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The Cullen’s must leave Forks, however this time they take Bella with them. They begin in a new school and the first day Edward notices something different about one of their classmates. Danger unfolds as the classmate past comes back in search of revenge. Bella, the Cullen’s, and the classmate must work together to survive as once again their lives are put in danger.


5. Pain

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It was freezing this morning so I put on my gloves and hat, grabbed my book bag and headed up the hill to the bus stop. The wind was licking my face with its ice cold tongue but it didn’t phase me. My mind was busy with all the events that took place yesterday, as it had been since they left. I got to the corner and walked across the street to the driveway that I waited for the bus at. My mind deep in thought about Edward and Alice’s little meeting yesterday.

“Hey do you want a ride to school?” I looked up to see where the velvet voice was coming from. There was a silver Volvo parked in front of me. The passenger window was open and Edward was leaning over someone I hadn’t met yet.

“Umm…what?” I was confused. I had just met them and I hadn’t been very nice to them yesterday and here he is asking me if I wanted a ride.

“Do you want a ride to school?” He repeated himself but didn’t seem upset that he had to.

“Yeah, sure.” I was confused still. They really wanted to be my friends. But why? The backdoor on the passenger side opened and I saw Alice sitting in the back with a smile on her face. I slid in and closed the door behind me. I looked at her and Edward with a puzzled look on my face. All of a sudden a floral sent hit me full force in the nose. The girl in the front, who Edward had been leaning over, was human. My face twisted into an even more confused look as I glanced at Alice.

“Jay this is Bella, Edward’s girlfriend.” The look on her face wasn’t one of nervousness but still held an emotion that I couldn’t place my finger on, maybe it was anticipation of what my reaction was going to be.

“Hi Bella. I’m Jay!” I smiled at her as she turned around. Edward and her hands were intertwined on the front seat next to her.

“Hi. How are you?” She seemed nervous but then again she was in a car full of vampires. I noticed that Edward’s face was frustrated.

“I’m good. How are you?” I was still glancing around at everyone in the car. Was it common practice for vampires to hang out with humans?

“Yeah me too. How long have you lived here?” Humans rarely talked to me anymore ever since…no I don’t want to think about it. I shivered and Alice seemed to notice but I just brushed it off and answered the question.

“About 3 years now. Where did you guys move from?” I could see Bella squirm in her chair a little and realized that I shouldn’t have asked.

“Wait. 3 years?” Edward was turning back to look at me.

“Yeah, we moved from NYC. My mom got a new job.”

“And how long have you been going to this school?” His question confused me but I answered it anyways.

“3 years. Why?” What was he trying to get at?

“How long have you been a vampire?” Ah, so that was it! The one conversion I didn’t want to have.

“About a year and a half.” I knew that they were all watching me and I tried to not show any emotion about my past but I couldn’t help but allow some pain to escape onto my face.

“Oh.” Alice said after taking in my expression. Edward was looking back at the road now and the conversion had stopped to my gratitude. We had arrived at the school faster then we should have. I realized that Edward had been speeding but didn’t say anything. He parked the car in the student parking lot and everyone began to fill out of the car.

“So Jay what do you like to do?” Alice was walking next to me as we walked into the school. She was looking over at me excited and smiling.

“Well, I use to run track and swim for school but I can’t really do that anymore.” Yet again my face gave me away and she noticed my pain.

“Oh. So what are you doing today after school?” Her eyes were wishing for a certain answer as she looked at me. We had gotten to my homeroom by now and were standing outside the door.

“Nothing”, as always I thought.

“Great then you’ll come over to our house after school to meet the family.” I was surprised that came out of no where.

“What?” I couldn’t help but make sure I was hearing her right.

“Yeah! Edward and I told them all about you and they can’t wait to meet you!”

“Why?” I didn’t mean for it to slip out of my month but it was too late to take it back now and as she looked up into my face I saw that she was really asking and wanting me to come. “Sure I’ll come.” I answered her first question before she could answer mine not wanting to hurt her feelings. She smiled and walked off toward her homeroom.

I stood near the door for a while thinking about what I had just agreed to. I walked into homeroom and took my seat. The day passed uneventful. I ended up having two classes with Alice, one of those Bella was in also, and one with Edward but I sat on the opposite side of the room from them in all the classes. Our school works on a three day cycle so I still didn’t know who I was going to have in my C-day classes.

As the finally bell rung, Alice walked up to me and we walked out of the class together. She was talking about how much fun tonight was going to be and I kept quite wondering why I agreed to go. We met up with Edward and Bella in the hallway and headed outside to the car.

Edward’s Point of View

Jay was interesting. Alice had gotten her to agree to come to our house and meet the rest of the family. Esme and Jasper couldn’t wait to meet her but Rose didn’t want anything to do her.

As we headed out to the car after school I looked over toward her and saw that she was deep in thought. Why couldn’t I read her mind? I was frustrated with it all morning and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was right that she and Bella got along but I wanted to know what she thought!

We reached the car and I unlocked the doors. As everyone filled in I saw Alice smile toward me. She was really excited. Bella kissed me lightly on the check once we had closed the doors and I leaned over to kiss her lips. I took her hand and held it in mine the entire ride home.

We pulled up the long drive to the white house. I heard Jay take in a sharp breath as if astounded by what she saw. “We’re here!” I figured it was obvious but I wanted to say it anyways just for the effect. We unloaded the car and walked up to the door. Alice was walking right next to Jay and I was still holding Bella’s hand only letting it go to get out of the car.

I opened the door and everyone was waiting for us. Alice almost pushed Jay into the house as she began to shy backwards. Everyone had a smile on their face, everyone except Rose. Jay looked even more nervous then I thought would be possible but she stood next to Alice as I closed the door.

