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The Cullen’s must leave Forks, however this time they take Bella with them. They begin in a new school and the first day Edward notices something different about one of their classmates. Danger unfolds as the classmate past comes back in search of revenge. Bella, the Cullen’s, and the classmate must work together to survive as once again their lives are put in danger.


6. The Past

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“When I was living in NYC I went to a small school. It was a privet school…we weren’t rich but we made do.” Jay was looking down at her hands. Her fingers were intertwined with each other and as she sat in Alice’s lap I could sense her opening up to us. She had begun to tell us her story and I could hear small whispers and images coming from her mind.

“A new kid moved in and starting going to my school. Kids come and go but this one was…different.” As she whispered out the word different I felt the wall to her mind fall and I was being sucked into her mind. I was being filled with images of a school hallway.

The floors were wooden and the walls were white covered with bluish lockers. I looked behind me hearing someone walking. A younger looking Jay was walking toward me. She was wearing a school uniform consisting of a plaid skirt and white button up top, complete with long socks and dress shoes. Her hair was pulled into a pony tail but it was shorter and darker. Her face was still pretty but she looked stressed and was definitely human. Her eyes were icy blue and yet green at the same time.

One of the wooden doors opened up into the hallway and a young boy walked out and right into Jay. Both of them fell to the floor, Jay dropping all of her books that she was carrying and the boy dropping papers. He looked up at her and said, “Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t see you! I’m so sorry!”

Jay looked up at him and just nodded her head, she seemed to be in a trance and I noticed the boy’s appearance then. He had short blondish sandy hair. He was wearing black dress pants and a white top but he had skater shoes on. His eyes were dark green and as I looked at him I realized that he was wearing green contacts over red irises. He had large purple bags under his eyes and his skin was snow pale. I tried to shout for Jay to move, to run but nothing came out. This was Jay’s memory. She had sucked me into her mind as she was telling my family, most likely on accident and not realizing that it was happening.

“Oh…um...its ok!” Jay had spoken back to the boy. “My name is Jay.” She blushed as she started to pick up her books. The boy picked up her Earth Science book and handed it to her saying, “My name is Troy.” The wooden door opened again and four more people walked out. From their appearance I could tell they were all vampires, and all of their irises were red.

“Troy what happened?” One of the girls who had just walked out looked at the scene that was spread out in front of her. Jay was scrambling to pick up her books and Troy was trying to help her while picking up his papers as well.

“I ran into Jay as I was leaving the office. Oh, Jay this is my family, Emily, April, Cole, and Mike. We just moved here from Canada.” He pointed to each of the people who walked out of the door in turn. Emily had been the one who spoke.

“Hi!” Jay responded and looked toward each of them nodding. “I better get to class; Mr. Coan doesn’t like people who are late.” She finished picking up her books and began to leave.

“Oh, I have him to!” Troy responded and waved to his family who stood there with angry faces on. He smiled at Jay and asked, “Can I help you carry your books? It’s the least I can do after knocking you over.” She just looked up at him and nodded slightly and handed her books over to him. They walked down the hallway and as I tired to follow I realized I couldn’t walk.

A bright flash blinded me and as I opened my eyes I realized I was sitting in some kind of restaurant. Jay was sitting at a table, she was blushing and sipping on a drink in front of her. Across the table was Troy. He looked at her and smiled.

“So…umm”, Jay was looking up at Troy with a question sitting on her tongue.

“Oh, just say it already!” Troy responded to Jay’s indecision to ask with a smile and a small laugh.

“So…why don’t you…I mean…why do you…mmm…drink from humans?” As the sentence progressed her voice slipped down lower until it was barely audible.

“Oh.” His face dropped. So they did drink from humans, their eyes weren’t red because they were young vampires. “It’s just who we are.” It was a short answer and I could see that Jay wasn’t too happy with it but she let it drop moving on to the next question.

“You guys don’t…like…burn in the sun?” She almost sounded like Bella when she had first found out. She was studying her drink trying not to look up at Troy who was smiling down at her.

