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The Cullen’s must leave Forks, however this time they take Bella with them. They begin in a new school and the first day Edward notices something different about one of their classmates. Danger unfolds as the classmate past comes back in search of revenge. Bella, the Cullen’s, and the classmate must work together to survive as once again their lives are put in danger.


7. Running

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Knock Knock

Jay hadn’t left her room, nor had she been heard from since she sucked me into her memories two nights ago. I wanted to make sure she was ok. Bella was fast asleep on my couch in my room.

“Umm…come in?” The way her voice sounded made me realize she didn’t truly know if she wanted to talk but she invited me anyway. I twisted the doorknob slightly and walked in closing the door behind me. She was laying down, curled into a ball on her couch, looking out the window. Her hair was a mess and she hadn’t changed since that night.

“Jay are you ok?” Of course she wasn’t ok but I didn’t really know what else to ask. The look on her face was so lost.

Yeah Edward I’ll be fine. Her mind was open and she was talking to me. I walked over toward her couch and sat down in front of it looking out the window. If nothing else I knew that I shouldn’t leave her alone right now. The look on her face gave away that she had been alone for to long.

Are you sure? She hadn’t talked out loud for some reason and I figured that I would do the same for her.

I snapped you out of my mind as soon as I realized that you were gone. There was one memory you didn’t see. It’s the one memory that plays over and over again in my mind. I didn’t look at her face but I knew what I would have seen. Her eyes would have been glazed over and her face would have appeared to be dead, nonmoving, unable to.

What…I mean how did you do that the other night? I figured that she snapped me out of her mind when she did for a reason and I didn’t want to intrude but I was still fascinated that she was able to do that. Her memories were so real to me.

I can show you it again if you’d like. I didn’t realize I was doing it because you’re able to read minds also. I was reliving my memories and I must have dragged you into them with me. Just close your eyes. Her gaze was still pointed out the window. Her face hadn’t changed expression as she said this. I did as she asked and I closed my eyes.

A bright light over took me. Jay was holding my hand. I looked in front of me and saw another Jay sitting in a corner of a room from a previous memory. Jay must have come along with me this time because the one that was holding my hand looked at me and whispered, “I had just gotten back from the fire.” She dropped my hand as she spoke her words.

The Jay that was in the corner got up and started yelling, swearing, and throwing stuff. She picked up her lamp that was on her night stand and threw it against the wall. She ran over to her dresser throwing all the pictures off and yelling. She collapsed as she picked up one picture and placed her back against the dresser and starting to sob tearlessly. “That was of me and Alex. We got it taken at the fair a week before.” I just looked up at her but she wasn’t looking at me instead she was watching what the Jay in the memory was doing.

That Jay got up and opened the top drawer after sobbing for a while. It looked as though she was going to put the picture in the drawer. She pushed back all of her socks and stopped, dropping the picture. The frame shattered when it hit the floor. Jay dug her hands into the dresser and brought out a velvet box. She opened it up and stopped breathing, she just stood there. I couldn’t see what was in the box so I looked up at Jay. She just nodded back to the scene that was playing out in front of me.

NO!” The Jay in the memory dropped to the floor and curled into a ball. The box fell next to her. I looked at it and took in a sharp breath. The velvet box held an engagement ring.

Jay retook my hand and a bright light brought us back to her dark room.

“He was going to ask me that night. We were going on a date. He was taking us to our special place. He never got a chance to ask.” She plunged back into darkness and started sobbing again.

“Jay it’s not your fault.” It was corny but it honestly was all I could think of.

“But it is Edward! If I had just gone with Troy, Alex, and Jason would still be alive!” She was looking at me now.

“Jay I can’t believe that you have lived through what you have but it’s not your fault. Its Troy’s fault not yours!” Her eyes left mine and returned to the window.

“I would have said yes.” She mumbled out her words and I barely heard them.


“To Alex. When he asked me. I would have said yes.” She didn’t look down at me again instead she looked toward the door having heard someone walking in the hallway. I turned to look at her. “I know it’s the past and there is nothing I can do to change it but…it isn’t how it should be, how it would have been.” She looked down at me. Can I ask you a question? She was talking to me again telepathically.

If I get to ask you one afterward. We were still looking at each other and although different emotions were playing on her face the pain was still deep in her eyes. However, now I understood why she was so sad.

Please don’t take this the wrong way but why haven’t you changed Bella. It is so clear that the two of you love each other and any moron can see that she wants to be with you forever. I looked away from her and back out the window.

I don’t want to damn her. I could almost hear her smiling as I said this.

Is that what you think we are? She moved for the first time since I had been in the room. She lifted her hand and put it on my shoulder.

Yes. I was still looking out the window in front of me. She eased herself off of the bed to sit next to me. Her back was up against the couch but she still had her hand on my shoulder.

Edward. My gaze was still pointed out the window as she spoke. Edward look at me. My eyes slowly, reluctantly moved to fall on her face. She was smiling but it didn’t reach her eyes. Edward, we’re not damned. We’re eternal yes and immortal yes but not damned. Why do you think that?

I looked at her. How did this conversion switch to me? I just looked at her, I couldn’t speak just look. Edward, I don’t believe that your damned. You have a family who loves you more then anything! Had you died you never would have met them, never would have had the great times that you guys have had together. And Bella. You never would have met her, never loved her, never have held her. Edward being what you are is not a…a punishment it’s a blessing. Think of all you can do now! All that you have done! Her eyes hadn’t left mine. I knew she was right but I just couldn’t bring myself to do that to my Bella. She just looked at me and I her until she spoke, “Want to go for a run?” She laughed and I smiled.