“Hello. Welcome to our home. We have heard so much about you.” Carlisle was the first to speak. He held his hand out for her to shake.

She looked around quickly then stepped forward a little taking his hand and shaking it gently. “Hi.” Her face gave away that she didn’t know what to say or how to respond to him welcoming her.

“Lets all go into the living room and talk.” Esme said as she led the family into the adjoining room. Everyone sat down and Alice led Jay to one of the couches, sitting her down next to her. Jasper took the seat on the other side of Alice.

“First allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Carlisle, this is my wife Esme. These are Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, and you already know Alice, Edward and Bella.” Carlisle was pointing to each of us in turn and we all responded with a smile, even Rose smiled a little.

“I’m Jay.” Her eyes were glancing at the floor and up at Carlisle not sure of what to say or how to act. He just smiled in return to show her that everything was going to be alright.

“Well hi. How long have you lived here?” I could see the pain begin to appear back on her face and I glanced over to Jasper to see if he would react but he just sat still next to Alice.

“My family has lived here for 3 years now.” As she spoke I looked into Jaspers mind.

Umm…that’s odd. I’m not getting any feeling from her. It’s like she is blocking me.

She must really practice blocking if she was able to do it to his powers. The conversion had continued while I wasn’t listening.

“Ah, that’s interesting. If you don’t mind me asking why did you choose animal blood? Most vampires drink humans and other then our family I only know of one group who does the same.” She seemed annoyed by the question as if this was the one thing she didn’t want to talk about.

“I didn’t want to be a monster.” Her voice was very matter-of-fact.

“Ah, I understand. Well your welcome at our house anytime.” Everyone started to get up to leave. I walked over to Jasper.

“Can I talk to you?” It wasn’t really a question as it was a demand but with a guest in the house I had to act polite. He nodded his head and followed me out to the porch. “You couldn’t read her?” I knew the answer but I wanted to get his thoughts on the topic.

“No, it was as if she was blocking me.” We would have known if she was bad, Alice would have seen something. So why was she blocking us all? Jasper and I talked a little more on the topic but after getting no where decided that we should just watch her for now.

Alice, Jay, and Bella were all out of the room when Jasper and I entered again. I could hear them fooling around upstairs in Alice’s room. So we headed up the stairs to see what was going on. As Jasper opened the door, Alice slammed it shut and yelled “Knock before you come in!”

“It’s my room too!” They were always getting in this fight but Jasper simply opened the door reveling the girls sitting on the floor talking and laughing. Bella was blushing and smiling and Jay appeared to be happy but her eyes were still glazed with pain. We walked over and sat down, Jasper next to Alice and I next to Bella.

“Jay you said you had a power, mind if I ask you what it is?” I was hopping that this would shine some light on why she was blocking Jasper and I.

“Umm…I haven’t used it in forever but…I can read minds and give my thoughts to others.” She became nervous and watched us all as if we were going to jump up and run out of the room.

“Cool! Edward can read peoples minds also!” Bella chimed in with a bright smile on her face.

“But I can’t read yours. It’s as if you’re blocking it.” I was getting to the point now and I stared at her waiting for an answer.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I have no control over my power. I use to be able to use it and control it but I haven’t practice it in so long that I don’t know how to use it anymore.” She looked at me and I saw in her eyes that she was telling the truth.

“Yeah it took us a while to learn to control our powers too. Alice has visions of the future, and I can read emotion but like Edward I can’t read yours.” Jasper was looking at her waiting for some reaction.

Her face looked as though she was sorry but she responded with, “Maybe it’s for the best. Knowing peoples feelings can’t always be fun.” Jasper nodded at her comment.

For the next hour we talked about little things, like favorite TV shows, and singers. We were having a really great time. All of a sudden I began to get whispers from Jay’s mind and I looked over at her. She didn’t even seem to notice that her wall was falling. She was becoming comfortable with our family and it was making her wall come down.

Jasper yelped in pain, rolled over, and stared at Jay holding his stomach. Everyone got really quite as we watched Jasper’s face fill with pain. Esme, Carlisle, Rose, and Emmett came running into the room having heard Jasper. He began to scream in pain never letting his eyes leave Jay’s face.

“I…I didn’t do anything!” She was becoming scared and the wall was quickly going up again I could hear her ‘voice’ inside my head becoming quieter and quieter until it was gone. Jasper stopped screaming and sat up.

“What happened Jasper?” Everyone had been asking him but as soon as he stopped yelling everyone got quite. Carlisle was the one to get the first response after asking.

“I felt…so much pain, and aguish, unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. It was…horrible and unbearable.” He was still staring at Jay as she moved out of the circle we were sitting in and against the wall.

“I didn’t mean to. I’m so sorry.” She didn’t know what she had done but she knew that it was her pain that Jasper was feeling.

“Maybe we should all talk.” Carlisle wasn’t angry he simply wanted to get to the bottom of this but Jay was terrified.

Alice walked over to her and placed Jay’s hands in her own, “I promise you that everything is going to be alright. We just want to help.” She was looking right into Jay’s eyes.

“You can’t help.” Jay looked at Jasper and her face was twisted into sorrow for what had just happened.

“We want to know about your past, and we want to help you get control of your powers.” Carlisle was walking toward her but she moved even further back against the wall. He stopped moving and Alice looked at her again, “Please let us try.” She nodded her head but didn’t move her eyes from the floor.

The family sat down in Alice’s room and Alice took Jay into her lap and sat on the floor. Jay began to tell the family her life story full of pain.