“No we don’t. Next time its sunny I’ll show you.”

“Promise?” She looked up then into his eyes.

“Promise!” He took her hand off of her glass and kissed the back of it. Jay shivered.

“Well, I know you can read emotions, but do your brothers and sisters have any ability’s.” She was still looking at him and her confidence was growing with ever question she asked and every answer she got from him.

“Emily can persuade people to do things. April can make illusions.” He noticed the confused look on Jay’s face so he explained, “She can make you think your seeing something that your really not, or she can make you think your not seeing something that you really are.” Jay nodded now understanding so he went on. “Cole as you noticed is pure muscle but he can also move things with his mind and Mike he can…borrow as he puts it, other’s powers.”

“Does all of your kind get powers?” Her other hand was now on top of his hand that was holding her other one.

“No. Its getting late I should get you home before you get in trouble.” He had glanced up at the clock on the wall.

“Are you going to stay with me tonight?” She looked up at him again with pleading eyes.

“Don’t I always?” It was more of a statement then a question and she simply nodded.

The bright light took me over again and I saw Jay standing in what appeared to be her room, boxes surrounding her as she took cloths out of drawers and throw them in the boxes. There was a light knock on the door and Troy walked in without waiting for her to respond. He ran up to her and embraced her pulling her into a passionate kiss. Pulling back he looked into her eyes and whispered, “I love you!” to her and she responded with the same.

“Jay! Are you finished packing yet?” It sounded like the same women who had called to Jay when Alice and I were visiting her.

“Almost mom!” Jay turned back to look at Troy.

“Don’t worry! Everything is working out fine!” Troy looked back at her noticing how nervous she was.

“It’s not fair that my mom got a new job! Why is it that I have to put my life on hold for them? No one has ever heard of Jackman, Maine!” Troy laughed as she continued to rant about having to move. She sounded like Rose.

“Jay, I’m going with you! It was time for my family to move anyways.” She stopped complaining about moving and responded to him with, “Aren’t they mad about moving?” She made it seem like everyone should be mad about having to move.

“No! In fact they would move wherever you go. They love you Jay. They want us to be happy and they are fine with moving!” She seemed to be satisfied with his answer. “Of course we won’t be going to school in Jackman, Maine. Ha! I need a break from high school!”

They both started laughing as he said this. He began to help her pack and she whispered out, “Then here we come Jackman, Maine!”

The bright light blinded me again! I don’t know how much longer I can do this! I opened my eyes and looked at what was taking place before me in slow motion. I was standing on the side of a back road. The road was familiar it was the road by the high school that lead to Cherry Lane.

Jay was approaching me in a black car and on the other side of the road was a man driving a BMW. That’s when it happened. The BMW hit a patch of black ice and went flying across to the other side of the road. Jay, slowing realizing what was happening, began to cry and slam on the breaks. The screeching of both cars was ear shattering as Jay tried to avoid hitting the BMW which was speeding toward her side of the lane. She swerved to the side but the BMW was moving to fast and hit her side of the car. The road was quite. It’s just a memory I had to repeat to myself over and over again.

Jay’s head lay on the steering wheel. Blood was pouring out of her. The driver of the BMW was dead; he had smashed his head on his window. Neither airbag had gone off. I heard screaming coming from behind me and Troy passed by. He was sobbing as he ran over to Jay’s passenger side door. The driver’s side was still pressed up against the BMW.“NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! This ISNT happening! I can’t loss you! Please! Jay don’t do this to me! Please don’t leave me!”

He had entered her smashed car and undid her seat belt. He placed one of his hands on the back of her head and the other on her waist, carefully lifting her out of the car and onto the opposite side of the road that I was standing on. He was still yelling at her to open her eyes as Emily and Cole walked out of the woods behind me.

Emily screamed and Cole just grabbed her and placed her against him in a loving hold. He ran his hands over her hair. “Troy, if you’re going to do it you need to do it now. Her heart is stopping.” He was looking at his brother with loving eyes.