“Sure.” Running always cleared my mind when there was something that I needed to think about. It always helped me. She stood up off of the floor and walked to the bathroom on the other side of the bedroom. Quickly she pulled her hair up into a pony tail and closed the door. I allowed my eyes to drift back to the moon. It was gorgeous. She came back out wearing sweats and a tee shirt and looked at my gaze.

Midnight is my favorite time of the night. It’s the ending of one day and the beginning of the next. Ending of one experience and starting of an amazing new one. You never know what the next day may hold, or what challenges you might face but its always something new. People have many midnights. The ending of one experience and the starting of a new one. She was moving around the room and I just smiled at that. I had never thought of midnight like that, I just thought it was a time. For me my next midnight will be when Troy leaves me alone. What about you? She was walking over toward me and I just smiled.

Bella. That was all I said before she grabbed my arm and raised me off the floor. She walked to the door and opened it. We had a bond now. All doors were down and I could hear what she was thinking, or at least what she wanted me to hear. I trusted her and I knew that she trusted me too. I walked out the door following her and closing it behind me. As we walked down the stairs I looked up and noticed Alice opening her door. She simply nodded at me before closing it again.

Ready? Think you can keep up? Jay was standing at the front door. I just smiled.

Think you can keep up? She smiled at this and opened the door walking out. I followed and closed it behind me stepping out onto the porch with her. During the night it had started to rain and now it was pouring. She looked at me and smiled before stepping out into the rain and getting soaked. I followed suit and she turned toward the woods before breaking out into a run.

The sound of the rain hitting our bodies was memorizing. She was faster then I thought she would be and I had to try to keep up. Normally I don’t think when I run but she was always a little faster then me. She would run up to any logs, or trees that were on the forest ground and jump onto them then push off of them. I heard her giggling and laughing as she darted around trees. Running for her must be like it is for me.

I hadn’t noticed her stopping until she was at a dead stop right in front of me. She smiled as she walked slowly into the clearing that was in front of her. The sight that was in front of me was gorgeous. It was an opening with a small crystal clear pond and waterfall. The ground was covered with small flowers and grass. This was her special place.

“I found it one day while running. I come here to think and relax.” She wasn’t looking at me so I followed her gaze and my eyes set upon fish in the pond.

“Is this Alex and your special place?” I didn’t want to bring up bad memories but why was she bringing me here if it was special to her.

“No, I found it while running a week after the fire.” Her voice was barely above a whisper but she was smiling. “Anyways let’s keep going.” She didn’t look at me to see if I was following before running through the other side of the clearing. I thought that this clearning was why we were running? I had to sprint to catch up to her. She was laughing again and jumping and twirling. She sure loves to run!

Wait I still had my question that I was allowed to ask her. Jay? I looked around and she was no where to be seen. Not even a blur of her.

Yeah! She was behind me and spun around stopping. She had a smile on her face and it reached her eyes. The gaze that was so present the first day we talked was slipping away out of her eyes.

I still get to ask you a question. She just laughed as I said this. We were somewhere in the woods and she walked over to a log and sat down. I watched her sitting until she nodded telling me to go on. Are you able…to take others memories and make them…? I couldn’t think of the right word.

Appear in their mind? She knew what I was getting at and finished for me. To anyone who came upon the scene they would have seen two gorgeous people just staring at each other. No words were spoken between us and with the thunder any words that were spoken would have been eaten by the weather never to reach the other even with our super hearing. I just nodded an answer telling her that’s what I was getting at.

It’s harder, and the quality of the memory isn’t as good but yeah I can play an image memory over in their mind. She was looking at me and the rain was pouring even harder now dripping off of her face. It’s getting worse, we should head back unless you had more questions.

None right now. She just nodded as she stood up and walked past me getting ready to run. I thought to my self, how does she do it? She is really strong. I nearly died when I left Bella! I heard laughter and looked up from the ground to see Jay staring at me…had she heard me?

Edward no I’m not the girl I was when I lived in NYC before I met Troy. But no I wouldn’t go back and change that; I never would have met Alex or become such good friends with Jason. And yes I am dead inside Edward. I’m a shell, numb to the world outside my body and numb to all my feelings. But meeting your family has helped me. Just take comfort in that. I will be alright, I will go on living whether or not it hurts. She turned and starting running back where we came from. I followed her.

Jay? I’m glad that you met my family. Neither of us said anything else as we both enjoyed the running. We sprinted through the forest at speeds I never even tried to get to before. She kept pushing herself forward, faster and further from me. I watched as the clearing with the waterfall past us by and as the opening to the forest got closer she came into view. She was walking and so I slowed to walk with her into the house.

As we walked up the steps I looked into her face. Her eyes still held pain but I could see that it wasn’t as much as it had been. We really were helping her. The door to the house opened and Alice stood looking at both of us. Jay started laughing as she led me into the house. Esme came out of the living room hearing laughter and took in the scene.

The two of us were drenched; there was no dryness on us. Jay’s makeup that she had put on for school on Friday was smearing down her face thanks to the rain. Her hair was soaking and dripping water every chance it got. I looked down at myself and noticed that I looked no better then her. I must have stepped into mud because my pants were coated with wet dirt that was sliding off onto the floor.

“Upstairs NOW!! Get cleaned up before you get MY house dirty!” Esme was mostly talking to me. The mud had started to slip off of my pants onto the floor below; unfortunately the floor below was a white rug.

I took my shoes off and carried them upstairs. Jay had done the same and was following a couple steps behind me. She turned into her room and I saw her turn on the light before closing her door. There was hope. She was going to be ok. Everything was going to be alright. I walked into my own room and into the shower to clean up as Esme had commanded. Tomorrow all of the boys were going on a hunting trip, leaving the girls alone.