to go talk to her after school.” I had many questions that I needed her to answer and I wasn’t going to wait.

“I’ll go with you.” Alice had turned to look at me with a smile on her face.

“Me too.” Bella looked up into my face with pleading eyes.

“I don’t think so Bella. We don’t know who she is or what she wants. She could be dangerous.” I looked down at her and my eyes pleaded for her to let the matter drop.

“She didn’t attack you when she first saw you.” I knew she wouldn’t just leave it alone.

“She was just surprised that I was there. But we’re going to her home. We don’t know anything about her. Its not safe, end of conversion. Alice and I will go over after school.” Bella was pouting. I just looked at her and she smiled. She could never stay mad at me.

The rest of lunch was spent in silence. Everyone was thinking including me. Who was this girl? What did she want? Why had she looked at me scared? And why was she blocking her mind from me?