“I KNOW!” Troy shouted back but Cole didn’t seem to care that his brother had snapped at him. “I know…” Troy trailed off as he looked back down at Jay’s face. Her eyes were closed and her hair had turned red and wet from all of the blood gushing out of a cut on her forehead. She was limp in his arms and was quickly turning paler as more blood escaped her body.

“Jay…I’m so sorry but I can’t loss you! Please forgive me!” He brushed her wet hair away from her neck. He lowered his head down to her ear as he repeated, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me!” He brushed his icy lips on her neck and sunk his teeth in. She screamed in pain and sat upright in his arms.

Once again that annoying light blinding me! How many memories was I going to see? I saw Jay sitting on a bed in a darkroom. She looked just the way she does now. The window by the bed opened and Troy climbed his way into her room. She didn’t look up at him as he sat down next to her.

“Jay, you’re going to have to leave soon. You can’t keep living here. They will notice.” He looked up at her worried. She still hadn’t looked at him.

“Why? Why do I have to leave?” She was dry sobbing and now looked up into his eyes. He brought her into a tight embrace and whispered comforting words into her ear.

“Because they will notice that you haven’t grown up, that you don’t eat, and that…your eyes are red. Jay it’s not safe for you!” He looked worried still but she was still sobbing into his shirt not paying attention to him.

“I don’t fit in with your family!” She hissed it at him and he didn’t seem to worry that she seemed really upset at him.

“Jay. We understand that you don’t want to take a human life. We don’t and will NEVER hold that against you! Your family! You’re the love of my life! Please!” He was trying to convince her of something. Jay was still holding his shirt and not looking up. He began to rub her back.

“No! Troy, I’m not just going to leave my family!” She was upset now and her words held a dark undertone to them.

“You don’t have a chose!” He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her away from him to look into her face. She was scared and her eyes were looking at him.

“Jay! You will be moving with my family! It is how it is going to be!”

“You…You can’t make me!” She looked into his eyes with pure hatred!

“Yes. I can!” He grabbed her and flung her over his shoulder.

“NO! PUT ME DOWN NOW! TROY JUSTIN YOU PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!!!” She wasn’t yelling at the top of her voice but it was right into his ear and he dropped her.

“You will wish you had come with us in the morning! I will be back tomorrow to get you!” He jumped out her window and started running as soon as he hit the ground below.Jay was lying on the floor where he had dropped her and was sobbing into her hands.

“Why? I never wanted this! He isn’t who I fell in love with anymore!” She was thinking out loud and soon her thoughts went back into her mind as she sat in the exact same place until morning when she got up and started getting ready for school.

She walked down the hallway of her house to another door with stickers all over it. She knocked and shouted “Zach wake up! You’re going to be late for your first class!” There was no answer. She twisted the door knob and walked in knocking on the door the entire time. “Zach?” The room laid empty, window open and blood on the floor. She looked at the room and took everything in before falling to her knees with her hands on her face sobbing.

Troy walked up behind her. “I told you to come with me. What happened to him was misfortunate but it’s only your fault.” He went to place his hand on her shoulder but she leapt up and pushed him against the wall opposite the door to her brother’s room.

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM??!?!?!” She was yelling full force at him but there was no one else in the house. He simply looked at her and smiled.

“Love, you had your chose. I warned you.” He was smiling as he looked at her.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!?! WHERE IS HE!?!?!!?” She was strangling him but he didn’t need to breathe.

His eyes were a stunning bright blood red. He hadn’t worn his contacts and Jay looked into his eyes for the first time. She dropped him and he slid down the wall looking at her.

“No, no, no, no you didn’t! Tell me you didn’t!” She was pleading with him as she backed away from him before falling on her knees in front of him. He walked up to her.

“Sweetie I told you that you would wish that you came with me last night.” He was looking down at her sobbing form.

“Why can’t you just leave me alone?!” She was trying to yell at him again but her voice was so weak after learning what Troy had done.

“Because once your power is added to my family’s we will be the most powerful group out there! More then the Volturi! Think about it Jay! I’m offering you the world!” He gave his hand for her to take.

“I don’t want the world! I wanted you…but you aren’t the Troy I fell in love with! GET OUT!” She had found her voice again and slapped his hand. She pulled herself up and ran back to her room slamming the door behind her. Troy burst into her room with furry written all over his face.

”You are coming with us!” He was persistent I’ll give him that.

“NO!” She sat down on the bed looking at him.

“One day you will join us! I will make sure of that! You won’t be happy again before you are with us! Trust me you will wish you came with me even more then you do now!” He glared at her and she looked up at him.

“Tell me one thing.” Her voice had changed it was sad and looking for an answer.

“What?!” He hissed. He appeared to be use to getting his way and Jay was not going along with what he wanted.

“Did you ever love me? Or was this all about my power?” She was looking for an answer that would keep her afloat.

“I love you more then life itself. But think about the possibilities! Jay you need to see-“

“That your power hungry! That you would use the one who you say you love? Yeah…I see that!” She had interrupted him.

“Jay one day! One day Jay!” And he jumped out the window and started running again. Jay collapsed onto her side and curled into a small ball, she sobbed. That was all she could do and so she did.

I was looking at her, or at least the Jay that was in front of me, she was hollow. I saw briefed flashes of days that Jay went through. She got up, went to school, and came home. I saw her parents threaten to hospitalize her because she wasn’t eating and I saw her force food down her own throat. I watched on as she talked to herself, as she blamed herself for her brother’s death and as she tried to kill herself. I went with her as she talked to the only person who would listen to her, her best friend Jason. I looked on as the two of them talked, hung out and as Jason brought her back to the life of the living…well…kind of living. She and Jason were close and I could see that they both cared for each other.

Another bright light took me to the homeroom I had been in this morning. Jay was sitting in one of the desks as the door opened. A boy walked in. He had brownish hair, and was tall. His eyes, skin, and purple bags gave away him away as a vampire. He looked at Jay who simply stared at him. The teacher introduced the boy as ‘Alex’ and was sent to the seat next to Jay.

“Hi?” Alex leaned over to talk to Jay who just looked at him confused.

“Who are you?” She snapped at him angry.

“Umm…Alex?” He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say to her.

“Tell Troy to leave me alone!” She raised her hand like she had when she saw me.

“What? Who is Troy?” He abruptly responded realizing that she was trying to leave.

“So…Troy didn’t send you?” She looked at him questioning him.

“No.” He looked at her and his eyes told her that he wasn’t lying.

“Umm…Sorry about the way I acted. Can you meet me after school and we can talk then?” She had put her hand down and was looking at him again. He nodded his head.

GGRR that bright light was getting on my nerves as it whisked me away to a new memory of Jay and Alex sitting on a couch in what appeared to be an apartment. The two of them were watching a movie and laughing about something. All of a sudden the door to the apartment was kicked down and five vampires walked in carrying a human boy with them.

“Troy?! What?” Jay was standing now in front of Alex looking at her ex with hate filled eyes. As her eyes moved over the group she saw Emily, Alice, Cole, Mike, and Jason. Jason was being held by Cole. He was kicking and screaming trying to get away but to no effect.

”I told you, you would be sorry!” Troy was smiling as he looked at Jay. “One more chance. Join my family!”

“NO!” Jay didn’t even think she just answered. Alex was off of the couch by now and standing next to Jay. In one sift movement Mike grabbed Alex and held him down.

“Then who should we kill first Jay? Your vampire boyfriend Alex or your human best friend Jason?” Troy had a smile on his face as he looked at Jay.

“Neither! Just leave me alone!” She rushed forward but Emily grabbed her and held her back.

“Fine guess it’s the best friend who dies first then!” With that Troy walked over toward Jason, taking a knife out of his packet. Troy looked back at Jay to make sure she was watching. Emily had Jay down on her knees and her face up looking at Troy. Jason was looking at Jay also. He wasn’t speaking. Troy walked over to him and laughed. “She is willing to let you die! Don’t you have anything to say?”

“No! Jay I love you!” He spat at Troy. Troy just laughed again saying, “Brave, but dumb!” He put the knife back in his pocket. It had obviously been an intimidation tool. Troy picked Jason off of the floor and took Jason’s head in his hands. Cole was still holding on to him and Troy tilted his head and bit into Jason.

“NO!!! THIS DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIM!!!!” Jay was sobbing underneath Emily’s hands as she watched Troy drain Jason. Troy let go of Jason and Cole laughed.

“Now for the boyfriend!” Troy wiped some of Jason’s blood that was left on his lips away before walking over to Mike who was still holding Alex. Alex wasn’t fighting he looked up at Troy.

“Ah, so the boyfriend drinks animals. I will take pleasure killing you! Disgrace!” Troy spat after looking into Alex’s golden eyes.

“Stop!” Jay shouted at Troy, who turned around to look at her.

“Will you come with us then? Willingly?” Troy had looked into her eyes then for the first time and his face twisted into a disgusting look. “AND will you drink humans?” He had taken in the fact that her eyes were golden.

“NO! She will not!” Alex spoke for the first time since Troy and his family entered.

“What?! Alex I can’t let you die!” Jay was pleading with Alex for him to let her go.

“Jay I love you to much to allow you to do this for me!” Troy laughed at the scene.“Fine! If Alex wants to die then die he shall!” Troy jumped onto Alex and tore him to shreds. Jay was fighting against Emily’s grasp yelling at Troy to stop.Once Troy was done with Alex, he turned his attention back to Jay.

“I told you that you would never be happy again. I can tell, remember.” He pointed to his temple. “Jay one day when you can no longer take being sad, you will join us!” Emily let go of Jay, who ran over to the bodies that lie in front of her.

“I will never join you!” She hissed at Troy as she looked down at Jason’s face.

Trust me, love. I will know if you are happy and I will be back to do this again and again until you finally learn your place!” He put his finger under Jay’s chin and raised her face to look at him. She twisted out of his grasp. “Mike lit it up!”

Mike who had left the room came back with a thing of gas and matches. He walked around the room spraying gas until he got to Alex’s body where he dumped the rest of the can.

“You will love me one day!” Troy took the match from Mike’s hand and threw it into the room before grabbing Jay’s arm and holstering her up dragging her out of the room that held her two loves bodies. He dragged her outside of the building throwing her on the grass. “We will be back!” The five of them disappear then, leavening Jay sitting on the grass in front of the apartment complex that had quickly caught flame. She picked herself up and walked slowly away from the building.

The brightest light I had ever seen flashed.

As I opened my eyes, I looked around at my family who were all looking at Jay still sitting on Alice’s lap. Had that really just happened? She looked up at me confused.

“Did you just? I mean did I just?” She looked at me unaware of what to say.

“Yeah, that just happened.” My family’s eyes twisted to look at me.

“What happened?” Carlisle was looking between the two of us.

“I think Jay just…sucked me into her memories.” I looked at her trying to see if I had guessed right that that was what happened.

“Umm… I didn’t mean to sorry Edward.” She looked up at me with sadness in her eyes.

“It’s alright Jay!” I nodded as I slowly said my words, trying to make sure she understood that it was fine.

“Ok well Jay I will show you to a room you can rest in and I will call your parents to let them know that you are here.” Carlisle responded. I knew that he had many questions but I realized that as I dove into her mind seeing her past, she was telling it to them and so Carlisle wanted Jay to rest.

“But how did Jay just do that to Edward?” Of course it was Emmett who didn’t know when to call it a night.

“Emmett this is enough for tonight. Jay if you follow me I will show you to your room.” Carlisle offered his hand to Jay. Jay looked at him and then at the rest of us trying to gage what we took from her life story before taking Carlisle’s offered hand and standing up.

“Umm…night everyone.” She looked back at all of us before walking out of the room.